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Thread: XBMC - Xbox Media Center

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    Junior Member Dastan's Avatar
    Ce vrei sa spui este ca nu merge pe televizoarele High-Definition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dastan View Post
    Ce vrei sa spui este ca nu merge pe televizoarele High-Definition?
    Merge si PAL/NTSC fara probleme. Ba din contra, se misca mai bine (foloseste mai putina memorie). Insa nu se vor vedea la fel de bine filmele, that's for sure.

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    Ok! Pai cred ca lucrul acesta este valabil pentru toate consolele last-gen.

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    Salut ! MonkY, cum vad domne` DVD-uri pe consola ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darcangel View Post
    Salut ! MonkY, cum vad domne` DVD-uri pe consola ?
    Daca ai activata optiunea (la Settings - Video daca nu ma insel) de Autorun DVD, nu trebuie decat sa introduci disk-ul si pleaca automat. Daca nu e autorun pornit, cred ca in Videos poti da "click dreapta" si din meniu dai Play Disk. Sau daca doresti, poti sa adaugi un nou source ca fiind DVD-ul si poti da play direct la .ifo-uri sau .mpg-uri... sau orice ai tu pe disk.

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    Member darcangel's Avatar
    Multumesc, a functionat !

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    Member leggollas11's Avatar
    Am instalat si eu XBMC..... stiam de el dar eram cam pesimist fata de ce ofera.... sincer m`a impresionat foarte placut... faptul ca are integrate propriile codec`uri (am observat un plus minim de calitate si la 720p [videophil]).... ce nu am gasit la el si nu prea mia placut este cum sa 'navighez' prin film... adica sa sar de la min 2 la min 27... de la 34 la 55 etc fara sa folosesc FF (u get the ideea)... bara aia nu merge... no slide or anything... nici un jump function... decat daca faci tu bookmarks gen chaptere .... daca ma poate ajuta cineva as fi recunoscator sau macar sa mi se spuna ca nu se poate.... inteleg... e inca BETA.

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    leggollas11: bara aceea nu merge pe PC pentru ca inca nu e implementat suportul de mouse 100%. Daca puneai pe consola (sau pui un gamepad pe PC si te joci cu Keymap.xml), sareai oriunde doreai in film cu un simplu "flick of a button". Give it time, si va fi si suport pt. mouse.

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    Member leggollas11's Avatar
    can`t wait

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    Well, a fost lansata versiunea finala XBMC - Atlantis. Sau mai bine zis rev16144 pentru cei de pe Xbox si versiunea 8.10 Final pentru PC & Co. Ramane sa testam, sa vedem daca au si features-urile promise

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    Senior Member eXist's Avatar
    e...fix , ca dracu'

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    Quote Originally Posted by eXist View Post
    e...fix , ca dracu'
    Ce e... fix, ca dracu' ?

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    Member leggollas11's Avatar
    gustul lui in privinta Media Player`urilor.

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    Special pentru XBOX avem un nou build de la T3CH: T3CH XBMC 2009-03-04 SVN rev18221
    Il puteti downloada de aici. Changes since January 25th 2009 Svn Rev17349 build:

