Epic Games and Chair Entertainment have confirmed that Infinity Blade II will be released on December 1 for the iOS platform, with specific features for the new and improved iOS 5 and the recently announced iPhone 4S.

Apple confirmed yesterday that it's going to deploy a more powerful iPhone 4S, alongside the already confirmed iOS 5 update, and Epic Games was invited at its press conference to reveal the new Infinity Blade II title, the sequel to one of the most visually impressive games currently available on the iOS platform.

"Infinity Blade allowed us to demonstrate the true potential of triple-A handheld gaming by delivering mind-blowing graphics and awesome gameplay to millions of mobile users,” said Donald Mustard, creative director, Chair Entertainment. “With Infinity Blade 2, we’re pushing the boundaries of everything achieved to date and adding a ton of new content and unique new features to create the must-have gaming experience on iOS."

Infinity Blade II will deliver an even more impressive experience for players, with dozens of new locations set across vast 3D environments, while exploring the overarching story in the series and uncovering powerful new enemies and bosses.

"New fighting styles and weapon classes coupled with deep role-playing elements provide even greater game play variation. Infinity Blade 2 also introduces gamers to new online features, such as Clash Mob, in which they’ll participate with fellow gamers in unique “massively social” challenges to unlock rare weapons and exclusive items."

Among special iOS 5 features included in the new title is iCloud support, enabling players to seamlessly transfer profiles and save games across multiple devices that are running the new operating system.

For those who want even more backstory into the world of Infinity Blade, Chair and Epic Games have also confirmed that a special Infinity Blade: Awakening ebook, written by bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, will be released onto the iBook store for $2.99.

Infinity Blade II will be launched on the iOS App Store on December 1, and works on devices like the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. Until then, check out a trailer .