Our School - https://vimeo.com/20510059

2011 US/Switzerland/Romania, 94min

OUR SCHOOL follows three Roma (commonly known as "Gypsy") children in a rural Transylvanian village who are among the pioneer participants in an initiative to integrate the ethnically segregated Romanian schools. When their school is desegregated, Alin, Benjamin, and Dana set out for the city school, optimistic for education and new friendships, even as funds earmarked for integration are questionably used to build a "Roma-only" school in their village. Their innocent optimism quickly sours when the children are met with low expectations and further isolation.

Grand Jury Prize for Best US Feature, SILVERDOCS 2011| Best International Feature, HUMAN RIGHTS ARTS AND FILM FESTIVAL 2012 |Graine de Cinéphage Award, FILMS DE FEMMES 2012 | Best Eastern European Documentary nomination for SILVER EYE AWARD 2011| Best Romanian Documentary nomination at the GOPO AWARDS 2012