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ICO (2001) este sequel si Shadow of the Colossus (2005) prequel. Asta iti dai seama tocmai la finalul Shadow of the Colossus .
Chiar Fumito Ueda spune:
For several months during and after the game's release, the game's director and lead designer, Fumito Ueda, maintained that the game's status as a prequel was simply his personal take on the game and not necessarily its canon nature, as he largely intended for players to decide the specifics of the story for themselves, but he confirmed the two do have a connection
Sunt atat de multe argumente pro si contra legaturii intre cele 2 jocuri...
Vad ca nu au jucat prea multi aceste jocuri
Se pare ca ai dreptate,sunt putini care le-au jucat si probabil si mai putini care stiu de ele.Dar,cu acest topic poate le mai starnim curiozitatea

Shadow of the Colossus Tribute