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Thread: PlayStation TV

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    am mutat eu post-urile, e chiar sticky thread-ul de ps tv

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    Cum ruleaza Uncharted si Killzone pe TV ?

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    Junior Member bebestrumf9's Avatar
    Salutare si Craciun Fericit.Am primit si eu PSTV si am doua intrebari:
    cand ii fac remote cu PS4 jocurile sacadeaza putin.Este de la conexiunea la net,trebuie sa dau routerul mai aproape sau asa mergea ea?La conexiune imi apare o liniuta.Daca fac semnalul mai puternic ar trebui sa mearga ok?
    Apoi,am conectat controllerul la ea,totul este ok dar acum nu il mai pot contecta la consola PS4.Cand il pornesc bipaie ledul pe el dar nu se conecteaza la PS4 ci doar in camera cealalta la PSTV.Cum il deconectez sa mearga la consola mare?


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    Ca sa meargă la PS4 trebuie sa il conectezi la consolă prin cablu si sa apeși butonul Ps când consola este pornita

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    Junior Member bebestrumf9's Avatar
    Mda,logic,ca doar asa l-am conectat si la PSTV-.Multumesc!
    Si faptul ca merge sacadat?E de la semnalul wireless sau asa merge el cand fac remote de pe PS4?

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    poate sa fie de la wireless. eu am jucat destiny pe PSTV si semnalul nu era foarte ok din cauza routerului ( am unul cam slab )

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    Junior Member bebestrumf9's Avatar
    Salutare.Am reusit sa am semnal foarte bun in camera unde am PSTV,intru pe net din el,merge ok.Cand ii dau remote cu PS4,in timp ce incearca sa se conecteze pica semnalul de tot.Cum anulez conexiunea,semnalul wifi revine full.Care ar fi problema?

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    inchide torentele

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    The PlayStation Vita TV (aka PlayStation TV) launched in Japan back in November 2013. Today, via AV Watch, Sony announced that it will cease shipping the hardware (in Japan, at least) at the end of February. That’s today.

    According to AV Watch, the reason Sony gave is that, in Japan, while the PS Vita TV was originally designed as an easy way for people to play games on a home console, now, the PS4 Vita is doing well, as is the PS4. It sounds like the PlayStation TV isn’t really needed anymore.

    The PlayStation Vita TV’s official Japanese site states the microconsole is no longer being shipped (出荷完了 or shukka kanryou, which translates to “shipping has concluded” or “shipping has ended”). The PlayStation.com page does not mention anything.

    What does this mean for the West? AV Watch also reports that Sony will no longer be pushing the PlayStation TV name outside the country. Kotaku reached out to Sony for clarification, but did not hear back prior to publication.

    In case you missed it, here is Kotaku’s review of the PlayStation TV (aka PlayStation Vita TV), which launched in the West in 2014.

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    Wow. Bine ca am apucat sa iau la oferta.

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