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Thread: Satoru Iwata, CEO al Nintendo, a trecut la urmatorul nivel...

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    Satoru Iwata, CEO al Nintendo, a trecut la urmatorul nivel...

    Satoru Iwata, Presedinte si CEO al Nintendo, a pierdut lupta cu cancerul si a decedat in varsta de 55 de ani, anunta compania japoneza. Iwata s-a nascut pe 6 Decembrie 1959 si a ocupat mai multe pozitii la Nintendo pana a devenit CEO in Iunie 2013. Dupa facultate s-a alaturat HAL Laboratory, unde a lucrat la jocuri precum Balloon Fight, EarthBound si Kirby. In 1993, cand HAL a fost aproape de faliment, Iwata a fost selectat ca presedinte si a stabilit situatia.

    Din 2000 Iwata a lucrat pentru Nintendo, unde a inceput in sectia Corporate Planning. Dupa ce s-a retras Hiroshi Yamauchi, Iwata a fost primele presidente care n-avut o legatura cu familia Yamauchi.

    In 2014 Nintendo a anuntat ca Iwata nu va fi prezent la E3. Mai tarziu s-a aflat ca sufera de un tumor in canalul biliar. Pe 11 Iulie 2015 Nintendo a anuntat ca Iwata a decedat deoarece cresterea canalului biliar a rezultat in complicatii.
    Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone.
    RIP, Iwata-san.
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    Cancerul asta nenorocit... prea multi oameni mari pierd lupta cu el... R.I.P. Iwata, si multumim pentru tot ce ai facut in industria gaming-ului!
    Ai grija la nivelul asta... ca e bataie mare... Wait for us!
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    Some facts mai putin cunoscute:

    1. Iwata a lucrat in timpul lui liber 3 saptamani la debugging pentru Smash Bros. Melee, pentru ca a realizat ca jocul nu va fi gata pentru lansarea GameCube (interview).

    2. Codul pentru Mother 2 (Earthbound) a fost deteriorat. Iwata a rescris totul de la zero in Assembly.

    Ca s-a va dati seama cat de greu e Assembly, iata cum apare un simplu Hello, World! pe ecran:


    print("Hello, World!")

    org  0x100        ; .com files always start 256 bytes into the segment
    ; int 21h is going to want...
    mov  dx, msg      ; the address of or message in dx
    mov  ah, 9        ; ah=9 - "print string" sub-function
    int  0x21         ; call dos services
    mov  ah, 0x4c     ; "terminate program" sub-function
    int  0x21         ; call dos services
    msg  db 'Hello, World!', 0x0d, 0x0a, '$'   ; $-terminated message
    3. Iwata a rescris Pokémon Gold & Silver pentru a implementa regiunea Kanto.

    4. Iwata a rescris sistemul de lupta Pokémon intr-o saptamana pentru Pokémon Stadium.

    5. Iwata a inceput sa programeze in liceu. Primele joucri au fost create pe calculatoare electronice.

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    Nintendo nu va mai fi la fel fara el. Poate cine stie, va renaste din cenusa?
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    O zi buna pentru a juca Balloon Fight

    Edit: Am desenat ceva:

    Link pe Miiverse
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    Prea tânăr

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    Member n0madgamer's Avatar

    We salute U.

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    Member Snake's Avatar
    We will miss you! RIP!
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    Senior Member paunstefan's Avatar
    O zi trista pentru gameri. R.I.P. Satoru Iwata !

    Edit: - O melodie dedicata lui Satoru Iwata.
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    Senior Member RonanN1's Avatar
    Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has released a public statement on the passing of their president and CEO, Satoru Iwata.

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    Senior Member solecon's Avatar
    Mi se pare deosebit de crud ca despartierea de o persoana care a adus atata fericire sa fie, mereu, atat de dureroasa. Atat de dureroasa incat nu mai poti vorbi, sau scrie, desi sunt atat de multe lucruri de spus, sau scris. Si nimeni nu a scris mai frumos decat Shigesato Itoi, in ultimul sau mesaj pentru Satoru Iwata:

    In any farewells, all you have to say is "See you again".
    Friends see each other again.
    There's nothing strange about it.
    Yes. See you again.

    I heard that you are going on a long journey.
    It was supposed to be in the far future.
    You never said it in words, but wearing your best outfit, you were saying "Sorry for it to be so sudden".

    You always looked after somebody instead of yourself.
    As such friend, maybe this journey is your first time being selfish.

    To be honest, I still don't really believe anything.
    I feel like you'll be sending me email to ask for lunch.
    Just like always, you can call me and ask "If you have some free time".
    Of course, I can always ask you too.

    Anyway, "See you again".
    You can call me anywhere, anytime, and I'll be calling you too.
    There are things I want to discuss, and good ideas I want to tell you.

    See you again.
    No, we are seeing each other right at this moment.

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    Junior Member legolas's Avatar
    Dintr-un interviu:
    "We can't be optimistic about the games market. No matter what great product you come up with, people get bored. I feel like a chef cooking for a king who's full."

    Cred ca se aplica nu numai zonei de jocuri ci entertainment-ului in general. Prea mult. Mult si prost.

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    To soon? Daca deranjeaza pe cineva se poate sterge postarea.


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    That kind of man... i want as my boss!
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    Mult caracter!

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