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Thread: STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

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    Junior Member Demigodesss's Avatar
    Sper sa semene mai mult cu seria Metro. Primul Stalker mi s-a părut prea simulare și nu era finisat deloc.

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    Member JohnConstantine's Avatar
    Am jucat toate trei jocurile dar pana nu vad un gameplay video mai extins nu imi fac sperante. Nu stiu de ce am senzatia ca va fi underwhelming fata de ce va promite. O fi Cyberpunk syndrome

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    Eu vreau un Tarkov singleplayer open world cu mutanti si banditi, pls

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    Senior Member Teo's Avatar
    STALKER 2 Features 4K and Ray Tracing Support, Will Come to Xbox Game Pass Day One
    STALKER 2 developer GSC Game World has announced that its long awaited sequel will come to Xbox Game Pass on the day of launch, and will feature both ray tracing technology and 4K resolution support.
    In a new update on the Xbox Wire blog, GSC said "you can be confident the game will come to Xbox Game Pass on day one."

    Additionally, the studio detailed the current progress of the game. "We’re progressing smoothly, including Xbox Series X|S versions as well. The aim is to deliver the product of the highest quality possible on every platform it’s announced for. With fast SSD, RTX support (both Series X and S) and 4K-resolution (Series X), we’re pleased to see how S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is shaping up to be the ultimate experience we’ve initially promised."

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    Senior Member Teo's Avatar
    STALKER 2 Will Feature ‘Huge’ Number Of Different Endings
    During the podcast, Bocharov reportedly stated that the game will offer a “non-linear storyline with a huge number of branches and different endings,” while prioritising the game’s single-player mode. The PR also commented on the game’s AI system, A-life, which is set to be “more meticulous and more detailed.”

    “A-life 2.0 is a different level of performance,” claimed Bocharov. “We’ll pay enough attention to it closer to release. It’s a wildly cool system that works really well and there will be something to show.”

    It’s also claimed the game will support Xbox modding...

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Despre eventul [email protected] si artworks:
    Attached Images Attached Images stalker_2_id_xbox_stream_announcement.jpg stalker_2_artwork_01.jpg stalker_2_artwork_02.jpg stalker_2_artwork_03.jpg

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    Member codpin's Avatar
    Hmmm... Daca ei dau drumul acum doar la niste artwork, nici macar niste in game screenshots, ma face sa cred ca mai au mult pana scot jocul. Minim 2 ani daca nu mai bine...

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Dev Diary

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    Senior Member dronology's Avatar
    Developer of the STALKER series, GSC Game World, has stated in an interview that STALKER 2 will not be making its way to PS4 or Xbox One any time soon. The main reason given by GSC Game World was that it did not want STALKER 2 to be limited by the hardware of older generation consoles. (...)

    While owners of previous generation consoles may be disappointed by this announcement, it does mean that for next-gen and PC owners, the game will likely be designed to run more optimally. GSC Game World has confirmed that STALKER 2 will run on 4K on Xbox Series X, with HDR support for both the Series X and S. Ray-tracing will also be able to be utilized by PC players with capable hardware, and GSC is claiming a steady 120 FPS on Xbox Series X.
    STALKER 2 Dev Claims It Would Be 'Impossible' to Run Game on PS4 or Xbox One

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    XS, PC.
    28 aprilie 2022.
    Game Pass day one.

    Gameplay trailer:
    Attached Images Attached Images stalker2_613_hero.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Arata foarte bine, dar sper totusi sa aibe si voci in ENG, pentru ca daca ne uitam doar la subtitrari, pierdem din ce se intampla pe ecran, iar eu sunt nebun, vreau sa vad lip sync, vreau sa vad animatiile, privirea, mediul inconjurator, atunci cand vorbesc cu cineva

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    Senior Member Xander RO's Avatar
    Hyped rau de tot, arata superb, abia il astept!

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    Member codpin's Avatar
    Acum am vz si eu trailerul. Holy s#&t! Arata bine tare si are acelasi feel ca alea vechi!

    Asta cred ca e singurul joc care ma face sa regret ca nu am consola Xbox. Dar macar il pot juca pe PC. Sper sa duca un 2070 Super.

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    Senior Member GabiCutlac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by codpin View Post

    Asta cred ca e singurul joc care ma face sa regret ca nu am consola Xbox.
    Ar trebui sa apară destul de repede si pe PS5:

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Il fac in Unreal Engine 5:
    Attached Images Attached Images e8hms8zxsaaavve.jpg

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    Senior Member dronology's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl will take up 180GB on your Xbox console.

    As spotted by The Gamer, the description of the game on the Xbox store has recently been updated to include the "approximate" 180GB storage space on Xbox consoles.

    If true - and it's always possible the download size will be optimised and shaved closer to launch - that means Stalker 2 will take up half of the space available on Microsoft's compact system, Xbox Series S.

    It's also weighing in at a hefty size on PC, too; there you'll need around 150GB to get the game installed.

    Stalker 2 is scheduled to release 28th April 2022 on Xbox Series X and S and PC, but not Xbox One. It will, however, be available on PC and current-gen systems via Xbox Game Pass. Given it's described as "coming first" to Xbox, we reckon it'll come out on PlayStation 5 at some point after, though.

    ICYMI, the Stalker 2 developers are using a custom teeth tool to make each character's smile unique.

    "Literally every human in Stalker 2 has a one-of-a-kind smile - or grin, I suppose," GSC Game World's Zakhar Bocharov explained at the time.
    Stalker 2 will take up 180GB on Xbox

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Attached Images Attached Images czbhsmw.jpeg xxhy1wh.jpeg ygsd3ng.jpeg txg2y35.jpeg ad5diho.jpeg njrxhyn.jpeg

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    STALKER Metaverse:
    Attached Images Attached Images fgpw67wxmaiihzc.jpg

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Au renuntat:
    Attached Images Attached Images fgw-zioxwawktwe.jpg

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    Member SeCeX's Avatar
    Doamne ajuta.

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