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Thread: Clubul Samsung Galaxy (latest: S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S20 FE)

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Pai eu am o discutie foarte serioasa si constructiva. Sau cel putin asta sper si d-aia ti-am cerut niste argumente, sa vad de ce gandesti asa si ce te-a determinat sa spui ca-i un dezastru.

    Dar eu nu critic si spal pe jos cu ceva ce nu-mi place pentru ca-i miecuri. Eu ma documentez si citesc, si sunt constient de faptul ca an de an, toti producatorii de telefoane lanseaza un nou model cu max 10% mai rapid decat anul trecut si cu inca 2-3 chestii care sa ia ochii de la faptul ca dpdv hardware e doar putin mai meh decat meh-u de anu trecut, dar totusi iti faci treaba cu el.
    Deci asta nu este un minus sau un punct de critica. Asta e industria si din asta se hraneste.

    Eu cand spun ca ceva e un dezastru, o zic dupa ce ma documentez, dupa ce testez acel ceva si-mi fac o parere proprie. Momentan nu pot spune nimic despre acest telefon, decat ce am citit. Si in continuare spun ca pe hartie pare foarte bun, cum par toate flagshipurile Samsung, dar realitatea este alta si asta este

    Normal ca ai dreptul la o parere, dar ar fi indicat sa nu o arunci doar ca sa creezi flame ci sa argumentezi parerea, sa porti o discutie pe tema asta.

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    Banned Crbl2001's Avatar
    N-are niciun rost sa fac flooding, sa stii. Si nu e chiar asa cum crezi tu, de ex eu unul am avut numai cuvinte de lauda la adresa modelelor S8 si S9.De-asta inca le mai am (vezi la profil)

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Eh, uite. Eu nu am avut cuvinte de lauda pentru S8 si S9 nici dupa lansare, nici dupa ce am pus mana pe ele si nici dupa ce le-am testat destul de mult de-a lungul anilor. Dar asta e alta discutie pentru alt thread

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Samsung
    Pro-grade triple Camera, New vibrant colors and curated premium innovations, starting at $699 for 5G

    Samsung Electronics today revealed the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE), the newest member of the Galaxy S20 series. Galaxy S20 FE is a premium flagship smartphone that includes innovations Galaxy fans told us they love most, made available at an accessible price point, starting at $699 for 5G. COVID-19 disrupted the world as we knew it and technology is now playing an even more crucial role in our lives and that is why we created Galaxy S20 FE to deliver flagship experiences to reach even more consumers. Samsung took select features of the Galaxy S20 series, such as the super smooth scrolling display, an AI-powered camera, advanced chipset, hyper-fast connectivity, all day battery,1 expandable storage,2 with a streamlined premium design, in order to create the all-new Galaxy S20 FE.

    “We are constantly speaking to our fans and taking feedback, and we heard what they loved the most about our Galaxy S20 series, what features they used most often and what they would want to see in a new smartphone,” said Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business for Samsung Electronics. “The S20 FE is an extension of the Galaxy S20 family and is the start of a new way to bring meaningful innovation to even more people to let them do the things they love with the best of Galaxy.”
    Unveiling Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: Fan Favorite Features at an Accessible Price Point – Samsung Global Newsroom

    Attached Images Attached Images 1.-galaxy-s20-fe_colors.jpg 2.-galaxy-s20-fe_product-image_cloud-navy_front.jpg 3.-galaxy-s20-fe_product-image_cloud-navy_back.jpg 5.-galaxy-s20-fe_product-image_cloud-mint_back.jpg 6.-galaxy-s20-fe_product-image_cloud-red_back.jpg 7.-galaxy-s20-fe_product-image_cloud-white_back.jpg 8.-galaxy-s20-fe_product-image_cloud-orange_back.jpg galaxy-s20-fe-specs_01.jpg galaxy-s20-fe-specs_02.jpg

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