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Thread: Articole interesante legate de gaming

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    Halo Movies:
    Quote Originally Posted by Martin O'Donnell
    We made this over 18 years ago, statute of limitations is up, and only gave it to Bungie employees. You can find all this on the internet, but here's how the DVD looked.

    00:45 Main menu
    01:06 Wazzup Spoof
    02:20 Fanfest 2001
    04:43 Dolby Surround Test
    05:49 Ancient Halo
    19:31 Easter Egg Grunt
    20:14 Alternate Extractions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid News
    Meanwhile, it seems that a prototype of a model that seems to correspond to Xperia Play 2, the successor to this Xperia Play, was discovered.

    This was posted on Reddit, but it was originally for sale on a Chinese personal trading app. It is a prototype of the successor to Xperia Play.
    Xperia Play 2 is real! Prototype image found – Droid News
    Attached Images Attached Images e1ghbfvtj4o51-1-1200x900.jpg bfepxyvtj4o51-1-1200x900.jpg 4bgukgvtj4o51-1.jpg lbumthvtj4o51-1-1200x900.jpg

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    What happened to 12 of gaming's biggest studios after they were sold:

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    Ceva deosebit vizionare placuta <3 Big Boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomberg
    Ken Kutaragi, the legendary inventor of the PlayStation gaming console, is taking on one of the hardest jobs in robotics. And he’s getting paid nothing to do it.

    The founder of Sony Corp.’s gaming business is the new chief executive officer of Ascent Robotics Inc., a Tokyo-based artificial intelligence startup. Kutaragi, 70, wants to make affordable robots that can safely move around and do physical work alongside humans in factories and logistics centers, and aims to have a working prototype in about a year. He said he receives no salary to save precious capital.

    “The Covid-19 outbreak has turned the old argument about robots taking our jobs on its head,” Kutaragi said in his first interview since taking the helm in August. “It’s pretty clear now that if we want to arrive at a new normal, we need more and more robots in our daily lives.”

    The industry veteran is vague about how he plans to accomplish this, other than to say partnerships will be key to moving forward. Ascent has worked with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. on a robotic arm that can pick parts out of a jumble using a single camera as input. It’s also developing autonomous driving software in collaboration with an unnamed Japanese carmaker. The company uses a combination of data from sensor-studded Lexus hybrids cruising Tokyo’s streets and a simulations where the algorithms are trained to handle so-called edge-case scenarios.

    The challenge is that he is trying to combine two technologies that have so far over-promised and under-delivered: autonomous driving and collaborative robots. The world’s biggest industrial automation companies including Fanuc Corp., ABB Ltd. and Kuka AG have struggled to grow the market for machines that can work alongside humans. At the same time, cars that can drive themselves seem to be perennially just over the horizon.

    “If you are looking to combine robotics and mobility, you need someone in charge who understands technology,” Kutaragi said. “We are thinking globally, not limiting our sights to Japan.”

    Kutaragi has a track record of solving difficult technical and business problems. He started his career at Sony in the 70s, working on some of the electronics giant’s most successful projects including liquid crystal displays and digital cameras. In the 90s, he revolutionized video gaming by pioneering the loss-leader model of spending billions on developing cutting-edge hardware and then recouping costs through content licensing deals. Kutaragi also demonstrated a keen sense of technology trends, famously shipping the PlayStation 2 with a DVD player and spurring the adoption of the new laser disc technology.

    Since leaving Sony in 2007, he has sat on the boards of e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc., app developer SmartNews Inc. and GA Technologies, which runs an AI-powered real estate listings website. Kutaragi has served as Ascent’s outside board director since 2018 and took over the CEO post on Aug. 26. He owns about 22% of Ascent, which he acquired from founder Fred Almeida who has left the startup. Masayuki Ishizaki, who preceded Kutaragi as CEO, has become the company’s chief operating officer.

    Founded in 2016, Ascent has raised about $18 million to date and employs about 50 engineers, most of whom are foreigners. Kutaragi declined to say how much runway the company has left and whether it plans additional financing.

    “If we don’t do it, someone else out there will,” Kutaragi said. “Management is tough, but that’s how it was with PlayStation too. It’s something I’m good at.”
    PlayStation Inventor Starts New Career Making Robots for No Pay - Bloomberg
    Attached Images Attached Images ken_kutaragi_bloomberg_01.jpg ken_kutaragi_bloomberg_02.jpg

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    For his 30th career anniversary, we met Shinji Mikami, one of the most prolific creators and contributors to the game industry.

