122 hours, 15 minutes in the making! Thatís a lot of time considering I have to come out with two Nerd videos a month, so I had to work on this inbetween keeping up with other episodes. All the pre-production work took place in February, we filmed it in March, and since then, Iíve been editing whenever I had spare time. In the time span this project took, I could have almost become pregnant and had a baby. A disturbing thought, but after itís over, I feel like this episode IS my baby.
So because I worked so hard on this one, I decided to do something that Iíve never done before, give a sneak peak for my fans here at Cinemassacre. Typically, I post the trailers on YouTube to notify the subscribers there when a new video goes up. But this one is special, so enjoy it, because there isnít going to be another episode this ďcrazyĒ for a while.
New AVGN TRAILER! | Cinemassacre Productions