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Thread: Clubul Xbox One

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    Lionhead making MMO-like new IP RPG for next Xbox - report

    By Wesley Yin-Poole Published 16 May, 2012

    UPDATE: Lionhead has issued Eurogamer the following statement:
    "Lionhead is in the business of making great games. We regularly look to hire great individuals to help in this cause. We have no further details to share at this time."
    ORIGINAL STORY: Fable maker Lionhead is making an MMO-like role-playing game for the next Xbox, a job advertisement suggests.
    It has single-player and multiplayer elements with four-player co-op, and is a new IP, according to an ad on LinkedIn (spotted by Superannuation).
    "Opportunity to work on MMO like title for next generation consoles. AAA game and budget!" the post reads.
    "This is to assist in the development of a major brand new IP that is being targeted for the future generation of platforms and will be an RPG based game with a radical new take on how co-operative and multiplayer gameplay feeds into the experience, while blending online and single-player into one complete experience."
    There's mention of a "complex progression system, multiple routes through the campaign, and an MMO like multiplayer experience that will affect the outcome of the player experience, and many other attributes surrounding their profile (such as the environment and the outcome of certain actions)".
    A multiplayer level designer is wanted, someone who ideally has worked on four-player co-op games. The development team size is said to be 150+.
    This isn't the first time we've heard of Lionhead making an MMO. In December last year the Guildford studio sought a programmer with MMO skills to help make an unannounced game. Experience with Epic Games' Unreal Engine - which Lionhead is using to build Fable: The Journey - was a plus.
    We've asked Lionhead for comment.

    asta au spus baietii...deci se pare ca totusi consolele generatiei urmatoare nu sunt chiar atat de departe

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    se apropie,se apropie ..

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    Sursa: Xbox World Magazine
    Attached Images Attached Images x720-01.jpg x720-02.jpg x720-03.jpg x720-04.jpg

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    Ce router frumos...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaverX View Post
    Ce router frumos...
    Nț, nu-i așa, e steelbox-ul de la Collector's, cel normal este din plastic alb. Sau negru.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanPoe View Post
    Nț, nu-i așa, e steelbox-ul de la Collector's, cel normal este din plastic alb. Sau negru.
    Bine, prima data cand l-am vazut, chiar prima milisecunda am crezut ca e noul iPhone5S. Apoi am vazut si suportul ca sa stea "in picioare" si am realizat ca e de fapt un router.

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    Eu cred ca este un Wii sub acoperire

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    Sper ca n-au uitat sa-i faca o groaza de gauri de aerisire... Avand in vedere experienta cu anterioarele lor console, eu le-as propune sa foloseasca un design de tip "mesh"

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    I like it - arata delicios, ham!

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    Microsoft is building an Xbox set-top box. Multiple sources familiar with Redmond's plans have confirmed to The Verge that the company plans to introduce a low-cost alternative to its Xbox console, designed to provide access to core entertainment services. The move will allow Microsoft to further increase its presence in the living room, providing consumers with a choice between a set-top box or a full next-generation Xbox console.
    Microsoft 'Xbox TV' device due in 2013 with casual gaming and streaming | The Verge

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    Report: Two Versions of the Next Xbox - IGN

    A new report suggests that Microsoft's next generation Xbox will come in two very different models.

    The first is the console we're all expecting, providing true next-generation gaming experiences, while the other will be a more affordable unit aimed at the casual market. The latter is said to use Windows 8 as the basis of its operating system, and won't be able to run the latest triple-A titles, but will support downloadable casual games from Xbox Live.

    So it will function more like a set-top box, or an Apple TV, allowing a greater number of consumers to experience the console's growing range of entertainment apps. Apparently, the next-gen Xbox will be an 'always on' device that starts up almost instantly, letting you resume your game with little downtime.

    This latest report comes from The Verge, which cites "multiple sources familiar with Redmond's plans". (Redmond, if you were wondering, is the location of Microsoft's head quarters.) It also claims that this twin SKU approach is part of a larger Microsoft strategy to ensure that its core Xbox software is 'scalable' to run on a variety of devices. There's even talk of making it so that a phone could be capable of delivering a full Xbox Live experience. It has also looked into including licensing core Xbox functionality into television sets.

    It's believed that both devices will be announced sometime in 2013 and made available before the end of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bad69 View Post
    Sursa: Xbox World Magazine
    arata ''jmecher'' , dar ce-i cu joystickul ? ma asteptam la ceva nou
    oare cati dintre noi o sa vanda xboxul 360 pana apare noul xbox?

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    First up is the XBox Next, and that project name is Kryptos, Oban is the name of the developer test system chip. As we exclusively brought you news of the tape out, and later production. Last we heard, Oban was still scheduled for mass production wafers before the end of 2012, but the problems we outlined could delay that.
    Confused about XBox Next and PS4 code names? | SemiAccurate

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    sau care 'noutate' va fi mai mare,mai puternica ca sa te faca sa treci in partea cealalta(de la PS la Xbox sau invers) .. sau vor fi destui neutri(adica,le vor avea pe amandoua) ..

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    Mda...atat de neutrii ca nu vom avea nici una.

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    ‘Xbox 720’ enters beta; new details as dev kits being shipped to developers - National Video Game |

    Adio 360 .. glumeam.Sunt sigur ca Microsoft o sa sustina si 360-ul, cum a facut Sony cu PS2-ul.

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    eu nu sunt asa sigur

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    Nici eu... dar cred că depinde și de deloperi.
    Primul an sunt sigur că o să apară și pe 360 jocurile, nu poți ignora un număr att de mare de console xbox 360 vndute worldwide.

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    apar , dar usor usor ,microsoft, o sa vrea sa cumparam noile console , deci o sa dispara live pe 360 prin 2014 si mai sunt si ceilalti care au avut rrod sau alte probleme cu 360-le , o sa cumpere noua consola direct

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