Un nou build XBMC rev14853 poate fi descarcat de-aici.

Changes (de la ultimul build):

2008-08-12 14853 merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14844 -> 14852
2008-08-11 14845 merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14823 -> 14844
2008-08-11 14825 merged: Syncronized the scraper changes between branch + trunk.
2008-08-11 14824 merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14818 -> 14823
2008-08-11 14822 fixed: Make sure we reload TTF fonts *after* we set the new resolution, not before (backport from linuxport)
2008-08-11 14819 merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14730 -> 14818
2008-08-10 14815 fixed: imdb was not scraping the year correctly due to a minor imdb change (untested)
2008-08-10 14807 fixed: windowxml windows wouldn't consistently call onInit(). (backported from linux branch rev14801)
2008-08-10 14799 changed: Call through the correct baseclass of winxml (shouldn't actually effect anything, as GUIMediaWindow doesn't override any of these functions). (backported from linux branch rev14798, thanks jmarshall) fixed: win32 did not compile
2008-08-09 14788 fixed: Python media lists were not rendered until an action occurred
2008-08-09 14779 fixed: after last merge mplayer wouldn't restore back from fullscreen window if you stopped playback
2008-08-09 14757 fixed: WinXML files wouldn't load in release binaries.
2008-08-09 14755 fixed: WindowXML python scripts could fail on exit (another pointer assumption)
2008-08-09 14754 fixed: WindowXML python scripts could randomly fail. When casting a pointer, make sure you know what it is...
2008-08-09 14753 fixed: Python progress dialog was broken.
2008-08-08 14748 fixed: LTCG compilation (thanks jmarshall)
2008-08-08 14747 changed: do not auto create thumbs for picture plugins folders (thanks cptspiff) (backported from linuxbranch rev 14746)
2008-08-08 14740 fixed: _P() macro not defined for trunk
2008-08-08 14739 changed: duplicate settings order numbers in appearance settings
2008-08-08 14737 changed: "U:\" isn't mapped right on xbox, changed back to "Q:\"
2008-08-08 14736 changed: English strings missing id 13412
2008-08-08 14734 removed: OnInitWindow() procedure from window xml - this shouldn't be needed.
2008-08-08 14733 merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14280 -> 14730.
2008-08-05 14682 added: python localized strings for scripts, new Language() class. you subclass it like the Player() class. back ported from Linux rev14680(Thanks JMarshall)
2008-07-31 14609 fixed: dvdplayer wouldn't display still frames following a VTS change (could happen on initial startup).
2008-07-30 14606 fixed: dvdplayer would sometimes log "CDVDDemuxFFmpeg::Read() no valid packet" continuously on some dvd's
2008-07-30 14602 changed: ListItem_SetInfo, added date for picture content (backported rev 14601)
2008-07-30 14595 added: lineStart and numLines parameters to the httpapi GetMediaLocation and GetDirectory commands to allow the response to be retrieved in chunks for low powered clients
2008-07-28 14543 fixed: Navigation issues due to kai button removal on pm3 home.