The Avengers Hangover Trailer
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The Avengers Hangover Trailer (3 min 12 sec)
Uploaded on 05-05-2012 at 06:52 PM by OEE
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Slick Gigolo presents "Fear & Avenging in Las Vegas," a mash-up of two movie franchises that fit together way better than they should. Come see the Earth's Mightiest Heroes try and defend themselves from the Earth's Mightiest Hangover as they search for a missing Captain America. Word of advice: don't ever get the Hulk drunk. Or Iron Man. Or Thor (but mainly just the Hulk).

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Written and Directed by
Bridge Stuart
Mike Litzenberg

Produced by
Josh Weinstock

Associate Producer
Lane Smith Jr

Director of Photography
Andrew Chrighton
Bridge Stuart

Brendan Johnson

Steadicam Operator

Iron Man -- Lane Smith Jr
Hulk -- Mike Litzenberg
Thor Bridge Stuart
Nick Fury -- David Jones
Hawkeye -- James Roehl
Black Widow- Kelly Pantaleoni
Professor X -- Christopher Violette
Doctor -- Reed Windle
Cop -- Josh Latzer
Shield Agent -- Alex Sanchez
Tourist -- Lacy Hornick
Captain America -- Brendan Johnson
Mrs. Banner -- Tawny Amber Young

Special Thanks
Russell Hollander

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The Avengers Hangover Trailer
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