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Thread: Resident Evil: Revelations

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    Resident Evil: Revelations

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    L-am luat astazi, la un pret de mi-a sarit basca...39 GBP.
    E tare...pentru o consola portabila e o grafica superba. Este probabil cel mai bine realizat RE de pana acum.
    Problema e ca fara al doilea stick analogic mie personal mi-e foarte greu sa ma obisnuiesc cu controlul. Exista si versiunea RE+circular Pad Pro dar costa cu vreo 15 GBP mai mult iar accesoriul mi se pare de-a dreptul odios pt 3DS.
    Este primul joc pe 3DS care intr-adevar retine feelingul de consola fara pierderi de calitate (bine, fata de Wii nici nu era prea greu )

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    Daca tot stai in UK poti sa-ti cumperi de pe amazon, zavvi, thehut etc la preturi mici.
    Acolo jocul asta costa 30 (45 + circle pad pro).

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    Știu, s-a ntmplat sa mă duc la Game ca sa incerc un Vita si sa fac preorderul si am văzut in raft RE-ul.
    Am testat puțin si circle pad pro-ul cu RE; schema de control e incomparabil mai buna insa ergonomia nu. Principala problema e ca nu mai exista simetrie ntre partea inferioară si cea superioară a consolei. Ai doua stick-uri insa cel din dreapta e plasat in afara zonei ecranului.

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    mda, nu e prea buna solutia lor cu circle pad pro
    cel mai bine ar fi sa lanseze on 3DS cu 2 stick-uri plasate cum trebuie dar nu cred ca o sa faca asa ceva deoarece nu multe jocuri cer schema asta de control

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    E absolut superb controlul cu circle pad pro ( eu ma descurcam insa si inainte ), iar fara el nu concep sa ma joc alte jocuri de acest gen. Mie mi se pare mult mai solid si confortabil de jucat cu circle pad pro. Cand jucam mercenaries 3d dupa o lunga perioada ma dureau degetele , acum nu mai am aceasta problema. Iar probabil 3ds lite sau cum se va numi va fi clar mai mare pentru a include si al doilea pad circular, din motive de ergonomie, nu de portabilitate.

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    Awesome news:

    Back in late November, an HD version of Resident Evil Revelations for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was outed by Korea’s video game rating board. This sparked the interest of many Resident Evil fans who missed out on the game’s original release on the Nintendo 3DS. Hell, it also got fans who already own the game happy about an HD version for home consoles. But since then, Capcom hasn’t said a word about it.

    Well, looks like an HD edition of Resident Evil Revelations is pretty much confirmed, thanks to its achievements/trophies being revealed. All that’s left now is for Capcom to pretty much “officially” confirm its existence. And judging by the release of its achievement/trophy listing this soon, I’m going to say that this HD edition will be out within a few months time.

    Its unlikely for this to hit retailers as a disc-based release. But perhaps it will in Japan. For everyone else, I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting a digital-only version through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. But I would love to be wrong on that.

    Si presupusa lista de achivements/trophies:
    Resident Evil: Revelations Achievements -

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    Resident Evil: Revelations hitting PC, PS3, Wii U, 360 | VG247

    Capcom has announced Resident Evil: Revelations will release on PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 in May.
    It has been updated with HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an “immersive sound experience.”

    Additional content such as a new enemy, extra difficulty mode and improvements to Raid Mode like new weapons, skill sets and the opportunity to play as Hunk and other characters from the series will be included.
    Raid Mode, first introduced with the 3DS version, is an online co-op mode or single player mode where players take on hordes of enemies across a variety of missions.

    Revelations lands on PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 in North America on May 21 and in Europe on May 24.

    The title will also be available to download digitally from the same dates on PS3 for €49.99 and PC for €39.99. Details on digital versions for Xbox 360 and Wii U will follow at a later date.

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