A scazut pretul la 3000 dolari pentru modelul Y standard.


Tesla just gave would-be Model Y buyers an unexpected treat: a sudden price drop. Electrek has discovered that Tesla lowered the cost of a Long Range AWD variant by $3,000 to $49,990 before taxes and incentives. The electric crossover still isn’t a trivial purchase at that price, but it might be easier to justify if the earlier price was just a little too hard to swallow.

There are perks if you’re willing to spend more, too. The Performance trim (priced at $59,990) now includes the previously optional Performance Package as standard. That nets you a higher 155MPH top speed, 21-inch wheels, upgraded brakes, a lowered suspension and aluminum alloy pedals. You will take a hit in range due to those wheels, down from 316 miles on the Long Range to 291 miles, but this saves you money if you were already set on getting a maxed-out Model Y.

We’ve asked Tesla for comment. A cut like this makes sense, though. Tesla has a habit of reducing prices as production and economies of scale improve, and the COVID-19 pandemic has had a disastrous effect on car sales — even if EVs represent a rare bright spot. Cuts like this, as well as earlier price drops for the Model S and Model X, could keep Model Y sales humming even as the pandemic continues and the car’s initial novelty wears off.

Si in China a scazut pretul din mai

Acum , daca si chinezii fabrica masini electrice ieftine, nu cred ca mai avem scuze sa poluam planeta.

Guvernele din tarile semnatare ale acordului climatic de la Paris vor creste taxele verzi si tarifele la benzina si gaz, se vor majora rovinetele, impozitele locale, taxele verzi, taxele de drum , accizele pentru detinatorii de masini pe baza de carburanti.

Ca sofer in secolul 21 vei fi obligat sa-ti iei masina electrica!