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Thread: Clubul SEGA - console, jocuri, accesorii

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    Cateva articole destul de interesante........pana la urma,speranta nu moare niciodata.Interesant este faptul ca incep sa castige tot mai mult teren,incet dar sigur si asta ar putea ridica niste semne de intrebare.Eu unul cu siguranta mai sper la un comeback din partea lor(pe partea de console).

    Could Sega Make a New Console? - Blog by VitaismyDaddy - IGN

    Could Sega Really Make A Comeback? : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times

    Sega's Making a New Console Game and Wants to Regain Trust from Their Fans

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    The BASIC programming language and how it ended up on the Sega Saturn | MVG

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    Question [Help?] 8bitdo reciever for mega drive 2

    Salut, am comandat un 8bitdo bluetooth reciever for mega drive 2, ca sa conectez controlleru ps4 la aceasta consola veche pe care inca o mai am dar la care nu mam mai jucat ca nam avut maneta.

    Recieverul intra in portul de maneta de la mega drive, dar nu se face albastru cum ar trebui. El palpaie repede o culoare verde dar foarte slaba, abia daca se vede, dar cand il conectez atingand portul si introducandu-l un pic culoare este verde solid.

    L-am testat pe pc cu ajutorul cablului usb al sau si totul a mers ok, am reusit sa ii fac si update chiar. Dar nu am idee si nici nu am gasit pe net cum as putea rezolva problema cu mega driveul, caci pentru el l-am luat. Daca ma poate ajuta cineva, daca s-a mai confruntat cineva cu problema asta, chiar as vrea sa pot sa conectez controlleru de ps4 prin acest device. Multumesc.

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    Ai pus ultimul firmware?
    Ai respectat pasii?
    For PS4 controller
    1. Insert Retro Receiver into console and then press the pairing button (the LED will rapidly blink)
    2. Press and hold the Share and PS buttons until the lightbar begins to strobe quickly in double.
    3. Wait until your Retro Receiver's LED is solid blue and the controller's lightbar stay on.
    4. For next connection only need to press PS button and wait until receiver's LED is solid blue.
    MD_RR_PS classic-v1.6.cdr

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    Da i-am pus firmware-ul. Pur si simplu nu raspunde, e ca si cum nu e compatibil, nu se face culoarea albastra. La pc a mers normal, am reusit sa-l fac urmand pasii... ...

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    De unde l-ai cumparat?
    Poate e de la consola, nu cunosti pe altcineva cu Mega Drive sa testezi?
    Sau incearca sa le scrii lor direct:

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    de la ventum games, nu cunosc pe altcineva cu megadrive nu cred ca mai detine lumea chestii deastea, iar supportul lor e invizibil nu pot da de adresa lor.

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    Astropede / SEGApede

    Quote Originally Posted by SEGABits
    SEGA Technical Institute had a short life at SEGA with the team being responsible for games like Kid Chameleon, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, and a lot of canceled project. Some of these we know about, one that we didn’t know about has made it online for the first time ever. This canceled game was called “Astropede’ and was shared by artist Craig Stitt on the Facebook group ‘SEGA Retro Gamers’

    “The only surviving video of ‘Astropede’, a game I pitched and went into production at SEGA (STI) circa 1994. Unfortunately after 14 months it was shelved after being starved to death by a lack of resources. The character had a train of pods with various power ups that would be pulled behind him. If hit, the pods would fly apart similar to Sonic and his rings. (my original intent was to have it be part of the Sonic universe) Somewhere I have a playable prototype… I just have to find it and hope it can be made to work!“

    We have some assets that Craig has shared, including this concept art that really makes it seem like a ‘Sonic type’ game (hit the break to see that!), the animation loop on top of the page and he even found a protoype of the game… will he share it online tho?

    Craig Stitt on this concept art: “He was supposed to be microscopic.“

    “I don’t think I posted this already, but this was one of the pieces of concept art I did to pitch the idea of ‘Astropede’ to SEGA (another working title was ‘SEGApede’)

    The segments in his body worked as power ups which you would find along the level. They would detach and start rolling away if you took a hit. You then had to snatch up the pods before they rolled too far away.
    You also needed to find a ‘caboose’ pod to secure the other pods to the train or they could fall off if you got going too fast or took a turn too sharp. He was also going to have a play two character that was little hornet/wasp whose abdomen could be swapped out with the same pods the main character carried in his train.”
    As far as that prototype:

    At first:

    “This, and a few other boards/prototypes are in a box… somewhere. They weren’t in the box I thought they were, so that has me a little worried that the box is ??? lost.“

    Then an update:

    “Actually, I just realized the box that is missing has ALL my SEGA games in it… which might be a good thing, since it shouldn’t have been tossed out my accident, and is probably just mislabeled somewhere in the garage.”

