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Thread: Final Fantasy XV

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    Altu', ca ala a fost dat jos:

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    TGS 2010: Versus XIII's Realism Is Downright Stunning - PS3 News
    "Apparently, the quality of gameplay is so high that it’s hard to believe players can actually control what’s being done on screen."

    Famitsu describes the footage as "very fantastic" and "very realistic," and this isn't the first time we've heard a mention of the game's stunning clarity and realism. Producer Tetsuya Nomura tweeted that Versus XIII looked like "a picture taken in real life," and just about everyone who sees it in motion comes away impressed. Now, if we could only have some official gameplay directly in front of our eyes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReNeGaDe124 View Post
    Mama dar ce le da Square Enix jos... Btw, have you noticed the blood ?

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    VG247 Blog Archive Agito, Versus XIII presser will feature “other surprises,” says Nomura

    Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has said in this week’s issue of Famitsu that the publisher’s Fabula Nova Crystallis press conference – which will see reveals of Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII in January – will also contain “other surprises”.

    The presser, known as “Fabula” for short, will finally see fully-fledged reveals of both Versus and Agito after a long period of secrecy, and it looks as though at least one other game will be included in the event.
    “There are Dissidia characters we will announce at the conference, and we also have a number of other surprises,” he said.
    Nomura, Versus XIII’s director, also revealed the reason why the Versus dev team have been so quiet: it’s been aiming for a proper reveal at the Fabula press conference, so announced nothing at E3 and showed very little last week at TGS.
    Square announced the press conference for the two games at TGS at the end of a showreel for Agito and Versus, which subsequently leaked. It’ll take place on January 11, 2011.

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    Nomura shares a few new Final Fantasy Versus XIII development details PlayStation University
    Tetsua Nomura has been making a few tweets lately about some of the developments behind Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
    “Yesterday, we had meetings about three sections — maps, events and battles,” Nomura wrote.
    “For the map section, I checked the problem areas that had been fixed. The staff had gone beyond the requests and and filled them with playful elements. I put in orders for additional areas as well.”
    Nomura gave a detailed list of what the team was working on in terms of map development.
    - The look of a forest that you can see once you’ve cleared a narrow mountain path.
    - Things that are required when leaving the city by moving on the roofs of buildings.
    - The positioning of the bookshelves in shops
    - How flags are standing
    - How the sea is handled on the world map
    - The roads you can see from the air ship
    - The length of bridges

    - The look on a character during a short cut in a scene where he or she is leaving.
    - Explanation of a fathers feelings during a conversation scene.
    - The areas that they want to have connected seamlessly, and the areas that they want to connect via cuts.
    - Explanations about the heroines movements.

    As for battles, Nomura said, “We’re doing lots of trial and error on this. When you say Final Fantasy, you think of enemy damage figures flying out and showing player HP. What will we do with these in the action-heavy Versus?”

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    ala il vreau si yo XD
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    VG247 Blog Archive FF Versus XIII PS3 exclusivity questioned again after job ad
    The PS3 exclusive status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is under siege once more after Square Enix listed a vacancy on the game team for a “Battle Planner”.

    According to Google’s machine translation, the job’s criteria includes “development experience on a PS3, or Xbox 360 package title”.
    While the game remains officially listed as heading for Sony’s console alone, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has not explicitly ruled out a Xbox 360 version.
    Designer Tetsuya Nomura has previously stated the game is being specifically developed for PS3 – but similarly steered clear of categorically denying a Xbox 360 version was in development.

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    VG247 Blog Archive Square Godzillas Tokyo: FFXIII-2 announced, Agito XIII renamed, Versus XIII stays PS3-exclusive
    A long, new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was also shown. But unlike Agito, there was no renaming.
    The trailer begins with voice acting from Noctis in a car. The driver also speaks dialogue. The setting seems to be somewhere which looks very similar to Japan. They’re pulled up at a checkpoint by armed soldiers before . This scene is in CG. Fantastic CG, it must be said.
    In-engine footage is then shown of Noctis and lead female Stella. The scene between them, unlike the open scene, remains voiceless. The scene is based in the art gallery seen in past trailers.
    It then shows someone in a suit talking, again voiceless, and sitting on a throne. It then proceeds to show a city skyline before rolling into real-time gameplay. Yes, as in actual gameplay.
    Invading forces are then seen entering the gallery before showing the city under attack. The HUD display is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts.
    The monster shown in the TGS showreel clip of the game then appears before it and Noctis fight.
    We then see a green outland where Noctis battles against wild creatures. A day and night cycle is then shown before Noctis enters into a tank.
    We revert back into the city environments as Noctis enters into a mech. A unknown character then appears in front of Noctis after jumping off a building. Japanese media suggests this could be Stella. We then see two unknown characters face-off against one another.
    Trailer ends with Noctis getting off his throne and saying something we can’t understand.
    It was, however, confirmed at the end that the long-awaited RPG will remain as a PS3 exclusive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    oho! multumim Killswitch pt trailer . Cred ca mi-am epuizat toate thanks-urile aseara da cand o sa mai am o sa iti dau pt traileru asta genial .

