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Thread: BAFTA Game Awards 2016

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    BAFTA Game Awards 2016

    BAFTA Game Awards 2016: Nominees List Revealed

    La categoriile Audio Achievement și Music sper să câștige Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.
    The BAFTA Games Awards for 2016 will take place on April 7 this year, and the organizers have just revealed the list of nominees. Interestingly enough, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture leads the pack of nominees by a wide margin, racking up 10 nominations.

    Other popular games include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Her Story with seven nominations each. Rocket League, Life is Strange andBatman: Arkham Knight all come in with five nominations apiece as well.

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    Mâine live stream aici:
    Games Awards Infographic | BAFTA

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    Live și pe twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/BAFTA

    Pre-show la 19:45, start la 21:00.

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    Aveți în link câștigătorii, păcat de Witcher 3

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    Fallout 4?

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    Bloodborne nici macar nu a fost nominalizat pentru GOTY, in schimb Everybody's Gone to Rapture a fost "surpriza serii". Scrie undeva din cine este format juriul?

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    Juriul este format din vreo cinci -zece saci din astea:

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    Overall a fost bine facut, dar cum s-a mai zis:

    1)Bloodborne a fost nominalizat numai o singura data? Seriously bro? Singura chestie ce ma face sa ma gandesc ca e un pic de "bine" din asta e ca a avut win rate de 100%
    2)Fallout 4 a castigat Best Game? Against The Witcher? Daca era dupa mine si Rocket League merita mai mult. In momentul ala am zis "F it! This show is BS" Un tip de pe Tweeter a descris cel mai bine treaba: "Fallout 4 wins Best Same Thing Like Before With a Bit of Graphical Improvement" Aia suna mult mai legit.
    3)Inteleg ca Her Story si Everybody`s gone to the Rapture sunt jocuri facute in Marea Britanie si aceasta era "The Annual British Game Awards" ceremony but come ooooonnnn! Bloodborne nominalizat odata Everybody's... de 10 ori? Undertale care a luat zeci de premii la alte event-uri abia ca a fost mentionat? Inteleg ca vroiau sa aiba si titluri indie da unde au fost UnderTale, Crypt of the Necrodancer, poate chiar si The Witness?

    6/10 de la mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by eNHajeL View Post
    Juriul este format din vreo cinci -zece saci din astea:
    you won the thread, I'm out!

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