    2009-02-18 17820 [XBOX] fixed: CUtil::GetParentPath() should return false (no parents) on special://foo paths as they are already root. This should fix problems with the FileDialog showing ".." when already in the special:// root directory. Also synced GUIDialogFileBrowser.cpp with linuxport.
    2009-02-18 17804 [XBOX] added: Show error dialog when a Python scripts fails
    2009-02-18 17799 merged: Linuxport revisions r17788+17796 - move from using CGUIImage for everything to a new base class, CGUITexture.
    2009-02-18 17797 fixed: trunk wouldn't build on win32 (devs convenience)
    2009-02-17 17794 [XBOX] fixed: Sometimes Python scripts failed when called from because the network was not up yet. Now it will wait until the network is setup before is called.
    2009-02-17 17793 [XBOX] fixed: ticket #5926. Profile creation failed due to FatXQualifiedFilename() replacing the forward slashes with backslashes in special://-paths. It will now honour the type of slash used.
    2009-02-16 17775 [XBOX] fixed: ticket #3843. Better network retry implementation. Now the network is re-init whenever it's in error-state. This should fix problems with crappy routers/switches bringing their link up too slow.
    2009-02-16 17766 [XBOX] changed: The first profile is *always* the master profile, so need for additional checking
    2009-02-16 17758 [XBOX] reverted: XBMC should restore the system state to how it was before it was stared.
    2009-02-16 17755 [XBOX] changed: Fall back to the default value for the masterprofile in case lookup for it fails. Thanks for pointing it out, jmarshall
    2009-02-16 17753 [XBOX] changed: Don't let system fan spin up on shutdown.
    2009-02-15 17745 [XBOX] fixed: Profiles weren't working properly + implemented InitDirectoriesXbox(). Thanks for the patch AlTheKiller
    2009-02-14 17730 [XBOX] fixed: visualisation albumart path (vortex) part 2, reverts rev 17714.
    2009-02-14 17722 [XBOX] fixed: Python was broken (and possibly other stuff too) due to faulty (DLL) loader and some _P() errors
    2009-02-14 17716 [XBOX] More network cleaning up
    2009-02-14 17715 [XBOX] fixed: Unnessecary calls to StartEventServer (and possibly bad as it was doing it during network initialisation), eventserver is started on SERVICES_UP networkmessage.
    2009-02-14 17714 [XBOX] fixed: visualisation albumart path (vortex).
    2009-02-14 17713 [XBOX] fixed: some compilation warnings.
    2009-02-14 17712 [XBOX] merged: Linuxport revisions 17659,17661,17662,17663,17664,17665,17667,17669,17 671-17673,17675,17685,17686 17688-17696,17699,17704,17706
    2009-02-14 17710 [XBOX] fixed: Network should be started as soon as possible in CApplication::Initialize() and certainly before StartServices() is called. This should fix the strange filecurl/network-crash bug. Also improved network-logic which will now also retry the network setup, if not inited yet.
    2009-02-14 17709 [XBOX] Cosmetics
    2009-02-14 17708 [XBOX] fixed: reversed the bloody logging of the dns (cosmetics) ;-)
    2009-02-14 17705 [XBOX] fixed: T: & P: legacy driveletters failed to work. Special:// dirs are now initialized to Q:. This should fix the logrotate-issue & the guisettings.xml loading issue too.
    2009-02-13 17702 [XBOX] fixed: logging was broken due to pathcleanup & special:// merges. Also added some a safecheck in CLog::Log to prevent logging when the logdir is not set yet.
    2009-02-13 17700 [XBOX] fixed: PartyMode failures (again). Problem got accidently re-introduced due to previous merge.
    2009-02-12 17683 fixed: scraperparser possible infinite loop.
    2009-02-12 17681 fixed: scraperurl crash on empty elements.
    2009-02-12 17680 [XBOX] changed: music resampling enabled by default again, max resampling freq to 48000.