    Ce parere aveti despre el? Eu am observat ca gameplay-ul e de-a dreptul unic, cel mai asemanator fiind cel din XII pentru ca atunci cand te lupti nu intrii in tot felu de arene special amenajate si chestii de genu(si cam aici se opresc asemnarile ).

    Actiunea se petrece foarte rapid si cred ca la inceput va fi greu de urmarit (ca in FF XIII de altfel). Da cred ca am si depistat cea mai mare problema care va fi intalnita in joc: controlul camerei. In incaperi mici controlul camerei va fi dezastruos. In rest cred ca va fi o capodopera.

    Vad ca poti sa intrii in tot felu de vehicule pe care le poti folosii pentru a omori inamici. Am vazut si un Behemoth in joc da nici un fel de summoning(eidolon, summoning, aeon sau cum se va numii). Abea astept sa vad mai multe trailere legate de joc .

    A si tipa aceea Stella e chiar draguta . Can't wait to see more trailers with her

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    Looking cute, grafica draguta, CGI de exceptie. Daca e cel putin la nivelul lui XIII, totul e bine.

    Cand tragea mai mult in acel Behemoth tot asteptam sa'i dea stagger

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    Sublim. In sfarsit un FF mai serios, mai "dark"... ceva sa te unga pe suflet, nu alta. Sper sa lase vocile optional in japoneza (cu subtitrare)... si gata. In rest, astept launch date-ul ala care nu mai vine. Sper sa nu vad 2012...

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    M-am temut de o stire "Versus XIII Cancelled", insa ce vad imi place... foarte mult. N-am apucat sa vad tot trailer-ul (doar primele 2 minute), insa pot sa spun ca CGIul e de exceptie.

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    No Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2011, Says Nomura

    New information about the long anticipated rpg Final Fantasy Versus XIII has surfaced from Dengeki PlayStation’s four page article dedicated to the game.

    * The actual battle screen in the final game will show character names.
    * Some areas regarding how the battle screen shows commands will probably change for the final.
    * Magic has different effects depending on the character who uses it.
    * A young blonde male character shown in the magazine’s screenshots is good with guns. He alone has aiming controls and can aim for enemy weak spots.
    * When other characters use guns, they have just a normal lock-on.
    * The game has a large number of weapons. Main character Noctis can use them all.
    * Your battle party can have up to three members. However, the members who aren’t taking part in the battle will join in on conversations.* There are more party members than the four shown in the magazine. However, the game doesn’t have a massive number of party members.
    * Main character Noctis is not “cool.” He’s just a normal youth. He feels “I am strong,” but he’s not as strong as he thinks.
    * Some segments of the trailer show natural landscapes. These are like the fields you encounter in other games. The game will have time progression: morning, afternoon, evening and night.
    * Contrary to some theories, the dragon rider character who appears in the trailer is not heroine Stella. Nomura says he wouldn’t show Stella in such a state. The character you see in that sequence is an enemy.
    * You can steal army vehicles for your use. You can ride air ships, cars and Chocobos.
    * The blonde character shown in the trailer is Noctis’s friend. The other two characters are friends from Noctis’s childhood. The person with glasses is like Noctis’s tactician.
    * You’ll recall that someone in the trailer says “You’re not fit to be king,” or something to that effect. This statement is not directed at Noctis. (I think everyone assumed it was!)
    * Nomura says something along the lines of: This year, we have Type-0 and XIII-2, so please forget about Versus for a while. He asked that people be patient and understand that they’re trying to do something incredible.
    * At the earliest, we could see more from Versus XIII at E3.

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    Ce porcarie. O sa ajunga mai ceva ca Duke Nukem Forever, deja are aproape 5 ani, ii mai trebuie 10.

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