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Thread: Ce ne-am cumparat azi - console

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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    Cu multumiri lui Zanafar am facut rost si de Killzone 2 Steelbook pentru colectia mea.
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    Member stefipsy's Avatar
    The Dragonborn has entered the building ! nou-noutz via @ 110 ron . Thanks to < utilizatorulok >
    Fus'ro'dah mo'fukkaz and a happy new year !!
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    Member shaqkers's Avatar
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    Member miami's Avatar
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    Senior Member RaverX's Avatar
    Mosul mi-a zis ca nu poate sa ajunga in seara asta, asa ca a trimis cadoul prin Fan Curier de dimineata
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    Senior Member Csander's Avatar
    The Truth Will Change You
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    Senior Member ReNeGaDe124's Avatar
    Back to the Future: The Game si Dungeon Siege III
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    Senior Member iry's Avatar
    Craciun fericit tuturor.
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    Senior Member FishyBon3's Avatar
    Merry Xmass(Thx Web)

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    Member shorinnn's Avatar
    Pentru Halo si Deus Ex multumesc prietenei mele, iar pt Thor multumesc mamei.
    Craciun fericit!
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    Junior Member KindoHero's Avatar
    Un mic joc(Gears of war 2) la colectia Gears of War(Colectie completa cu acesta. )
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    Diesel k1du's Avatar
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    Senior Member paunstefan's Avatar
    L.A. Noire - The Complete Edition
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    Member Iarba's Avatar
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    Member LeicaBogdan's Avatar
    primite azi de pe ebay
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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    In sfarsit a ajuns si la mine Bioshock 2, destul de rapid avand in vedere situatia cu sarbatorile
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    Member LeicaBogdan's Avatar
    inca 2 la colectie
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    Member iUser's Avatar
    • Gran Turismo 5 Platinum
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    Member Madutzzu14's Avatar
    Mulțumesc RobertDinu !
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    Member AngeReveur's Avatar
    Colectia mea in decurs de exact o luna de cand am consola , azi mi-a sosit ultima piesa, Dark Souls LE


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