    2009-02-12 17677 fixed: Access violation in StopPlaying.
    2009-02-12 17676 [XBOX] fixed: weather icons.
    2009-02-11 17660 [XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions 17451,17460,17461,17462,17463,17464,17465,17466,17 467,17476,17478,17482,17483 17485,17486,17515,17516,17518,17519,17521,17522,17 525,17527-17534,17538,17539 17540,17541,17549,17550-17553,17556,17560,17561,17565,17569,17570,17572,17 573 17580-17583,17586,17587,17589,17592,17600-17601,17605,17607-17609,17612,17619 17621,17624,17626,17627,17629,17630,17632-17637,17641,17643,17645,17648 17656-17658
    2009-02-10 17644 [XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions 17509,17523,17524. This should implement basic special://-protocol support for Xbox.
    2009-02-09 17638 [XBOX] changed: Disabled the cache dialog (for now) as it's pretty useless on Xbox and not working properly (probably some locking issue).
    2009-02-08 17615 [XBOX] fixed #5809: smb didn't show any files (or actually showed all files as hidden). Caused by a bad merge. Thanks to A600 for the patch.
    2009-02-08 17613 [XBOX] changed: .mp4 files should be played back with DVDplayer by default as MPlayer seems to stutter with some (or maybe even all) of them. Also did additional cleaning of CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers.
    2009-01-30 17470 [XBOX] changed: Cleanup of CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers. Force some filetypes to explicitly use MPlayer. Also no longer force MPlayer as default for internet streams (this might have broke some stuff, please report if it did). Also assume file is video, when it's NOT audio. The content-type is now also logged when it's an internet stream.
    2009-01-30 17468 [XBOX]: merged Linuxport revisions 17306,17322,17332,17345-17348,17351,17354,17360,17362,17366,17379,17387-17389 17392,17396,17399,17402,17403,17405,17407,17408,17 417,17419,17425,17426,17427 17429,17440
    2009-01-29 17450 [XBOX] fixed: pap, samplerates higher than 48000 weren't being downsampled anymore.
    2009-01-29 17449 [XBOX] fixed: paplayer chopping off the first second or so from mp3 streams.
    2009-01-29 17447 [XBOX] changed: made default value for CacheMemBuffer 128KiB to save memory. Thanks Elupus & A600. Again, maybe we should also consider this for Linuxport.
    2009-01-29 17446 [XBOX] fixed: Don't do SetCaching(true) for *any* file (including internet streams). This should fix slow video stream start & extra memory consumption. We should consider also doing this for Linuxport.
    2009-01-28 17428 [XBOX] fixed: compile error
    2009-01-28 17424 [XBOX]: fixed #4519 - have dvdplayer use CacheMemBuffer by default. The default size is 2Mb and can be changed via in advancedsettings. Specifying a size of 0 will make DVDPlayer revert to use SimpleCaching. Also implemented the CacheDialog in DVDPlayer + synced CacheDlg with Linuxport.
    2009-01-28 17422 [XBOX] fixed #5793 - Network settings were displayed incorrectly
    2009-01-27 17401 [XBOX] fixed: previous commit broke the ability to use alternate players for files on UPnP sources
    2009-01-27 17400 [XBOX] fixed: no longer force DVDPlayer for unknown http streams (to fix UPnP problems) as it breaks other http stuff. The real fix for upnp should go into mplayer.dll
    2009-01-27 17398 changed: mplayer.dll - assume http servers are seekable until first seek fails instead of relying on "Bytes:" header existing
    2009-01-26 17373 [XBOX]: fixed previous commit. Commented out too much stuff
    2009-01-26 17369 [XBOX]: fixed #4190 - We shouldn't remove whitespaces in front of the extension. If ppl want this or it's a result of truncation we should accept that.

