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State of Play | March 9, 2022 [SUBTITLED ENGLISH] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-BsSw0ELCQ
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State of Play returns this Wednesday 9th March. Tune in at 10pm GMT / 11pm CET for about 20 minutes of PS4 & PS5 first looks and updates, with a special focus on games coming from our Japan publishers.
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Google/YouTube: Ubisoft Elden Ring
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A Reddit user compared Ubisoft games to Elden Ring, arguing that its Stonesword Keys would cost money if it were made by the controversial studio.
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Elden Ring's Stonesword Keys Used To Call Out Ubisoft MTX https://screenrant.com/elden-ring-ub...sassins-creed/
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It all started with a tweet by Ubisoft UX (User Experience) Director Ahmad Salama, who claimed that “The fact that Elden Ring scored a 97 Metacritic (rating) is proof that reviewers don’t give a flaming poop about Game UX. My life is a lie.”
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Ubisoft and Guerilla Games developers bitter over Elden Ring success https://clutchpoints.com/ubisoft-and...-ring-success/
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New 15:58
PlayStation is reportedly planning to hold its next showcase this month STATE OF PLAY COULD RETURN AS EARLY AS THIS WEEK, IT’S CLAIMED
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live services bull este ceva ce nu conteaza si nu trebuie sa folosesti/investesti in asa cwva daca nu vrei
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Ubisoft are multe lucruri bune in jocurile lor, lucruri care lipsesc din altele, mostly obtinute dupa mult trial and error in jocurile lor
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Nu cred că ar fi mare diferență daca ar fi fost făcut de Ubisoft
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Horizon e un fel de Assassin's Creed cu dinozauri, fara live services bull****
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pt ca primeste prea mult hate gratuit Ubisoft doar pentru ca e Ubisoft
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in care sa avem si probleme din jocurile astea rezolvate
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gen, if ubisoft developed Horizon sau Spider-Man
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as vrea sa vad asa ceva si de cealalta parte
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If Ubisoft developed Elden Ring - https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/c...ed_elden_ring/
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Dragi prieteni! Quick reminder: pe 10 martie se lanseaza Chocobo GP #Switch <3 (succesorul lu' Chocobo Racing #PS1). https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nin...P-2045651.html
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New 23:04
Project Spartacus Gets Closer as PlayStation Plus and PS Now Merge for Some
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Gata, s-a rezolvat. Aseara cand am incercat sa dau click pe vinyl nu ma lasa, si am crezut ca e la fel si azi dar se pare ca si-a dat drumul.
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Ideea e ca imi canta de peste 10 min acelasi beat de pe vinyl Hooked on Classics Parts 1 and 2 si nu pot sa dau click pe nimic, am doar cursorul, chiar asa? Wtf?
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Am crezut ca este blocked pana nu introduc codul de preorder si bonusurile... Acum am realizat ca trebuie sa ascult toata piesa. Deci da, am imbatranit si mi s-a dus rabdarea si de a citi pana la capat. Mersi!
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tot copia fizica am*
New 16:51
Pai se descarca de pe internet. Si eu tot copia fizica insa vezi ca ai 3 curse la Music Rally.
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Fratilor, putin help. Am facut preoder de GT7 copie fizica, instalat complet etc, si faza este ca nici azi nu pot sa intru in meniul jocului, ma baga automat in meniul audio sa ascult muzica. Chiar asa rau am imbatranit?
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Poate iese si pe PS4 Ma uitam cu jind pe vremuri la el in Arcades
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Abia aștept să îl rejoc
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Se găsesc pistoale pentru joycons la chinezi pentru vreo 70 de lei
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Belea. Sper ca-l scot si cu un addon gen pistol sau ceva... cum erau pe vremuri.
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YES!!!!!!! The House of the Dead: Remake - Release Date Trailer https://youtu.be/IWfSdRYxVf8
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New 16:06
This War of Mine studio donates £520k to Ukraine
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Ce frumos face treaba CAPCOM, Those who currently own these games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be eligible for a digital upgrade at no additional cost.
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New 13:55
Games industry rallies behind Ukraine in face of Russian invasion
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Cand se termina toata nenorocirea asta poate scot Stalker 2 si pe PS5 ca sa le iasa banu'. Ca multi altii day one il iau. Unul din jocurile all time favorite ale mele.
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