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Thread: Ce ne-am cumparat azi - console

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    Junior Member Ltcol's Avatar
    Tocmai le-am primit .... sunt SH si ma vor tine ocupat o perioada.
    Multumesc celor de la Jocuri originale

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    Senior Member AndyZ's Avatar
    Zavvi.. 50 de lei si livrare in 3 zile. Not bad.
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    Senior Member iPaul's Avatar
    Update la colectia mea de steelbook-uri :
    Statuieta Darth Malgus(Gentle Giant) este de vanzare(sigilata)
    Attached Images Attached Images img_1035.jpg img_1032.jpg img_1021.jpg img_1008.jpg img_1003.jpg img_1001.jpg img_1042.jpg img_1050.jpg img_1058.jpg img_1060.jpg img_1070.jpg img_1077.jpg img_1078.jpg img_1083.jpg img_1086.jpg

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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    PlayStation Vita pre-order package:
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    Senior Member x2z's Avatar
    Play time
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    Senior Member Marinake's Avatar
    Multumesc CG si userului emilliviu

    Mass Effect Classics (Bonus Disk)
    Mass Effect 2
    Gears of War 2 GOTY cu cod nefolosit
    Attached Images Attached Images img_20120115_082723.jpg img_20120115_082629.jpg img_20120115_082638.jpg

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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    Cu multumiri userului angelxcry:
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    Senior Member ShpioOn's Avatar
    Update 360

    -= Lost Planet 2 =-
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    Member LeicaBogdan's Avatar

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    Mad Collector rodarkone's Avatar
    Cateva noutati si de la mine
    Attached Images Attached Images dscf3019.jpg dscf3020.jpg dscf3021.jpg dscf3022.jpg dscf3023.jpg dscf3024.jpg dscf3025.jpg dscf3026.jpg dscf3028.jpg dscf3029.jpg dscf3032.jpg dscf3035.jpg dscf3041.jpg

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    Senior Member RonanN1's Avatar
    Update! LeveL
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    Member adicodlea's Avatar

    Cumparat de la Altex 129 ron !

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    Senior Member Anderul's Avatar
    Infamous 2
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. FallouT's Avatar
    Medal of Honor

    Thx tudyniuz
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    Member TheQuiet1N's Avatar
    Pre-order Edition
    Thx OEE
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    Member LeicaBogdan's Avatar

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    Member adin33's Avatar
    Nr. 146
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    Member eastbason's Avatar
    Un joc excelent!
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    Senior Member iry's Avatar
    Terminator Salvation
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    Senior Member iry's Avatar
    - Update : LEVEL.
    - Cu multumiri lui RobertDinu: GOW 2 & COD MW 3 HARDENED EDITION
    Attached Images Attached Images img_0051.jpg img_0055.jpg img_0057.jpg img_0058.jpg img_0059.jpg img_0060.jpg img_0061.jpg img_0063.jpg img_0064.jpg

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