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Thread: Shadow of the Colossus

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    Shadow of the Colossus

    Din milioane de jocuri video, Shadow of the Colossus ramane unic. Si mai bun decat (aproape) toate. Acum pentru o noua generatie de jucatori.

    We are happy to confirm that Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4 will launch on February 6, 2018.
    As we stressed during our E3 2017 unveil, Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is not a port or remaster. The beloved all-time classic has been completely rebuilt by the highly regarded team at Bluepoint Games. They are no stranger when it comes to reintroducing gems of PlayStation’s past for new generations of gamers to experience; their reputation for faithful, beautiful restorations precedes them.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar

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    Unul dintre cele mai extraordinare jocuri cu o poveste care te consuma si pe tine ca player,nu pot uita emotiile care mi le-a oferit aceasta capodopera.Arata absolut superb,pot sa zic ca mi-a intrecut asteptarile.Este jocul care are un loc special in "libraria din sufletul meu"

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    apare pe 6 februarie, $40, 1080p/30fps ps4, 1080p/60fps sau 4k/30fps ps4 pro

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Sursa pentru ce ai zis ? Launch date am gasit, dar restul ?

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    patrunouacinci 495's Avatar
    Foarte fain facut filmuletul de prezentare! Cap, coada! Must buy!

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    Member MAGNUS2's Avatar

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    Member clovnusor's Avatar
    Ma bucur ca il refac ca sa-l joace si generatia asta. Avand in vedere ca nu e facut de Fumito Ueda, sper ca atmosfera originalului sa nu se piarda in translatie.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar

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    patrunouacinci 495's Avatar
    Sper sa imi placa mai mult ca The Last Guardian, va fi prima oara cand il joc.

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    O sa iti placa mai mult.

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    Member Otman's Avatar
    Arata fenomenal...abia astept

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    Member Frankie.'s Avatar
    Va fi un joc superb.

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    patrunouacinci 495's Avatar
    One of the most beautiful games on this generation.
    Several photo mode filters that can be used and adjusted during gameplay.
    Option for film grain.
    New shadow maps added which create depth.
    Rich volumetric lighting solution, crepuscular rays.
    New foliage system, thick fields of grass and richly detailed forests. Reacts to the character and wind.
    Rich water shaders. Screen space reflections work across the whole landscape. Transitions feel far less jarring than you get with SSR in other games. Ripples in water react to each other realistically. Meshed based surface disturbances.
    Clouds now cast shadows.
    HDR10 added.
    Excellent texture work. 3D surfaces and parallax occlusion maps.
    Rich depth of field and high quality per object motion blur which can be adjusted in the options.
    Genuinely floored by playing an open world game this good looking at 60fps.
    New control scheme works as well as the traditional one. Input latency greatly reduced but it still feels as weighty as the original game.
    Pro has 1440p LOCKED at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps but drops to 59fps in main temple area sometimes. One of the smoothest feeling games since Doom 2016.
    1080p LOCKED at 30fps on standard PS4, visual setting the same as 1080p mode on Pro.
    Downscaling supported for Pro users with 1080p panel.
    Extremely high quality temporal ant aliasing solution enables clean edges on every scene with minimal shimmering.

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    Damn, adica daca nu am Pro nu pot sa-l joc in 60fps?

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Au inceput sa apara reviews:

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    Member Quasivasi's Avatar
    Din 65 de review-uri pe Metacritic se afla in momentul de fata la 93% ... it's a home run people!

    L-am jucat la vremea lui pe PS2, ulterior si pe PS3, acum cu siguranta il voi juca cel putin odata si pe PS4.

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    Senior Member poiuyt's Avatar
    Mie imi pare cam goala "lumea" , e atat de bun sau e doar ceva ce daca n-ai jucat la vremea lui nu o sa te prinda ?!

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    patrunouacinci 495's Avatar
    Din ce am inteles (incerc sa evit orice review si sa intru fresh in joc), distractia vine din cautarea colosilor si pe urma sa afli cum te cateri pe ei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poiuyt View Post
    Mie imi pare cam goala "lumea" , e atat de bun sau e doar ceva ce daca n-ai jucat la vremea lui nu o sa te prinda ?!
    Jocul ofera o atmosfera unica.Solitudinea face parte din atmosfera jocului.E un joc care iti ajunge la suflet.Recomand tuturor acest joc.Insa celor care joaca doar shootere si mp,in cazul lor nu-i va atrage acest titlu.Jocul e GENIAL!

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