Battlefield 6 Maps Being Designed With 128+ Players in Mind, DICE Interested in Battle Royale – Rumour
EA and DICE are taking their time with the next entry in the Battlefield series. Work on Battlefield 6 is confirmed to be underway, and we know that the shooter will be coming to next-gen consoles in 2021, but we don’t know much else beyond that. However, some new information may now have emerged.

Tom Henderson – a reputed insider who’s accurately leaked Call of Duty and Battlefield information on multiple occasions in the past – recently took to Twitter and dropped some interesting pieces of info. Henderson claims that Battlefield 6 maps are being designed with 128+ players in mind, but adds that 32 vs 32 matches will still be the standard, core playlist, and that larger maps don’t necessarily have to mean that 64 vs 64 will be supported.