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Thread: Cum sa devii Master Chief pe strazile din Romania

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    Cum sa devii Master Chief pe strazile din Romania

    Daca esti pasionat de Halo si de motociclete in acelasi timp, cei de la NECA au ceva care cu siguranta te va incanta. Mai exact vorbim despre o casca de motocicleta (care este intr-adevar "street legal") modelata exact precum casca lui Master Chief. Nu stim inca pretul final, dar stim ca aceasta va fi disponibila pentru vanzare incepand cu Iulie 2015. Dj Mo, am un feeling ca pentru tine in mod special au facut design-ul!

    Sursa: Halo Master Chief Modular Motorcycle Helmet | NECAOnline.com

    Cateva detalii tehnice despre casca:

    Exterior Features:
    •Convenient modular design
    •ABS shell with matte UV-protective clear coat
    •Front air intakes reduce shield fogging; rear exhaust vents keep head cool and dry
    •Reflective shield with UV protection
    •Double D-ring nylon chin strap with snap secure
    •Game-authentic deco

    Interior Features:
    •Contoured center pad with a design that allows heat to dissipate from the top of the scalp
    •Dual-layer EPS cheek pads for a firm, comfortable fit
    •Center pad and cheek pads are removable and washable
    •Soft, moisture-wicking material
    •Eyeglasses friendly interior
    Additional Features:
    •Meets or exceeds DOT standards (FMVSS 49 CFR 571.218)
    •Nylon drawstring helmet bag included
    •Available in S (55-56 cm), M (57-58 cm), L (59-60 cm), XL (61-62 cm)
    •Limited edition

    Item Numbers by Size:
    •42192 - Small (55-56cm)
    •42193 - Medium (57-58cm)
    •42194 - Large (59-60cm)
    •42195 - X Large (61-62cm)
    Attached Images Attached Images halo_master_chief_modular_motorcycle_helmet.jpg

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