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Thread: Microsoft Edge

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    Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge Insider

    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    The release candidate of the new Microsoft Edge for Windows and macOS can be downloaded right now with general availability targeting Jan. 15 in more than 90 languages. Microsoft Edge runs on the same Chromium web engine as Google’s Chrome browser, offering you best in class web compatibility and performance.

    New experiences to Microsoft Search in Bing to save you time searching for information inside your company. Type in the address bar to search for people, using natural language, such as by their title, team name and office location. You can also search for office location, with answers that show floor plans for directions. You can get definitions for company acronyms and use a broad set of question and answers to find internal company information.

    Along with three ecosystem partners – Accenture, BA Insight and Raytion – we are starting our Microsoft Graph connectors preview program today. This expands the reach of Microsoft Search for Microsoft 365 customers, with the addition of over 100 connectors including, ServiceNow, Box and more, that will become available in H1 2020. Connectors bring more information to your employees’ fingertips through Microsoft Search.

    The new ability to easily access Microsoft Search in Bing on your mobile phone. Knowledge workers will have the ability to search for company information on the go.

    A new tracking prevention default in Microsoft Edge. We believe you should know who has access to your data and have the control to choose what you share. Microsoft Edge starts with tracking prevention on by default, so you don’t have to take any actions to immediately start having a more private browsing experience. With SmartScreen and Tracking prevention, we help protect you from phishing schemes, malicious software and new types of malware like cryptojacking. Microsoft Edge and Bing also now offer new InPrivate mode across your entire web experience so your online searches and browsing are not attributed to you, offering you more control over your personal data.

    New features such as Collections can be enabled as part of the Microsoft Edge preview builds, that let you more easily collect web content, organize your research and export that content into Word and Excel so that you can use the power of those applications to analyze information and collaborate.
    Introducing the new Microsoft Edge and Bing | Windows Experience Blog
    Attached Images Attached Images b8bd7114c0f535ca85f9c8c9385d3945.jpg c5ed1f9c09964d27a4048815934acfff.jpg 55e24649ae37ace4118fc9547c77279a.jpg 2495b81959e58d052f95b24daa996ee7.jpg c07f1c0c7fa225bdd8951eb9f46efe2c.jpg 6530c1a9a5bfce0140d1047b0992268c.jpg

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    Cred ca singura chestie care ma intereseaza la Edge este ca au schimbat iconita. Nu de alta, dar sa stiu ce trebuie sa clickez ca sa instalez Chrome sau Firefox

    P.S. Sunt evil, I know... a inceput sa stea bine la performante si Edge-ul. Si m-a socat ca pe un calculator foarte slow, era cel mai rapid dintre 5-6 testate. Insa eu tot nu ma pot imprieteni cu el.

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    Mie nu-mi place Chrome, dar imi place Edge. Am buildul de pe Canary Channel (daily updates) de cand s-a anuntat si se misca foarte bine. De-asta am deschis threadul, sa afle mai multa lume de noua varianta Chromium-based. Este disponilbil pe Windows 7, 8, 10 si macOS.

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    Am tot alternat intre browsere in ultimii multi ani. Acum le folosesc in scopuri diferite, Mozilla pentru lucruri work related, pe cand Chrome pentru chestii mai personale/browsing. Ma enerveaza Chrome-ul de ceva timp, memeurile alea cu RAM eater nu sunt degeaba si multe alte figuri . Am si Opera pe undeva pe acolo, in background. Imi place ca are integrare cu foarte multe chestii gen Whatsapp/Telegram/FB Messanger sau built in VPN, daca nu ai tu deja vreunul.

    O sa incerc si Edge sa vad ce e de el, poate e vreun diamant neslefuit.

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    Khufu: Hahaha! Sa stii ca la fel si eu. Si le folosesc in general cu session managere. Gen, deschid Firefox-ul (care in ultimii ani a devenit un chin sa porneasca) si am acolo din start cele 40 de tab-uri work related. Chrome-ul pt. personal/main stuff, si Opera pt. "third party" (other users). Edge si Internet Explorer pt. compatibility issues (in ziua de azi, niciun alt browser in afara de Internet Explorer, nu mai suporta plugin-urile de camere supraveghere).

    Fun fact: in Windows 10, chiar daca nu apare, sa stiti ca inca mai aveti Internet Explorer 11. Da, e default Edge-ul, dar IE 11 e inca acolo. Il gasiti in "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe".

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    Da, nu prea e combinatie ce facem noi aici, ne intindem in prea multe sesiuni

    IE va fi intotdeauna acolo, latent, gata sa ma ajute. De exemplu, atunci cand fac o instalare fresh de Windows, intru pe Explorer si scriu "Chrome".

    Dar e un rau necesar, nu ma plang.

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