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Thread: Neverwinter

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    Neverwinter is coming to Xbox One!

    For over a year, countless heroes have carved out their sagas with spells and steel in Neverwinter. Until now, the quests and characters that have transported players to the world of Neverwinter have been limited to the PC. As a new era dawns in the gaming world, so does a new chapter in Neverwinter’s existence. We are proud to announce that Neverwinter itself will be journeying into new territory—Xbox One!

    Coming in the first half of 2015, the Xbox One version of Neverwinter will feature the same fast-paced combat and epic dungeons as its PC cousin. We’re looking forward to offering Xbox One players a chance to explore the world of Neverwinter and realize their heroic destinies!

    We will be releasing more details as the release date gets closer! Until then, check out this article from our friends at IGN for an in-depth look at what Neverwinter on Xbox One will bring!

    Want to see the latest and greatest Neverwinter has to offer? Check out our Tyranny of Dragons gameplay trailer to see the Scourge Warlock in action!
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    Cons. Mercedes-Benz djleo666's Avatar
    De fapt Arcgames e Perfectworld, chinezii care au multe MMO-uri la activ. Dar chiar si asa Neverwinter va prinde bine pe noile console. Chiar m-am bagat in joc pe PC weekendul asta si pot spune ca jocul e catchy

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    Si Beta pe Xbox One incepe maine 5 Februarie!
    Neverwinter Xbox One Closed Beta Feb 5th - Feb 8th
    For over a year, Neverwinter has provided adventurers from around the world a window into the Forgotten Realms universe. Until now, this experience has been limited to the PC, but on February 5th, adventurers on Xbox One will have a chance to set foot on the Sword Coast for the first time ever.

    All great journeys have their first steps and Xbox Live Gold members will be able to take theirs in Neverwinter’s closed beta from February 5th – February 8th. Adventurers will be able to experience the captivating Tyranny of Dragons storyline as they battle against the Cult of the Dragon to save the city of Neverwinter. Those who participate in the beta will get to experience the same fast-paced combat as Neverwinter’s PC incarnation, complete with all of the game’s diverse classes. To better optimize the translation from PC to console, Neverwinter will utilize Xbox One’s friends list integration and streamlined control scheme to provide players with an experience as engaging as the PC's.

    Are you ready to begin your Forgotten Realms journey on Xbox One? Sign up now at for Neverwinter’s closed beta!

    Check out the trailer here:
    Si ceva extra news:
    Quote Originally Posted by uberz View Post
    I read the beta news. Can a mod or some veterans answer a few questions for me?

    - How much of the content will be released with the xbox one version? Are they releasing everything up to Tiamat(if that's the latest content pack)?

    - Will the auction house be in the Xbox One version?

    - How will the micro transactions be handled? Is this linked with the Xbox live store?

    - And my last one, anyone able to show a link to what each button does on the Xbox One controller? It's out in China, thought maybe there was a controller layout posted somewhere.

    Thanks in advance. I'm new here and I think this forum community seems awesome. I've already got a response from a forum mod, which is awesome, so refreshing!
    1 - Everything up to and including Tyranny of the Dragons. That was in the announcement articles on various sites such as IGN, Joystiq, etc.
    2 - Yes, every single feature in the PC version will be in the Xbox version (even the Foundry, somehow), also in the announcements.
    3 - No clue on that one.
    4 - I found videos from the already-released Chinese version of the game on Xbox One, which include UI, menus, controls, etc. I am waiting until I am able to make a new thread to post/discuss them, as it's kind of worth an entire thread to discuss. I have no clue when I will be able to.

    Does anyone know exactly when newly signed up forum members can make threads? I'd really like to make that thread to discuss the Xbox version's controls/ui/menu system/etc more in depth.

    EDIT: Got a message from a Community Manager saying it takes 72 hours after my first message, so it'll be Sunday evening when I can make said thread

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    Doamne cât de mult îmi place acest joc. De când a început Closed Beta numai jocul ăsta am jucat . Mi-am făcut un Rogue, sunt lvl 26 momentan, este o clasă foarte distractivă cu dmg foarte mare. De fiecare dată când am fost în Dungeos am fost pe primul loc la damage.

