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Thread: Devil May Cry 5

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    Devil May Cry 5

    The long-awaited and much-rumored fifth installment of the Devil May Cry series was finally revealed during Microsoft's E3 showcase.
    The game will come in spring 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment it appears that it’s only single player, and of course, it’ll release both physically and digitally.


    First of all, we get an overview of the game with a description of what we can expect for this new chapter of the Devil May Cry series.

    “A brand new entry in the legendary over-the-top action series comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Spring 2019, complete with its signature blend of high-octane stylized action and otherworldly and original characters the series is known for. Director Hideaki Itsuno and the core team have reunited to create the most over the top, technically advanced, utterly insane action experience of this generation.

    Years have passed since the legions of hell have set foot in this world, but now a new demonic invasion has begun, and humanity’s last hope will rest in the hands of three lone demon hunters, each offering a radically different play style. United by fate and a thirst for vengeance, these demon hunters will have to face their demons in the hope to survive.”
    Following is the feature list, promising gameplay that fans of the series will love:
    • Legendary action series returns – The 16 million unit selling series is back with original Director Hideaki Itsuno at the helm of development.
    • A battle of good and evil – A demonic invasion begins with the seeds of a “demon tree” taking root in Red Grave City. This hellish incursion attracts the attention of the young demon hunter, Nero, an ally of Dante who now finds himself without his demonic arm, the source of much of his power. The supernatural family drama also continues as Dante, the Son of Sparda, seeks revenge for his brother’s corruption and mother’s murder.
    • High octane stylized action – Featuring three playable characters each with a radically different stylish combat play style as they take on the city overrun with demons.
    • Groundbreaking graphics – Developed with Capcom’s in-house proprietary RE engine, the series continues to achieve new heights in fidelity with graphics that utilize photorealistic character designs and stunning lighting and environmental effects.
    • Take down the demonic invasion – Battle against epic bosses in adrenaline fueled fights across the over-run Red Grave City.
    • Demon hunter – Nero, one of the series main protagonists and a young demon hunter who has the blood of Sparda, heads to Red Grave City to face the hellish onslaught of demons, with weapons craftswoman and new partner-in-crime, Nico.
    Attached Images Attached Images dmc5_screens_13.jpg dmc5_keyart.jpg dmc5_screens_11.jpg dmc5_screens_07.jpg

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    Asta da trailer frumos cu gameplay. De abia astept sa iasa jocul asta.

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    Am asteptat acest joc de mai bine de 9 ani si iata-l.
    Sper ca jocul sa fie o revelatie a jocurilor de actiune la fel cum si primul a fost. Am mare incredere in Itsuno, avand in vedere ca pe tot ce a pus mana a fost un joc de care m-am bucurat enorm (dmc3, 4, dragon's dogma).
    Directia artistica este asemanatoare DmC, adica mai putin anime, dar nu este un lucru rau. Ca toate lucrurile din ziua de azi, trebuie sa prinda la o plaja mai mare de oameni, iar stilul anime contribuia la statutul jocurilor de nisa.
    Ce sa mai, de-abia astept sa apara. Pe cat de mult imi plac jocurile in stilul Souls, mi s-a cam acrit de atatea. Mai vrea si omul un air combo, air dashing, etc.

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    Let's gooooo!

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    DMC si Halo, jocurile care mi-au marcat copilaria, vor ramane mereu preferatele mele.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blondutzu View Post
    DMC si Halo, jocurile care mi-au marcat copilaria, vor ramane mereu preferatele mele.
    Desi sunt gamer de mic copil, jucandu-ma jocuri pe atari2600 si zx spectrum, la un moment dat am luat o pauza de gaming considerabila (cam toata perioada gimnaziului si o parte din liceu). Jocul care a reusit sa ma "traga inapoi" a fost Dmc3. Cand am vazut ca exista asemenea actiune intr-un joc, mi-a rupt mintea.

    ---------- Post added 21-08-2018 at 21:02 ----------

    Gameplay Trailer. 8 Martie 2019. Get hype!!

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    Stie cineva cum se numeste melodia din trailer / daca se gaseste undeva standalone?

    LE: Silly me, e asta:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espiritus View Post
    Stie cineva cum se numeste melodia din trailer / daca se gaseste undeva standalone?

    LE: Silly me, e asta:

    Melodia : Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger

    Pare interesanta trailerul , deabea astept sa vad cum va fi povestea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiritoStefan View Post
    Pare interesanta trailerul , deabea astept sa vad cum va fi povestea.
    News flash: Jocurile in stilul asta nu prea se joaca pt poveste. Dmc-urile precedente n-au rupt gura targului. In hack and slash sau character action games de genul asta, accentul se pune pe gameplay.

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    The king returns!

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    Ooo da, asa mai merge! Abia astept sa apara.

    Dante cu megabuster, ireal asa ceva.

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