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Thread: Dark Souls III

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    Dark Souls III

    Dark Souls III first details, screenshots leaked - Gematsu

    YouTube channel The Know reportedly has first details on Dark Souls III, rumored to be announced at E3 in Los Angeles this month.

    Here are the details:
    • The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. PC is also listed, but is accompanied by the word “negotiable.”
    • The game will support “1-4 players,” meaning it’s possible you can summon more than one friend or there might be a player-versus-player element.
    • 10 playable classes, all available from the beginning of the game.
    • 45 new enemies, 15 new bosses. Characters and monsters from previous games are not included in that count.
    • 100 new weapons and 40 new armor sets with returning equipment not counted in that number.
    • 60 minutes of cutscenes, mostly in engine, rather than pre-rendered.
    • There will be around 12 areas in the game.
    • Will change the way you interact with players online. You’ll now participate in “Sacrifice Ceremonies.” You can drag bodies around, choose where to sacrifice them, perform the ritual, and visit another player’s game. Doing this makes you a target for other players. These will also change your game, such as a sacrifice creating a bonfire at the location you choose to sacrifice the body.
    • Light sources and enemy layouts have been changed.
    • Boss battles have a new “Heat Up” factor that “completely change” boss battles based on undescribed factors.
    • The game will add “Sword Fighting Arts,” which including “Rush In” and “Circle.” The former is a sacrifice attack that allows you to dive into an opponent and take damage while delivering a huge hit, while the latter sounds like a dodge move.

    Attached Images Attached Images 8d9zjdz.png dark-souls-3-leak_06-05-15_005.jpg dark-souls-3-leak_06-05-15_009.jpg dark-souls-3-leak_06-05-15_012.jpg dark-souls-3-leak_06-05-15_013.jpg dark-souls-3-leak_06-05-15_019.jpg ele8bld.png hpbpwj2.png sc8rqg7.jpg

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    can't wait

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    Ma mir ca OEE n-a venit sa "praise the sun"!

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    Poza asta umbla pe Twitter.
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    Se pare ca we die a lot and again
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    Nu este deloc surprinzator ...insa este cat se poate de placut ca apare si partea a 3a.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkY View Post
    Ma mir ca OEE n-a venit sa "praise the sun"!
    daca insisti
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    Because E3 didn't praise the Sun enough...
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    All's I'm sayin' is...

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    trailerul de la E3 din timpul conferintei XO:

    si in caz ca erau ceva indoieli jocul apare pe XO, PS4 si PC early 2016:

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    Screenshots & artworks.
    Attached Images Attached Images 11070970_886587441414301_2797317335923020021_o.jpg 11402554_886587558080956_764182096002286468_o.jpg 11402636_886587811414264_6248133023985790169_o.jpg 11426767_886587781414267_7838588644538847290_o.jpg 11427270_886587834747595_6616496882126661602_o.jpg 11427296_886587254747653_1248611985883351632_o.jpg 11427840_886587251414320_8098097100994168202_o.jpg 11537452_886587274747651_5116009753076397083_o.jpg 11537598_886587231414322_2220376837330314994_o.jpg 11537911_886587444747634_39072168372886152_o.jpg

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    Dark Souls III

    DkS3 details:
    DkS1 movement/combat (same parries/backstabs).
    • Kick is back.
    • Summon signs.
    • Soul Level matchmaking (dedicated servers).
    • I didn't ask about cheaters. I was going to, but realized I'd get a canned response. They're beyond aware.
    • Ragdolls return. @DreadedCone almost busted out laughing as Miyazaki spoke bc an enemy was stuck in ground shaking its butt in air
    • Enemies & combat seem faster. I'd say it's due to the aggression of certain enemies, ultimately looks fast as DkS1.
    • Boss: giant woman w/ dual blades, but hunched over swirling strangely. Odd movement, similar to Moon Presence delayed attacks (pic here)
    • They said "dedicated game servers"...we're not sure if it's a mistake in translation, or dedicated servers for actual PvP.
    • Hands-on demo coming later, I believe they said around end of July/early August at one of the other conventions.
    • I can't confirm, maybe one if the others can, but I believe 2-handing is still in as well. Not sure, I'd imagine so.
    • 30fps confirmed. I'd imagine 1080p considering it's only next gen/PC, but not sure if it was officially mentioned.
    • Funny you say that, the term "immersion" was used often in the presentation. I almost cried, lol.
    • Also: An enemy was launched into air w/ great sword's stance attacks. He twirled around before crashing to the ground like DkS1 animation.
    • THE greatsword, or a greatsword-class weapon?
    • Great sword, aka ultra great sword class. It swung like an ultra great sword in DkS1, but significantly faster w/ more moves.
    • Think of stances as BB weapon transformations. When activated, your char takes a different stance and has a new moveset.
    • How were those dual-scimitars?
    • Pretty cool. Its stance move is a series of fancy twirls, reminiscent of DkS1 "dancing" movements.
    • Armor we saw was the char youve seen in promo. Looks amazing, and the cape was singed, the edge glowing orange as if burning.
    • This giant, flowing, swirling leech blob appeared, the nearby group of enemies suddenly trapped in it swirling inside.
    • They said he was a Lord of Cinder resurrecting. Keyword "a" Lord of Cinder.
    • No magic shown during the demo. It was just showing off a straight sword, great sword, dual-scimitars, and a bow.
    • It looks like what I feel many expected of a Dark Souls 2 when first hearing about it, and then some.
    • Oh, they aren't lacking anymore. Bows now look more viable as a primary weapon rather than a sidearm/after-thought.
    • The term "Legolas" was used jokingly by Miyazaki himself, lol.
    • Also you could move freely with the much so that there's a rolling R1 for it.
    • Put it this way: At one point, he roll backstabbed an enemy. Considering estus seems to work like DkS 1, heal punishes seem back.
    • Building on guard breaks, you don't riposte after. You just follow up with an attack.
    • Guards broken by new stance mechanic, which varies stances weapon to weapon. Skeptical at first until I saw. Very strategic.