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    More changes:

    r17706: fixed: some uninitialized variables in DVDAudio fixed: removed unused variables and fix uninitialized variables in libGoAhead fixed: unintialized variables in XBMCTex/AnimatedGif.cpp, converted tabs to spaces
    r17704: fixed: some more uninitialized variables in guilib fixed: mismatched free/delete[] in IrssMessage.cpp
    r17699: Changed: Re-enable amazon/imdb scrapers. Default is still tmdb.
    r17696: fixed: Fanart and Trailer detection was case-sensitive.
    r17695: fixed: Check for http or https in DoCreateThumbnail() was wrong.
    r17694: fixed: Stat() wasn't implemented for CFileSpecialProtocol.
    r17693: changed: Removed the old dlls that were wrapped under win32, and made sure we only wrap dlls we need to. This addresses ticket #5865.
    r17692: fixed: a large number of uninitialized variables fixed: several mismatched free/delete[]'s fixed: a few memory leaks
    r17691: fixed: Uninitialized variables in XBMCTex.
    r17690: fixed: Use assignment operator, rather than memcpy for class initialization. (I'm pretty sure this is safe/correct. It shuts up my analysis tools anyway ).
    r17689: fixed: uninitialized variables in guilib. fixed: mismatched new/delete in GraphicContext.cpp.
    r17688: fixed: TinyXML::SaveFile() didn't overwrite by default.
    r17686: fixed: A more careful use of pointers than in r17685
    r17685: added: Ticket #5867 - support for plugin:// urls that resolve to a real file at playback time. Allows plugins to resolve URLs as late as possible in the play process. Set the "isplayable" property to "true" on a plugin file item, and then use the setFileUrl() callback once you've resolved the path for the player. Thanks to EvilDude.
    r17675: updated: Greek translation #5906, based on English r17643 (thanks to ydatografida)
    r17673: added: Ticket #5846 - scarper for chinese movie information (thanks to taxigps!)
    r17672: Changed: Improve performance by creating thumbnail from memory if source is http.
    r17671: changed: Ticket #5901 - - added votes (thanks to w00dst0ck)
    r17669: fixed: TheMovieDb scraper was assuming fanart and thumbs were jpgs (where they might be png).
    r17667: Added: FileCurl can now set proxy user and pass or use fallback to default as set in Network Settings. SetProxyUserPass takes a userort string.
    r17665: fixed: Changed my last commit to work around MS's loose interpretation of POSIX...
    r17664: changed: curl's debug_callback to log multi-line messages more cleanly.
    r17663: updated: Greek translation #5892, based on English r17643 (thanks to ydatografida)
    r17662: changed: respect Accept-Ranges: none for http and don't allow seek attempts in this case
    r17661: Added: Necessary functions to FileCurl. Changed: Everything now uses FileCurl for HTTP requests/responses (scrapers/weather/lastfm/etc) Fixed: Thumbs not available over ftp. Properly reset ReadState.
    r17659: updated: Korean translation #5889, based on English r17643 (thanks to airplanez) updated: Korean translation for PM3.HD #5890, based on English r17639 (thanks to airplanez) updated: Norwegian translation #5882, based on English r17640 (thanks to berland) updated: Greek translation for PM3.HD #5887, based on English r17639 (thanks to ydatografida)
    r17658: revert: r15701 now that url is parsed properly in CURL
    r17657: changed: also consider ; as option separator for ftp. according to rfc1738 there can be an added ";type=" at the end of ftp urls
    r17656: changed: restored support for options in ftp urls that are used for authed ftp (got disabled in r13801), by only accepting ? as option separator
    r17648: fixed: Ticket #5858 - ID3v2 tags in streamed files causing errors in codec. Thanks to phi2039.
    r17645: fixed: (Cosmetics) This should just be a CStdString and not converted to c_strc
    r17643: updated: Greek translation #5879, based on English r17640 (thanks to ydatografida) updated: Italian translation #5878, based on English r17640 (thanks to succo) fixed: typo in English translation (thanks to Sho)
    r17641: fixed: #5554 Incorrect aspect ratio used for mkv files (and others) Thanks dteirney
    r17637: Changed: [PM3.HD] DialogNumeric.xml default control to "Done" so remote users can just type numbers on the remote and click enter. Also changed labels for Backspace and Done to proper labels instead of C and E.
