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Thread: Borderlands 3 amanat pentru 2019-2020

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    Borderlands 3 amanat pentru 2019-2020

    Take-Two, publisherul aflat in spatele dezvoltarii jocului Borderlands 3, a anuntat in cadrul conferintei tinute cu ocazia prezentarii situatiei finaciare anuale ca in cadrul E3 2018 nu va anunta nici un joc nou, datorita situatiei excelente vanzarilor rezultate din GTA V (plus microtranzactii) dar si a celor trei jocuri anuntate deja pentru acest an: Red Dead Redemption 2, noul NBA 2K si WWE 2K. Conform citatului "Take-Two disclosed its latest financial results, which are defined strong mostly thanks to microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto Online and More", ne duce cu gandul ca Borderlands 3, joc aflat deja in productie, care a primit cateva teasere deja, va fi amanat pentru anul viitor.

    Take Two deja a declarat ca:
    This comes just after the company revealed that a “highly-anticipated title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises” has been delayed to fiscal year 2020, which means between April 1st, 2019 and March 31st, 2020. This game has been teased in the past few financial reports, and the reason for the delay is explained as giving the title additional development time.
    Una peste alta, nu avem de ce sa fim suparati de amanarea acestui joc, cu toate ca gurile rele considera ca amanarea jocului are de-a face cu integrarea unui mod Battle Royale online, dupa cum este la moda zilele astea.
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    Corect se scrie 20-20. Viorica stie!

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    Intre timp pot sa rejoc Borderlands 2 GOTY, cat content are jocul asta nu prea ai cum sa te plictisesti.

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    Sunt asa curios ce-o sa aduca E3-ul de anu asta . sper ca nu Battle Royale peste tot

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    Quote Originally Posted by eneea View Post
    Sunt asa curios ce-o sa aduca E3-ul de anu asta . sper ca nu Battle Royale peste tot
    Eu sincer cred ca vor implementa si BATTLE ROYALE, e o banuire de a mea

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