    Over a long interview, he told us about his beginnings at Capcom, the birth of the Resident Evil series and his views on the horror genre.

    This documentary is split in two parts - with part two coming October 29th.

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    Ce nu inteleg eu aici este cum vand studiourile, ca sa aiba cifra de afaceri?
    Nu e ca si cum EA Romania fac FIFA aici si tot ei il vand si in magazin.

    Pot intelege la studiourile mici, care vand prin iOS/Android, sa zicem, dar la Ubisoft sau EA chiar nu pot intelege.

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    Pai cum sa nu aiba cifra de afaceri? Ce conteaza daca vinde un anumit publisher pentru ei sau vand direct... nu tot la ei ajung banii (sau in fine, o parte din bani)? Ei cu ce crezi ca isi platesc oamenii, serviciile, chirie, etc. daca nu din banii veniti din vanzari/tranzactii/whatever? Therefore, din cifra de afaceri.

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    Eram ieri in masina prin oras si absolut random am dat pe radio in loc sa imi pun muzica de pe Spotify, cum fac de obicei, si eram pe Tananana sau Guerilla, unul din astea doua. Am prins un segment de emisiune cu niste baieti care au zis acest text din articol, nu am prins exact cine erau cu totii, dar se refereau practic la cat au reusit sa vanda jocurile/francizele as a whole, nu studiourile din Romania in sine. Deci, noi ca tara, prin studiourile astea din toata tara, cu cei 6000 de oameni, ne-am adus aportul la cele 200 de mili.

    Nu am ascultat foarte mult, baietii aia erau extrem de plictisitori, probabili sefuti ceva, corporate-drone talk.

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    Todd Howard interview:

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    Activision Blizzard Made $1.2 Billion From Microtransactions In Just Three Months

    Activision Blizzard has reported new financial numbers for the July-September period, and it was a gigantic quarter for the gaming publisher. One section of the company's business that did particularly well was microtransactions. For the three-month period, Activision Blizzard made $1.2 billion from microtransactions, which are called "in-game net bookings." This is a dramatic 69 percent improvement over the same period last year, when Activision Blizzard made $709 million from in-game net bookings.

    Microtransactions are very big business for Activision Blizzard. For the latest reporting period, Activision Blizzard made $1.95 billion in revenue from all of its business combined, so the $1.2 billion figure from microtransactions represents more than half of the company's total revenue.

    Activision's Call of Duty franchise was a bright spot for microtransactions. Microtransaction sales from Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone were four times higher than the same period last year. Growth was always expected, with far more players jumping into Call of Duty than usual this year

    Additionally, Activision reported that Modern Warfare's first-year sales are the highest in Call of Duty history, and two-thirds of sales came digitally.

    Activision Blizzard also owns King, the makers of Candy Crush. Microtransaction revenue from King's games grew year-over-year, but a specific number was not divulged.

    Nu o sa scapam prea curand de ele

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    Cat timp sunt pur si simplu cosmetice si nu afecteaza/ajuta cu nimic gameplay-ul/jucatorul nu vad de ce ar fi o problema.
    Acum cativa ani as fi fost super impotriva dar in ultima perioada nu ma mai prea afecteaza(again, atat timp cat sunt pur cosmetice).
    In COD MW/Warzone am si cumparat vreo 3 bundle-uri + season pass pt fiecare sezon.

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    Cancelled Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (PS2, Xbox, PC):

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    We need to talk about that Massive Capcom Leak | MVG

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    Sega’s foray into Virtual Reality, Sega VR, was never released — but through the power of source code, we’ve brought it back to life.
    Sega VR Revived: Emulating an Unreleased Genesis Accessory | Video Game History Foundation
    Sega V.R. U.S. Debut @ 1993 Summer CES in Chicago:

    Unreleased Sega VR Headset Emulated On HTC Vive!:
    Attached Images Attached Images sega_visions_vr-scaled.jpg segavr-3.png hudshot2x.png tools_usage.png trackercheck2x.png firstlevel2x.png blankcolumn2x.png vscroll2x.png ht_found2x.png sequential_frames.png stereo_lightness.png eyes_desync.png sequential_frames_desync.png segavr_runninginvr-1024x629.png lens_sample_fisheye-1-1024x495.png

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