    r17636: added: Ticket #4729 - Allow the use of DNS name instead of IP-address to HTTP proxy, thanks to phi2039.
    r17635: added: Curl low speed time changed from 1 to 5 seconds as it seems to break some crappy/slow webservers. The value can now also be changed from advancedsettings via .
    r17634: fixed: Better explanation updated: Swedish translation, based on English r17633
    r17633: updated: Swedish translation, based on English r17624 (plus some typos) fixed: English translation (typo and trac #3890) updated: Korean translation #5868, based on English r17621 (thanks to airplanez) updated: Greek translation #5870, based on English r17624 (thanks to ydatografida) updated: Italian translation #5872, based on English r17624 (thanks to succo) updated: Finnish translation #5874, based on English r17624 (thanks to mikko70)
    r17632: fixed - removed #ifdef _WIN32 from IsDOSPath so CSpecialProtocol::TranslatePath will actually translate dos paths on all platforms.
    r17630: fixed: Non-DVD .ifo files weren't being filtered out correctly.
    r17629: fixed: textures in subfolders in Textures.xpr weren't loading correctly.
    r17627: fixed: Apparently there was *some* reasoning behind 2^13.
    r17626: fixed: Several possible null pointer dereferences in Weather.cpp
    r17624: changed: Added stronger language to delete dialogue, (from Plex).
    r17621: fixed: Stray space.
    r17619: fixed: 15 is a pretty realistic episode number
    r17612: [WIN32]: compiled new dll to accept special paths
    r17609: fixed showtimes scraper in Apple Movie Plugin weren't shown
    r17607: fixed another direct usage of CHDDirectory
    r17605: fixed settings wouldn't pickup different skin themes (#5861)
    r17601: changed: Removed redundant commas.
    r17600: updated: Greek translation #5840, based on English r17521 (thanks to ydatografida) updated: Greek translation for PM3.HD #5842, based on English r17058 (thanks to ydatografida)
    r17592: changed: added more possible trailer resolutions
    r17589: fixed: Playlistadded: playlist.playoffset(offset) builtin function - plays the item that is offset from the current item in the playlist (missing code from last commit).
    r17587: fixed: ticket #5849 - ScraperParser error when conditional not in settings. thanks to moby-uk
    r17586: changed: eliminate use of IDirectSoundRenderer:oWork as calling into that when dvdplayer was waiting for audio to end would stall video rendering
    r17583: fixed: ticket #5583 - Returning from Fanart Screensaver
    r17582: added: ticket #5833 - Window(Weather).Property(AreaCode). thanks to nuka1195
    r17581: added: playlist.playoffset(offset) builtin function - plays the item that is offset from the current item in the playlist.
    r17573: fixed: Slash directions in weather paths, plus another potential NULL pointer dereference.
    r17572: fixed: Crash in weather retrieval for some locations.
    r17570: fixed: special://profile/visualisations wasn't created on app start.
    r17569: fixed: Opening context menu in an empty dir with the file manager would crash XBMC.
    r17565: fixed: #4782 Memory leak with DVDPlayer and .ts videos that have a teletext stream
    r17561: added: ticket #5830 - some sites can't redirect. thanks to taxigps
    r17560: updated: Greek translation #5824, based on English r17521 (thanks to Ydatografida) updated: Korean translation #5818, based on English r17521 (thanks to airplanez) updated: Finnish translation for PM3.HD #5825, based on English r17058 (thanks to mikko70)
    r17556: fixed: path in XBMCIsHome() weren't translated and result was always false.
    r17553: fixed: fully initialize settings variable.
    r17552: Fixed: Ticket #5812. Some streams failed to play. MMS (over tcp only) streams now play by detecting the content-type. There is still no support for mmsh (MMS over http) except for xbox (it uses mplayer and that has it).
    r17551: fixed: Make sure plugins/programs is created on app start, and fixed a potential problem with scripts/Common Scripts on linux.
    r17550: fixed: Added an IsDOSPath() routine, and altered some code that was assuming paths were DOS when they weren't. There's likely lots more of these.
    r17549: fixed: temp dir is needed regardless of the platform mode (thanks to jm)
    r17541: changed: added a language tag to video scrapers in order to avoid fetching foreign info using url nfo scraping. (new scrape order: 1. try selected scraper, 2. try similar scraper (based on the language tag), 3. try default scraper (english))

