Preparation and planning are more important than ever in Breakpoint. Nomad is stranded and alone; there's no mission briefing, no detailed goals, and no clear map markers. If you're going to succeed, you'll need to gather intel, study your map, locate your targets, and execute your objectives on your own. You'll no longer have a team of three AI squadmates (although you can still play in four-player co-op for the entirety of Breakpoint), so if you're playing solo, Nomad will be truly alone.

In Breakpoint, an injury isn't simply a hit to your health; you can incur semi-permanent wounds that can severely impact your gameplay if not treated, and these wounds can only be healed outside of battle. Taking a bullet in the leg or falling down a slippery slope can impair things like movement and aim, and an injured Ghost won't last long against the Wolves. Injuries also tie closely to another new survival mechanic: the ability to carry bodies.