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    Dark Souls 3 isn't the last in the series - but it is a turning point -

    "First of all, this is not the final product for the Dark Souls series," Miyazaki said in a roundtable interview at E3 attended by Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson. "However, I believe it's the turning point for the Dark Souls series. First of all, Dark Souls has a really unique worldview. It's not a good idea, continuously releasing titles for this series because of that factor. And this will probably be the turning point of From Software as a whole - it's the last project we started working on before I became president. It's basically From Software, they started working on this project when it was an older generation. So it's a turning point. It'll be a turning point, but it's not final."

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    VG247 has published a new interview with Dark Souls 3 director Hidetaka Miyazaki, in which he discusses the game's open world and harsh enemies.
    “Everything is designed to kill you,” Miyazaki says, “The level design, as well as the enemy placements, everything has been arranged to kill you. But you can actually use those to your advantage as well.”
    It's vital that you monitor enemy patterns and you'll need to separate enemies to have any chance. For example, going up against two Knights is an almost impossible task, as is taking on a Stone Dragon but you can lure enemies into the giant lizard's flaming breath, saving you a lot of effort in the process.
    The producer playing the game during the demo left two Knights in a lower room and climbed up to a rooftop instead (you can go anywhere you can see), only to be destroyed by a black monster.

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    There are traces of Bloodborne in the combat, too. While the new hero is no Hunter, he certainly seems more agile than before. The backstep in particular has been sped up, and a longsword is swung more quickly too, with no apparent damage penalty (though enemy health bars – along with the entire HUD – have been disabled here, just as they were at last year’s Bloodborne unveiling).
    That increased fluidity is mirrored in the weapon set as well; we find a scimitar on a corpse later in the demo that is, in fact, a pair, and when dual-wielding them, the protagonist strikes with a level of grace and speed unmatched in previous Souls games. They can also be deployed in a spin attack, a tornado of flashing steel that, when properly timed to account for its wind-up animation and correctly spaced to allow for the step forward at the start, can clear a four-strong mob of enemies.
    That move – the logically, if rather unimaginatively, titled Spin – is powered by a new core mechanic, dubbed Ready Stance. It’s a pose you can enter from which new types of attacks are launched. With a longsword equipped, for instance, the resulting attack is a forward-moving swipe that hits with enough force to break through an opponent’s guard; later, we’ll use a greatsword for a charging upward slash that launches an enemy into the air, slams then back to the ground and deals enormous damage in the process.
    Not all the changes are about hitting hard: the shortbow can now be used to speedily chip away at an enemy’s health from mid-range while locked on (adherents to a rangier, more precise school of archery can stick to the longbow). Overall, there’s been a clear focus on improving the range of attacks at your disposal, and the damage you can dish out.

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    Nu dati cu pietre, sunt si eu mare fan, dar deja seria incepe sa-si piarda farmecul si pentru mine cel putin o ia vertiginos la vale. N-as vrea sa devina un Assassin's Creed. E totusi al 5-lea joc....Mda, sper sa ma insel.

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    În Miyazaki we trust. Sper să îl facă bun. Oricum, nu cred că o să vedem următorul joc prea curând.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasko View Post
    Nu dati cu pietre, sunt si eu mare fan, dar deja seria incepe sa-si piarda farmecul si pentru mine cel putin o ia vertiginos la vale. N-as vrea sa devina un Assassin's Creed. E totusi al 5-lea joc....Mda, sper sa ma insel.
    Dupa trailer si eu am ramas cu impresia ca e un Dark Souls 2.5. Sper sa ma insel si sa nu strice seria mea preferata doar pentru ca au dat de succes si de bani...

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