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    And final changes:

    r17540: fixed: nfo scraping for german scrapers
    r17539: changed: don't create global user directories if running with XBMC_PLATFORM_MODE enabled
    r17538: fixed: don't try to delete non-existent file
    r17534: fixed: unrarxlib didn't play nice with new special:// protocol. (spiff eyes on this much appreciated!)
    r17533: added: upnp settings for max number of items returned by server each call, raised to 200 by default to make 360 happy, can be overwritten in upnp.xml, must be > 30
    r17532: added: upnp settings for max number of items returned by server each call, raised to 200 by default to make 360 happy, can be overwritten in upnp.xml, must be > 30
    r17531: cosmetic: tabs to spaces
    r17530: fixed: upnp now shows all video library top levels folders and sub folders including tv shows, etc..
    r17529: reverted: Changes to the virtualkeyboard that weren't yet finalized.
    r17528: fixed: Slow GetArtistPath() query.
    r17527: fixed: incorrect slash direction on dos-based paths in CUtil::AddFileToFolder, plus overly strict length requirement in CURL::ValidatePath. Fixes problems with library on win32 (thumbs etc.)
    r17525: fixed: CUtil::CreateDirectoryEx() was ASSuME'ing stuff about paths on win32 that are no longer valid.
    r17522: fixed: some compilation warnings
    r17521: fixed: Removed a stray "u".
    r17519: changed: let dvdplayer's CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer timeout when it has been waiting longer than delay + data size + 1 second, should avoid deadlocks with win32's broken audio renderer
    r17518: updated: Chinese (Simple) translation #5807, based on English r17296 (thanks to kazuyuki)
    r17516: added: new dll for r17503 + cosmetic
    r17515: changed: Ticket #5810 - Modification of allocine.xml scraper (thanks to acaranta)
    r17486: changed: use feed title for the RSSDirectory source name
    r17485: fixed: RSSDirectory items do not have a proper filesize
    r17483: fixed: case error in filmup scraper
    r17482: added: ticket #5804 - Absolute Numbering for tvdb.xml. thanks to acaranta
    r17476: changed: Subtitle delay stepsize from 25ms to 100ms.
    r17467: put the bracket at the wrong place :/
    r17466: fixed plugin settings weren't shown in context menu. (thanks to CrashX)
    r17465: changed: pass reference to avoid extra copy
    r17464: changed: pass reference to avoid extra copy
    r17463: fixed: now switch back upnp protocol to video/avi for avis to make 360 happy, still won't play properly though fixed: upnp now uses xbmc-get for non upnp standard protocols but put it last in the list of resources fixed: upnp put remote address first in list of resources if upnp compliant (http mostly) added: more upnp log added: perform a stat on the file to determine the file size, upnp needs it, temporary fix until we store that in db though fixed: upnp parentID was wrong for musicdb:// and videodb:// fixed: upnp was mistakenly advertising empty containers in db as items (making clients freak out) fixed: upnp Movies db folder now contains sub folders (Genre, Title, etc...)
    r17462: fixed: now really waits 5 secs for a upnp server to get a chance to show up before returning an error when upnp auto-start was not enabled and we tried to open it.
    r17461: fixed: now waits 5 secs for a upnp server to get a chance to show up before returning an error when upnp auto-start was not enabled and we tried to open it. added: now put a priority on xbmc-get protocol in list of resources by looking for it explicetly
    r17460: added: function to detect if upnp client is started
    r17524: fixed: Missing files from previous commit.
