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The digital showcase will feature incredible new content from Disney & Pixar Games, Marvel Games, Lucasfilm Games, and 20th Century Games.
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Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE on Friday, September 9: https://d23.com/disney-marvel-games-...d23-expo-2022/
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E fain "Cult of the Lamb" dar plin de bug-uri pe console. Recomand sa asteptati niste patch-uri inainte sa-l incercati
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Încercați cult of the lamb, smecher, un fel de biding of the Isaac
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in baza lor s-ar putea autosesiza atat politia, cat si ITM, dar si firmele pagubite
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oricum ft bun articolul si cred, primul care aduce acuzatii directe
New 14:05
se vede dupa cum problema
New 14:05
da, exact ce ziceam eu dupa mail-u pe care l-au dat initial, ca raspuns la acuzatii
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Niste gunoaie de oameni ...
New 10:02
Informatii noi legate de Quantic Lab: https://www.libertatea.ro/stiri/prob...n-cluj-4239825
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pare interesant. il astept la gamepass
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Cult of the Lamb - 85 pe OpenCritic: https://opencritic.com/game/13509/cult-of-the-lamb
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WHOA! Secret 2-Player Mode Discovered in Super Punch-Out Nearly 30 Years Later! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIOgSAwI4Us
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Trebuie corectat titlul topicului. Nu există Goat Simulator 2. Doar Goat Simulator 1 și Goat Simulator 3
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hTEKKEN 7 TOP 8 ttps://www.twitch.tv/evo
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#LIVE!!! #Evo2022 - Main Stage: FINAL DAY! - KOFXV, Tekken 7, SFV:CE, Guilty Gear -Strive- Top 8s! Let's gooo! https://www.twitch.tv/evo
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https://youtu.be/DPfEzKebPoU This guy #DiabloImmortal "Spends $100,000 on Diablo Immortal, now can't play because too powerful"
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#LIVE!!! #evo2022 - Main Stage: Day 2 - Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Top 8! https://www.twitch.tv/evo Celelalte streamuri live: https://www.evo.gg/schedule
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Si aici: https://www.twitch.tv/evo3 Evo 2022 - Stage 3: Day 1 - Granblue Fantasy Versus, Tekken 7, Pools!
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#LIVE!!! It's EVO TIME!!!!! YES!! Evo 2022 - Main Stage: Day 1 - Special Events, Skullgirls Top 8!
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Far Cry 6 will be free to play this weekend, Ubisoft has announced. The entire game and all the free DLC released so far will be free to play until August 8 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Stadia and PC.
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fingers crossed sa ramana prabusita
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s-a prăbușit piața crypto, adio NFT!
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as vrea sa-i vad si pe altii gandind la fel
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raspunsul developerilor Minecraft mi se pare perfect: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/arti...craft-and-nfts
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More than half of the investment raised by gaming companies — over $2.2 billion — went to blockchain and NFT startups in the first half of 2022.
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de aia mi se pare impoortant sa nu acceptam chestiil astea
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NFT-urile sunt mai daunatoare decat lootboxes sau micro-transactions
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si e in regula. nu totul place tuturor
New 13:46
fiecare cu ale lui si cu fanii lui
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si el tot continua sa faca misto de COD:MW2: https://twitter.com/DrDisrespect/sta...67541649248256
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la fel ca toti influencerii care-si prostesc fanii sa investeasca in toate mizerille de crypto/nfts
New 11:57
ceea ce mi se pare mult mai jegos
New 17:25
fanii aia vor cumpara orice cu el
New 17:25
pai da. fanii lui
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Unii au platit $50 ca sa joace asa ceva ...
New 16:47
Ah, si e bazat pe NFT-uri
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