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Thread: Un nou IP de la Bioware soseste in curand

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    Un nou IP de la Bioware soseste in curand

    Bioware urmează sa lanseze in viitorul apropiat un nou joc action-adventure. Noul IP ar urma sa fie lansat pana cel târziu anul viitor, 31 martie 2018. Cei de la Bioware lucrează la acest joc de vreo 5 ani. Anumite voci din industrie spun ca ar fi vorba de un competitor pentru Destiny. Eu sper sa vad altceva, ceva cu suflet, ceva cu adevărat revoluționar, așa cum Mass Effect a fost la vremea lui. Un lucru este sigur, nu este din păcate vorba de un IP licențiat, știu că poate sperați la un Star Wars, un KotOR 3. Va las câteva rânduri de pe blogul oficial.

    A Note About Our New IP
    As we’re working hard to finish*Mass Effect: Andromeda, I wanted to take a minute to talk about our new IP. As our CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned, we’re creating a unique IP that will bring players together in exciting new ways.

    There’s much more to say in the coming months, but for now, I wanted to offer this additional background.

    In 2012, we began crafting a new universe full of new characters, stories, and gameplay. Our ambition is simple: Draw upon 20+ years of development knowledge and lessons to create something fun and new for you to enjoy with your friends.

    There’s nothing quite as exciting as building a new IP from scratch, and it will be even more thrilling for us to share more with you in the future.
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    Si eu speram ceva KOTOR.. heh.

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