    r17523: changed: Got rid of the remaining P/Q/T/U/Z usage, by moving the mapping out of IoSupport and into it's own class.
    r17509: merged: Changes from the pathcleanup branch. Special Note: Some stored paths (such as in favourites.xml, or in profiles.xml) may no longer be valid, so may need recreating.
    r17440: updated: Norwegian translation #5796, based on English r17296 (thanks to berland)
    r17429: fixed: ticket #5741 - Music video library still not quite right
    r17427: fixed: typo (in an #IFDEF)
    r17426: added: ticket #5792 - support the return param on activatewindow for the music library
    r17425: added: ticket #5791 - Mark As Watched in library view with Hide Watched should select the next item, not the first. thanks to moby-uk
    r17419: updated: Korean translation #5788, based on English r17296 (thanks to airplanez) updated: Norwegian translation #5784, based on English r17296 (thanks to berland) updated: Finnish translation #5781, based on English r17296 (thanks to mikko70)
    r17417: fixed: Incorrect enum comparison in DirectoryCache.cpp removed: generated configure file from svn
    r17408: fixed: profile support was complete arsed due to special:// shenanigans and excessive _P usage. you may have to delete your userdata/profiles.xml
    r17407: changed: remove unnecessary check. a IFile can easily implement :elete but not ::Exists
    r17405: added: ticket #5785 - New skin function FolderName rather than FolderPath. thanks to eq2k
    r17403: Fixed : [PM3.HD] Localization issue with "Library Mode" text ( already fixed long time ago in original PM3 )
    r17402: changed: set content types for upnp resources based on the media item type if we don't know any better (video/octet-stream, audio/octet-stream, image/octet-stream)
    r17399: added: use only untouched raw subtitel stream from mkv for now, thanks peenhammer
    r17396: changed: don't trust a content type of application/octet-stream from upnp. this let's xbmc do a head request later to try to find something better
    r17392: (re)added: #5530 Format tcURL parameter better, thanks to anonymous247
    r17389: added: supported for gzipped url's in scrapers. use ..
    r17388: changed: don't reopen demuxer fully on seeks on dvd's, this avoids audio/video stream reopening on each seek and ff/rw
    r17387: fixed: dvdplayer would sometimes abort due to division by zero during FF/RW, if audio output was closed before being inited
    r17379: updated: Italian translation #5778, based on English r17296 (thanks to succo)
    r17366: fixed: Reverted the IsAllowed() check on the rest of the filesystems that previously didn't use it.
    r17362: fixed: Video database directory doesn't return stuff with extensions set (thus nothing was listed).
    r17360: fixed: xbmc would throw exception if you managed to add an empty path
    r17354: added: Ticket #5769 - Have Add/Remove favorites in the filemanager context menu
    r17351: cleanup: Deleted unused files.
    r17348: fixed: Some cosmetic and a few spelling errors in Swedish translation.
    r17347: cleanup: Made the IsAllowed() function a little more sane.
    r17346: cleanup: Cleaned up the directory cache code somewhat, and also the directory reading code (eg IsAllowed() is now applied at the CDirectory level).
    r17345: fixed: Crash in cd ripper after first track is complete. Ticket #5768. (thanks mbuchoff!) fixed: Cleaned up destruction of cdripper encoders.
    r17332: updated: Greek translation #5761, based on English r17296 (thanks to ydatografida) updated: Finnish translation #5767, based on English r17296 (thanks to mikko70) updated: Swedish translation, based on English r17296
    r17322: fixed: thumbs,fanart and trailers won't match on first stacked filename (stackname-cd1). fixes #5749
    r17306: fixed: partymode invalid query.

