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Thread: Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 (next-gen)

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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 (next-gen)

    Quote Originally Posted by Konami
    Taking PES to a Whole New Level

    As the industry stands at the precipice of an exciting new generation of consoles, we believe that now is the perfect time to share some of our plans for the future of the PES franchise with you.

    To that end, we are excited to announce that we are hard at work on a next-generation football title that aims to truly embody our core concept of "The Pitch is Ours".

    This title is being developed with an updated engine that will enable us to dazzle you with staggering improvements to all areas of the game. Expect more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals, and much much more.

    We recognize that many of you are enthusiastic for new myClub and Master League content, and we are also excited to share that large updates are in the works for both of these modes.

    However, the sheer scale of everything we are aiming to achieve for our next-gen debut has made it necessary to pare back our efforts in other areas of development. As a result, we have made the decision to launch this year's PES as a streamlined offering in the form of a "season update". That being said, we are still extremely confident that this year's game offers fans more than enough thrills to tide them over until our next-gen title is ready for launch.

    This year also marks a quarter of a century since the very first PES title was released. To commemorate this important milestone, and more importantly, to show our gratitude to you, our loyal fans, we are pleased to announce that this year's PES will launch at an affordable anniversary price and will also come with several bonuses.

    Currently, we aim to begin testing of our next-gen title sometime in mid-2021, with an estimated release date later in the same year.

    Until that time, we hope to see you back on the pitch in this year's season update.

    Look forward to more news regarding our next-gen project closer to release.

    The PES Development Team
    TOP | PES 25th Anniversary Website
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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Deci anul asta doar un update, fara joc nou, iar la anu joc nou pe engine nou, mai exact pe Unreal Engine, facut special pentru next gen console.

    Oricum se specula ca si FIFA va trece de la anul pe engine nou, in schimb ei cer full price si pe FIFA de nu asta.

    Sa vedem ce pret va avea update-ul asta de la PES.

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    Dupa mine ar cam fi cazul atat pentru PES, cat si pentru FIFA sa inceapa sa scoata "noua versiune" ca si update, nu sa vinzi la pret de full game release in fiecare an un joc cu mai multe sau mai putine update-uri decat varianta precedenta.
    Asta e unul dintre motivele pentru care eu personal nu am putut sa bag bani in FIFA Ultimate Team niciodata si m-a facut sa ma gandesc foarte serios sa trec la Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) de ceva ani, dar mi se pare inca o miscare robotica si nu foarte naturala a jucatorilor, e singurul lucru care ma face sa raman la FIFA, sper ca odata cu trecerea la Unreal Engine sa dispara si aceasta problema.

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    Ehe, sa fie sanatosi. Gameplayul din 2020 este broken as hell, nu ajuta pe nimeni acest update, nici daca ar veni moca. Au prins gustul "monezilor" si astia, mai baga un an de efort minim si isi vad sacii in caruta. Pass de la mine

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar

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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 (next-gen)

    Gameplay-ul s-a “broken”-it imediat dupa demo cand au napadit hoardele de jucatori dezamagiti de fifa si au cerut fel si fel de schimbari.

    Degeaba imi vin cu nou engine daca-mi strica iar jocul incercand sa multumeasca pe cei obisnuiti cu simulacrul din Fifa.

    Totusi, o bila alba, “Season Update” nu va fi la pret redus pe cand, in tabara cealalta, “hapsanii” vand update-ul la pret intreg

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