    Its crazy how many older developers have literal treasures in their garage like this. [...]
    SEGA Technical Institute’s Canceled 16-Bit Game ‘Astropede’ Revealed for the First Time » SEGAbits - #1 Source for SEGA News
    Attached Images Attached Images astropedsidecharater.jpg astroped_himself.jpg astroped_character_sketches.jpg astropede.jpg 117405771_10219174485447766_6899371057655831655_n.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEGABits
    [...] "TREASURE TAILS?
    I’m curious if anybody has heard of this one before. I’d love it if someone had something that would shake a few memories loose from my head.
    Back in February 1993, Bill Dunn, a game designer at STI, pitched an idea for a Tails solo spin-off game. It was to be called “Treasure Tails”.

    (CORRECTION: I’ve talked with Bill and he didn’t have anything to do with this game.. damn my memory. Time to check other sources)
    It was going to be an isometric platform puzzle/adventure game. I mocked up these few static screens for Bill to use in his presentation.
    Unfortunately, that is about all I remember. In fact, I had totally forgotten about it myself until recently re-watching a VHS resume I had put together in 1995, in preparation to leaving SEGA.
    I don’t remember how far the game got, or anything else about it. All I have are these blurry screen captures from a 25 year old VHS tape.
    Anyone else heard any rumors or ??? about it?" [...]
    Sega Technical Institute’s Canceled “Treasure Tails” For SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Screenshots Hit The Net » SEGAbits - #1 Source for SEGA News
    Attached Images Attached Images 118148594_10219220284312709_76991176537101985_o.jpg 117792802_10219220284472713_3012740835538675661_o.jpg 117444584_10219220284632717_6274594270316438841_o.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEGAbits
    [...] First he showed off his pitch for Sonic’s partner called Boomer, then he showed off Astropede and now he is showing off a pitch Craig Stitt did with programmer Dave Sanner back in SEGA’s 16-bit days. The game was set to be called ‘Spellcaster’ and was meant to be a two player combat game based around the use of magic. The gimmick would be that the game would have a musical component in that players had to press button combinations to cast a spell but each button would play a musical note.

    The idea would be that players would have a easier time doing complicated button combinations if they were based around sound. According to Craig Stitt, the pitch was put together after Sonic Spinball was completed and was rejected, this is when Craig Stitt began working on his Astropede pitch. Check out some of the artwork Craig Stitt did for Spellcaster below:
    Sonic 2 ex-artist shows off unapproved SEGA pitch for ‘Spellcaster’ fighting game » SEGAbits - #1 Source for SEGA News
    Attached Images Attached Images 118307841_10219284027986261_1372250408687401395_o.jpg 118329821_10219284028066263_3396519896314768295_o.jpg 118318633_10219284028506274_5548797464918002232_o.jpg 118105240_10219284027106239_6413298788415777677_o.jpg 118198547_10219284027186241_1196000306673030758_o.jpg 118121243_10219284026506224_3480258462394330401_o.jpg 118470499_10219284026226217_7676275732574602705_o.jpg 118611097_10219284026586226_3001703395178275887_o.jpg 118580707_10219284026666228_5203165003036652183_o.jpg

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    This particular seminar was held by Sega producer and manager Hiroyuki Miyazaki and takes us from the early days of 1983's SG-1000 (released in Japan on the same day as Nintendo's considerably more popular Famicom) right the way up to Sega's final home console, the Dreamcast.

    During the talk, Miyazaki goes into detail on how Sega was fond of using the names of planets as the internal codenames for its systems (the exception being the Saturn, which retained its codename right the way up to launch). He speaks about the Sega Nomad, a portable Mega Drive system which was released in North America in 1995 and was Sega's final attempt to wrestle control of the handheld market away from the Nintendo Game Boy (spoiler: it didn't work, but the machine is great – if a little battery-hungry).
    Sega Just Showed Off A Prototype Handheld For The First Time Ever - Nintendo Life
    This winter, you get to know SEGA more.:
    Attached Images Attached Images sega_venus_prototype.jpg

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    The 2nd Session of SEGA SEMINAR: Consumer Software Lecture by Prof. Okunari.:

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    The 3rd Session of SEGA SEMINAR: Arcade Games Lecture by Prof. Nishimura.:

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    The 4th Session of SEGA SEMINAR, “Virtua Study Abroad” 『EUROPE STUDIOS』Lecture by Sega Europe:

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    The 4th Session of SEGA SEMINAR, “Virtua Study Abroad” 『WHO IS SONIC?』Lecture by Sega of America:

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    Inscrierile pentru test au inceput: SEGA TEST.
    A 60-minute, 60 question online test of your knowledge of SEGA!
    Questions will cover a wide variety of topics

    Includes the history of SEGA’s work related to arcade games and technologies that continue to be used today

    Overall knowledge regarding home video game hardware and software

    Covers such things as games marketed overseas and development studios

    General Entertainment
    Includes SEGA Group companies’ operations
    Testing Process

    Register on this website before the scheduled test session start time.

    Take the test
    The test will be held 3 times on 2021 JAN 23 - 24. Choose times when you can take the test.

    Announcement of results (scheduled for February 6th, 2021)
    Participants with a good score will get a chance to win a prize!

    *You can check your result by logging in on this website later date.

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