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Thread: Halo Infinite

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    Halo Infinite

    Today Xbox is hosting its E3 2018 press briefing from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and we finally saw the reveal of the new chapter of the Halo franchise.

    The game is titled Halo Infinite and the announcement trailer was brief but sweet, showing that the game is being developed by 343 Industries with the “Slipspace Engine.”


    “The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise. Developed by 343 Industries and created with our new Slipspace Engine, Halo Infinite was revealed at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise, leading it into new and unexpected directions.”

    Of course, the game is likely to be coming for Xbox One and Windows 10, even if the announcement trailer did not explicitly mention that.

    One thing is for sure, this was a hell of a way to kick off the press conference, which appears to be very much about Microsoft’s first-party effort.

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    no ground pound , no spartan charge , keep sprint . dorintele mele pentru multiplayer .

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    Seeing as there is a significant amount of time between now and when the games will be released, take all of this with a pinch of salt as plans and timelines can change but this is what I am hearing about the release of the next Halo games.

    Notice how I am saying games? Right now, the next iteration of Halo may only be a single player game and if all goes according to plan, could arrive, at the earliest, towards the end of 2019. The multiplayer aspect of this game is not expected to arrive until after the single player ships which pegs a 2020 release timeframe.

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    Naughty Dog senior artist Rogelio Olguin joins 343 Industries for Halo Infinite


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