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Thread: E3 2015: Conferinta Bethesda

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    Neah, activ pe forum... Chat-ul este doar pentru "nebuni"

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    CG Editor Dant3's Avatar
    Si eu sunt nebun, dar am ramas fara calculator Mai am doar telefonul pe care urmaresc conferintele prin Twitch, mi-as fi dorit sa fiu si eu prezent pe chat, cred ca in fiecare an am fost cativa nebuni cu insomnii

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    Dant3: daca ai sti cum fac eu... te-ai gandi sa-ti iei tableta aceea pe care ti-o doresti mai repede. Eu stau cu Chat-ul deschis pe tableta (merge perfect pe Safari, Chrome), in timp ce pe monitorul mare ma uit la conferinta... In felul asta nu ma deranjeaza nimic, nu stau cu alt-tabs... E chiar mai frumos decat a pune ChatBox-ul pe al doilea monitor (stiu, e lene mare sa fac switch intre ferestre, monitoare, etc...)

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    Ma oameni buni, dar daca conferintele se transmit si pe Twitch, nu merg vazute direct de pe console?

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    Sper sa rezolv pana in conf Ms, sa fiu si eu prezent azi si maine dimineata la Sony. De luat tot o sa iau un iPad, m-a cucerit ala mic

    @tudy de pe PS4 poti sa vezi doar stream care e transmis prin PS4

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    \ tudyniuz's Avatar
    Habar n-aveam de treaba asta. Oh well, nu-i bai.

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    Senior Member RonanN1's Avatar
    Bethesda held its first-ever E3 conference yesterday, setting the bar high for the rest of E3. At the end of their conference, Bethesda unveiled that it had created a set of three vinyl figures, with Doom, Fallout, and Dishonored getting one figure each. Everyone who attended Bethesda's conference got one, though if you didn't get to go, they gave some away during the post-show interviews. Of course, as these things tend to go, if you still didn't get one (and you're willing to pay big money for them), eBay has a decent selection of the three-pack. A number of listings appeared just minutes after the conference ended, most of which are asking around $300! - See more at: Bethesda’s E3 Figures are Already Selling on eBay for Over $300

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    Quote Originally Posted by Templier View Post
    unde tot vedeti double jump in trailer??? eu vad ca se urca pe o cutie!
    E chiar la inceput, secunda 26 aici:

    am si inchis video-ul dupa ce am vazut faza

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    Dude, e un joc SF a carui actiune se petrece pe Marte intr-o baza militara/laborator de dezvoltare stiintifica, ai plasma guns and laser weapons....dar ti se pare aberant faptul ca are thruster jumps?

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    Senior Member Mayhem's Avatar
    Oh boy daca am ajuns sa cautam nod in papura la un joc pentru un element atat de mic precum double jump...

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    Senior Member RonanN1's Avatar
    Asa ca fapt divers:
    Android users left out in the cold by the announcement (and release!) of Fallout Shelter, you haven’t been forgotten. You’ve just been reminded that for many developers, sadly, you are still second fiddle.

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    Da, in a few months... hopefully...

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    Eu l-am incercat zilele astea si mi se pare un fel de Smurfs Village X Tiny Tower.

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