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Thread: Console Games Wallpapers

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    Administrator MonkY's Avatar
    Un mic wallpaper marca CG. Enjoy!
    Attached Images Attached Images cg_playstation_wallpaper_fullhd.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "The Last Guardian" (1920x1200)
    Attached Images Attached Images last-guardian.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "Battlefield 1" (1920x1080)
    Attached Images Attached Images battlefield-1.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "ELEX" (1920x1080)
    Attached Images Attached Images elex.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "Hitman" (2560x1440)
    Attached Images Attached Images hitman.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "Hard Reset Redux" (1920x1080)
    "Tom Clancy's The Division" (1920x1080)
    Attached Images Attached Images hard-reset-redux.jpg tom-clancys-division.jpg

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    Junior Member NetDevil's Avatar
    Attached Images Attached Images battlefield-one.jpg call-duty-advanced-warfare.jpg dead-island-2.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided.jpg deus-ex-universe-childrens-crusade.jpg dreadnought.jpg fallout-4.jpg friday-13th-game.jpg half-life-2-episode-3.jpg hard-reset-redux.jpg hitman.jpg injustice-2.jpg metal-gear-rising-revengeance.jpg saints-row-iv.jpg sherlock-holmes-devils-daughter.jpg star-citizen.jpg titanfall.jpg tom-clancys-division.jpg watch-dogs-2.jpg world-tanks.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "Titanfall 2" (2560x1440)
    Attached Images Attached Images titanfall-2.jpg

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    #$&#%#*$! RonanN1's Avatar
    Am facut asta asa 4 fun <3
    Attached Images Attached Images 00dqc8.jpg

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    Junior Member DarkWarden's Avatar
    Mirror's Edge Catalyst, ReCore, Watch Dogs 2, Warhammer: Dawn Of War III
    Attached Images Attached Images 7z65.jpg 6546.jpg recore.jpg rw.jpg wa3.jpg warhammer.jpg wat2.jpg

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    Junior Member AJAX's Avatar
    The Division
    Attached Images Attached Images tom-clancys-division.jpg woc01af.jpg

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    Junior Member AJAX's Avatar
    Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
    Attached Images Attached Images coop_endurance_keyart_final.jpg

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    Junior Member BlackCross's Avatar
    3840 × 2160
    Attached Images Attached Images thevideogamegallery_28734_3840x2160.jpg thevideogamegallery_28753_3840x2160.jpg

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    Junior Member BlackCross's Avatar
    RDR2 Fan Walls
    Attached Images Attached Images uiuwf5w.jpg 1jm85op.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "Titanfall 2" (1920x1080)
    Attached Images Attached Images titanfall-2.jpg

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    Junior Member raptorprimez's Avatar

    GameWallpapers Mixer Games And Resolution

    Attached Images Attached Images battlefield_61-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg lotr-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg mortal_kombat_x_xl_edition-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg star_wars_the_old_republic_4-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg battlefield_62-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg battlefield_60-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg battlefield_1_tank-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg star_wars_clone_wars_republic_venator_fleet-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg starkiller_on_kamino-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg tekken_9-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg .witcher.3.wild.hunt.v2.0.0.28.multi15-gog-www.intercambiosvirtuales.org-12.jpg driveclub-20141299913_18.jpg 25591_1920x1088.jpg wallpaper_the_technomancer_01_1920x1080.jpg forza-motorsport-6-201512311116_4.jpg star_wars_bespin_blockade-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg wallpaper_world_of_warcraft_01_1600.jpg

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    Member Sykes's Avatar
    "Watch_Dogs 2" (1920x1200)
    Attached Images Attached Images watch_dogs-2.jpg

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    Junior Member Pastrana's Avatar
    Attached Images Attached Images wallhaven-450958.jpg

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    Junior Member THE RAV3N's Avatar
    The Last of Us Part ll

    Enjoy it.
    Attached Images Attached Images tlou2-el.png tlou2.png tlou2-ell.png

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    Member cookie monster's Avatar
    Last of Us 2 1920px X 1080px
    Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One 2048px X 1152px
    Attached Images Attached Images last-us-2.jpg star-wars-bf-ro.jpg

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