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Thread: Microsoft lanseaza MS-DOS Mobile pentru telefoanele Lumia

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    Microsoft lanseaza MS-DOS Mobile pentru telefoanele Lumia

    Astazi cei de la Microsoft au lansat MS-DOS Mobile, noul lor sistem de operare dedicat marcii de telefoane Lumia. In cazul in care nu stiati deja, MS-DOS a fost instalat pe milioane de desktop-uri, iar de astazi va putea fi instalat si pe telefoanele Lumia. Intr-un interviu acordat cu ocazia lansarii Tom Messett anjajat al Microsoft Lumia Marketing declara "Black and white text has never looked so good!". Acesta anunta printr-un comunicat oficial ca:
    MS-DOS Mobile goes back to the basics. The user type commands to the prompt to access files and folders. The main apps are located in C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE. You can access that by typing these commands:

    cd programs
    cd phone
    This lists all the available apps. For example, typing camera.exe in the next line launches the camera. The camera has three modes: ASCII, B&W, and CGA. You can also switch between the front and rear camera.
    There are several other programs that you can check out:
    Contacts - Opens the contacts list.
    Email [address] - After user types a message and presses the done button in the application bar, the platform's email composer is launched
    Maps [search terms] - Launches the map app with search terms
    Market - Launches Windows Phone Store
    Phone [number] - Launches phone app with given number
    Review - Launches review page for this app
    Cortana [search terms] - Launches Cortana with the search terms
    SMS [number] - Launches SMS composer with the number
    Doritorii pot downloada noul OS de aici MS-DOS Mobile | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    Mai jos aveti poze cu noul sistem de operare in actiune. Enjoy!
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