Sony PlayStation 4 (Latest Model)- 500 GB Jet Black Console - Launch M Bucuresti •

Mail 1, eu: Hello,

It is me you've been talking to just now on . I am interested to buy one playstation 4 console . Is your company located in Romania or do you have products here? Because i imagine it wouldn't be so easy to ship from abroad .

Thank you.

Mail 2, ei : Thanks for your Reply Mr.Hotea,

Yes the Console playstation 4 500gb is brand new with 1 year complete warranty and 6 month return back policy.

Yes we have been shipping into Bucharest in Romania without problem because we ship in form of a birthday gift and we also wrap and package the goods in form of a birthday gift.

Delivery Team: DHL & FEDEX

Where do you want to ship it too?

ELECTEC DESIGN LTD - appee free online shop


Sales Manager

Mr.Stuart Alex

Mail 3, eu : Hello again,

I am interested to buy one . I could not answer earlier because i was not at home.

I would like one piece shipped to the following address :

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

I expect to pay the price listed on mercador and the shipment to arive with " Livrare cu verificare" .

Thank you.

Mail 4, ei : Okay no problem about the price...

Kindly provide me with your complete shipping address..

name in full...


Phone number.....


Postal code....


Mode of payment for 1 unit..: western union.

Delivery teams...DHL or FedEx courier company.

Which do you prefer for the shipping.

Note: it will be ship to you in for of a gift.

I await your shipping data's.


Ce spuneti? Tentativa de teapa sau nu? Pretul mi se pare foarte mic fata de cel de 500$ de pe site-ul lor plus nu au cum sa trimita livrare cu verificare cu DHL sau Fedex (cel putin asa cred) chiar daca au bifat acest lucru pe mercador. Care e parerea voastra?