    Păcat că CB ține până pe 8 Feb.

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    Cons. Mercedes-Benz djleo666's Avatar
    We’re pleased to announce that Neverwinter will be making its triumphant voyage onto Xbox Ones around the world on March 31st, 2015!

    At launch, Neverwinter will include all the content from the base game, all current playable classes including the Scourge Warlock, and the Tyranny of Dragons expansion. Neverwinter will be free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold members and will bring the memorable Dungeons and Dragons universe onto Xbox One. Neverwinter will also utilize Xbox One features such as friends list integration and optimized controls to better introduce both novice and veteran adventurers into the Forgotten Realms on the console.

    Want to stay up-to-date on all Neverwinter Xbox One news? Click the nw-xbox tag at the bottom of the blog!

    Want more game details, screens, and videos? Like Neverwinter on Facebook for more fan-exclusive content and follow us on Twitter – tweet us your questions! And, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest Neverwinter videos.

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    Senior Member BizZare's Avatar
    Mi se pare mie sau seamana un pic cu WOW?

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    Deci jocul e superb pentru un MMO pe console, si mai e si free-to-play. E pur D&D, cu control clasic de console. Must love that!

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    Member Gigi Kent's Avatar
    Am fost si sunt inca mare fan al Baldur's Gate si a jocurilor din serie.
    Wow... ma mananca degetele

    ---------- Post added 13-03-2015 at 09:26 ----------

    Si totusi, chiar o sa fie free? Nici macar in-game purchases?

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    Senior Member iry's Avatar

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    Member Gigi Kent's Avatar
    Aseara am reusit sa-mi fac un caracter si sa finalizez 2-3 questuri de la inceput.
    Pareri? Comentarii?

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    Nu e rau pentru un joc free to play... insa mi se pare prea "mura in gura", mai ales cu indicatorul acela care-ti spune exact unde sa te duci. Cine stie, poate la level mai mare va fi mai ok jocul, insa pt. inceput (am ajuns lvl6) e cam... childish.

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    Senior Member iry's Avatar
    If U love MMO, nu conteaza indicatorul sau ce mai gasim pe acolo
    Mie-mi place jocul, chiar ma relaxez. Nu stiu cati dintre noi au jucat mmo's asa mult, eu am cateva la activ testate de-a lungul anilor
    @Andrei: buna idee, nu ma gandisem

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    Member AndreiChirita's Avatar
    Face careva o Guilda? Add me AndreyChirita

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    Member Gigi Kent's Avatar
    Credeam ca "sclipiciul" ala e pentru partea de inceput ca si tutorial si ca dispare dupa 2-3 questuri
    Daca faceti ghilda dati sun semn aici ca si eu vreau sa intru.

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    Din pacate are momente in care cade framerate-ul grav, rau de tot. Mai ales in oras... unde cateodata cu greu duce 5 FPS-uri. Si nu inteleg de ce, ca nu e vreo minune grafica...

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    Junior Member Paulelo's Avatar
    @MonkY , am crezut ca e doar consola mea care face asa , dar se pare ca e o problema "globala" .
    Asta fiind si motivul pentru care nu il mai joc . Pacat.

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    Member AndreiChirita's Avatar
    lvl 46 Rogue foarte misto jocul

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    Member Gigi Kent's Avatar
    Vad ca am cam murit discutiile aici.
    AM inceput si eu timid sa joc. Am un warlock de level 14.
    Ma cam dispera cum sunt alocate tastele dar incerc sa ma obisnuiesc

    Exista o ghilda a forumistilor? Facem un dungeon impreuna?

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    Cons. Mercedes-Benz djleo666's Avatar
    Inca nu stiu de o ghlida, dar am vorbit cu Andrei Chirita si inca cativa se ne putem aduna sa ne "guild"uim

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    Member Gigi Kent's Avatar
    so? avem o ghilda?

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