Legat de pret:
What will be the price of Amico?
The console, which includes two controllers and 6 games, is priced starting at $249 USD.
Legat de user friendliness:
When you say Amico is family-friendly, what do you mean?
We take our family-friendly focus very seriously. All Amico games will be ESRB E10+ or below (PEGI 7 or below in Europe), and contain no graphic violence/blood, bad language, or sexual content. In addition, our games will not include loot boxes, in-app purchases, DLC, ads, or any other predatory practices often seen on other gaming platforms. Plus, all of our games will support both multiplayer and players of all skill levels, encouraging families and friends, young and old to play together. In short, we seek to bring families and friends together with gaming; this promotes family-time, togetherness, positive reinforcement, social interaction, and clean, safe fun for everyone!
Sunt curios de controller cum e sa-l folosesti.

Au pe site informatii interesante despre prima consola Intellivision: a fost prima consola pe 16-bit, primul controller cu D-pad, primul joc de tip RTS, prima reclama de genul "console wars" cu Atari etc.
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