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    XBMC Final 9.04 "Babylon" este disponibil la download ! XBMC acum poate rula pe XBOX, Apple TV, Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard. Intel-x86, PowerPC), Windows (XP, Vista), Linux (Ubuntu PPA), si poate fi downloadat si ca versiune bootabila Live CD/USB distribution (XBMC Live). Il puteti downloada de aici: XBMC for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux | Download iar buildurile de XBOX de-aici: T3CH XBMC BINARY RELEASES / DOWNLOADS for XBOX, Latest SVN = 2009-05-01 rev19856 : I AIM TO MISBEHAVE

    Among the many new features in XBMC 9.04 is PPC (PowerPC) support for Mac OS X, VDPAU (NVIDIA GPU Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding for Linux), updated Codecs, new Karaoke features, more Media Info Scrapers, improved FanArt support, and of course enhancements to the XBMC Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful. For the full list of what is new in this version of XBMC please see the 9.04 milestone on trac.
    Detalii despre versiunea XBOX:
    XBMC for Xbox (XboxMediaCenter) SVN Rev19947 9.04-final build (stable 'Babylon') of May 09th 2009 compiled by T3CH

    This is a complete snapshot of what was in SVN at the time the build was compiled, with just a few small additions:
    + Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pike's Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre- rev2372 [scripts/Apple Movie Trailers]
    + Nuka1195's Apple Movie Trailers II Plugin 1.4.1 [plugins/video/Apple Movie Trailers II]
    + Team XBMC Lyrics 1.6.0 rev2346 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMC Lyrics]
    + Asteron's Tetris 1.1 SCRIPT [scripts/Tetris]
    + BigBellyBilly's T3CH Upgrader 1.9 SCRIPT [scripts/T3CH Upgrader]
    + BigBellyBilly's Addons Update Checker SCRIPT [scripts/Addons Update Checker]
    + Nuka1195's SVN Repo Installer 1.7 PLUGIN [plugins/programs/]
    + Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/*]

    CHANGELOG since the May 01st 2009 Svn Rev19856 build:

    2009-05-05 19947 [XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions 19875,19883,19916,19930,19934,19939
    2009-05-03 19909 [XBOX] changed: Use to old way to replace the slashes like we did before
    2009-05-03 19905 [XBOX] fixed: Some visualisations crashed (and possibly other zip:// stuff too) as our ValidatePath/CURL screwed up the URLs passed to it.
    2009-05-02 19888 [XBOX] merged: trunk r19804 - Sync video/music db with linuxport. Now one should also be able to fully exchange dbs between sdl and xbox builds
    2009-05-02 19887 [XBOX] fixed: Slow music scan / enabled music db transactions like we did for Linuxport.

    Merge Log:
    19939: fixed: CEventServer wasn't making sure thread was stopped before deleting the CThread object. changed: simplified CEventServer thread usage by inheriting CThread instead
    19934: fixed: CBackgroundPicLoader and CMusicInfoScraper wasn't stopping thread on destructor. anything overloading CThread:rocess/On...() must stop it's builtin thread in it's own destructor, as it could be using member variables that get's destroyed before the CThread
    19930: fixed: ticket #6493 - cleanonupdate in video library doesn't clean TV eps
    19916: fixed #6478 Cbr/Cbz comic files start in slideshow (thanks jmarshall)
    19883: added: log output of scraper functions. very useful until we have a proper scraper development tool
    19875: updated: Hungarian translation #6482, based on English r19506 (thanks to olympia)

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    Vreau si eu poate sa il pun si fara sa am Xcutia chipata?
    *stiu ca threadul e vechi....dar am zis sa il revitalizez

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madk91 View Post
    Vreau si eu poate sa il pun si fara sa am Xcutia chipata?
    *stiu ca threadul e vechi....dar am zis sa il revitalizez
    Poti sa-l pui si fara sa fie modata, insa e mult mai complicat, iti trebuie anumite jocuri originale (vei face un fel de swap disk)... o distributie de Linux cu care te vei juca pe HDD, etc... In plus, la fiecare instalare gresita, va trebui sa repeti pasii. Cel mai simplu e cu un modchip, care ia cateva minute pt. instalare.

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    N-am mai updatat de ceva timp threadul de XBMC si imi cer scuze. Asta nu inseamna insa ca la XBMC nu s-a lucrat non-stop. Prin urmare, ultimul build pentru Xbox este 9.11 Alpha 1 (rev24421 cu ultimul stable build 9.04.1). Il puteti descarca de aici.

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