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Thread: Starfield

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    Din păcate încă un joc pentru generația următoare de console. Da, viitorul suna bine, as fi vrut totuși acest altceva mai repede.

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    Idem... Next gen, next gen dar cine stie cand o sa apara next gen...

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    2020 zic eu. Citiți doua zeci doua zeci

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinfinite
    [...] Hines mentioned that the reveal is still a while away, but he believes that we’ll think it was worth the wait when it finally happens.

    “Look, my life would be a lot easier […] if we were ready to show and talk about what the team is working on. Anybody can do marketing when the game is ready to show, right? Just show the game.

    If the game is not ready to show, there is not a whole lot we can do until it’s ready. I don’t know, what do you want from me? I can’t make it up.”

    “The only thing that I can tell you is that when we finally get around it, when we finally get around to talk what it’s up to, I think you will be impressed. I think you will be excited. I think you will say “That looks like it’s worth the wait.

    But we’ll see. It’s gonna be a while til we get there.” [...]
    Starfield's Reveal by Bethesda Is Still A While Away, But Pete Hines Believes It'll Be Worth The Wait

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    2018 build?
    Test area?
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    Un zvon destul de credibil.

    Surprize, surprize! Starfield se va lansa anul ăsta. Se pare că va fi joc exclusiv Xbox, dar nu se știe sigur dacă va putea fi jucat pe PC prin Gamepass. (1:34:10)

    "I've been told, by very reliable people that Starfield was 100% an Xbox exclusive. I've even made bets about it, and I don't bet unless I know I'm willing to bet. So I'm really, really confident that Starfield is only releasing on Xbox when it does, and I've been told as well that Microsoft is trying their hardest to get the game out for this holiday".

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Eu nu cred ca se va lansa prea curand, in niciun caz in 2021. Dar as zice un 2023-2025.

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    Stiu ce zici. E ceva de genul " mai bine sa nu-mi fac iluzii aiurea."

    Dar nu, omul chiar e credibil si bine informat. Bethesda are trademark pt. Starfield pt. 2021 plus ca zice clar ca jocul e cam gata, sunt la stadiul de "bug-squashing".

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    Jason Schreier crede ca multe jocuri nu sunt gata pentru 2021, inclusiv Starfield:
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    New pic leak:
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    New leaks.
    Doua dintre factions sunt Space Nation Alliance si The Black Fleet.
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    Schreier spune lansare in late 2022, detalii exacte la E3:

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    XS, PC.
    In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom.

    Harnessing the power of next-gen technology and built on the all-new Creation Engine 2,

    Starfield takes you on a journey through space as you strive to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.

    You’re part of Constellation now. Part of our family.
    Teaser trailer:
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    Au suprasaturat culori ca sa para mai aratos?

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    Ceva detalii, in stilul lui Todd Howard:
    - We start with the world and questions like, what do they eat? What do they write with? How do they order their books?
    - If you look at the world around us, people think landscapes – and there's a lot of landscape [in Starfield].
    - We spent a lot of time on that cheese sandwich, getting the right sheen on a piece of space cheese. We like that stuff, we geek out on it. Every button, I think, is labelled in the ship.
    - Well, the game is set about 300 plus years in our own future.
    - And Constellation is this kind of last group of space explorers. It's like NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a group of people that are still searching for answers. There are a lot of factions in the game but that's the main one that you'll become a part of.
    - It’s kind of like Skyrim in terms of the structure of the game, where you're going to be who you want to be, and then there's different factions that you can join, and really carve your own path.
    - So we have one story that we're telling, and then we have a lot of other ones, like we love to do.
    - Well... climbing is not... don't read too much into the ladder. It’s a ladder to get you in and out of the spaceship. That’s about it. We may have to clarify that. Exciting video game features - they're a pain in the ass! [laughs]
    Full: Starfield world exclusive: E3 2021 trailer secrets revealed by legendary director Todd Howard

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    Nu stiam istoria jocurilor Bethesda cu scarile, asa ca treaba asta ma amuza: .
    As Bethesda’s Todd Howard explained during a 2016 Quakecon panel, the team just never figured out how to incorporate that animation/feature into the studio’s old engines without messing up the A.I.
    “One day, we tried to figure out why we wanted ladders so bad because we don’t really need them,” Howard said. “It just felt like we’re game development pussies because we can’t do ladders.”

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Eu cred ca nici ei nu stiu despre ce e vorba in jocul asta, daca nici macar Todd nu poate explica.

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    Din cate au spus si nu au spus despre ce e vorba in jocul asta, eu am asa o senzatie ca este un No Man's Sky cu grafica de Star Citizen.
    Insa totusi, sunt cei de la Bethesda and we must have faith. Dar cat mai trebuie sa asteptam pana sa vedem cu adevarat despre ce e jocul?

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Exact la NMS ma gandeam si eu, dar fara colectarea aia de resurse inutila si asa ai avea timp si de misiuni/povesti.

    Ramane de vazut cat de mare va fi universul si cat de usor ne putem deplasa intre planete - sperand ca vor fi planete si nu doar zone mici ca in ME Andromeda.

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