XBMC Final 9.04 "Babylon" este disponibil la download ! XBMC acum poate rula pe XBOX, Apple TV, Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard. Intel-x86, PowerPC), Windows (XP, Vista), Linux (Ubuntu PPA), si poate fi downloadat si ca versiune bootabila Live CD/USB distribution (XBMC Live). Il puteti downloada de aici: XBMC for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux | Download iar buildurile de XBOX de-aici: T3CH XBMC BINARY RELEASES / DOWNLOADS for XBOX, Latest SVN = 2009-05-01 rev19856 : I AIM TO MISBEHAVE

Among the many new features in XBMC 9.04 is PPC (PowerPC) support for Mac OS X, VDPAU (NVIDIA GPU Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding for Linux), updated Codecs, new Karaoke features, more Media Info Scrapers, improved FanArt support, and of course enhancements to the XBMC Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful. For the full list of what is new in this version of XBMC please see the 9.04 milestone on trac.
Detalii despre versiunea XBOX:
XBMC for Xbox (XboxMediaCenter) SVN Rev19947 9.04-final build (stable 'Babylon') of May 09th 2009 compiled by T3CH

This is a complete snapshot of what was in SVN at the time the build was compiled, with just a few small additions:
+ Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pike's Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre- rev2372 [scripts/Apple Movie Trailers]
+ Nuka1195's Apple Movie Trailers II Plugin 1.4.1 [plugins/video/Apple Movie Trailers II]
+ Team XBMC Lyrics 1.6.0 rev2346 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMC Lyrics]
+ Asteron's Tetris 1.1 SCRIPT [scripts/Tetris]
+ BigBellyBilly's T3CH Upgrader 1.9 SCRIPT [scripts/T3CH Upgrader]
+ BigBellyBilly's Addons Update Checker SCRIPT [scripts/Addons Update Checker]
+ Nuka1195's SVN Repo Installer 1.7 PLUGIN [plugins/programs/]
+ Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/*]

CHANGELOG since the May 01st 2009 Svn Rev19856 build:

2009-05-05 19947 [XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions 19875,19883,19916,19930,19934,19939
2009-05-03 19909 [XBOX] changed: Use to old way to replace the slashes like we did before
2009-05-03 19905 [XBOX] fixed: Some visualisations crashed (and possibly other zip:// stuff too) as our ValidatePath/CURL screwed up the URLs passed to it.
2009-05-02 19888 [XBOX] merged: trunk r19804 - Sync video/music db with linuxport. Now one should also be able to fully exchange dbs between sdl and xbox builds
2009-05-02 19887 [XBOX] fixed: Slow music scan / enabled music db transactions like we did for Linuxport.

Merge Log:
19939: fixed: CEventServer wasn't making sure thread was stopped before deleting the CThread object. changed: simplified CEventServer thread usage by inheriting CThread instead
19934: fixed: CBackgroundPicLoader and CMusicInfoScraper wasn't stopping thread on destructor. anything overloading CThread:rocess/On...() must stop it's builtin thread in it's own destructor, as it could be using member variables that get's destroyed before the CThread
19930: fixed: ticket #6493 - cleanonupdate in video library doesn't clean TV eps
19916: fixed #6478 Cbr/Cbz comic files start in slideshow (thanks jmarshall)
19883: added: log output of scraper functions. very useful until we have a proper scraper development tool
19875: updated: Hungarian translation #6482, based on English r19506 (thanks to olympia)