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Thread: Ce ne-am cumparat azi - console

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    Junior Member CezarBacau's Avatar

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    Member kpy_here's Avatar
    Easter came early

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    Senior Member b615dub's Avatar

    60 lei Olx

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    Member dark18's Avatar
    Auchan Pallady:

    Assassin's Creed Chronicles - 60,99 lei (ultima bucata)

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    Member Prototype93D's Avatar
    Emag - 1500 lei
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    Senior Member iry's Avatar
    Well, asteptarea a luat sfarsit, cel mai cerut joc la Backward Compatibility a sosit. Vechiul disc nu-l mai gasesc asa ca hop - top 48 lei MediaGalaxy
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    Prophet of the Void IlieRazvan's Avatar
    100 de lei de pe OLX

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    Senior Member b615dub's Avatar

    50 lei OLX

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    ---------- Post added 17-04-2017 at 19:56 ----------

    100 lei OLX

    Se pare ca mi-au mai ramas bani dupa Paste

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    #$&#%#*$! RonanN1's Avatar
    Proaspat aparut <3 - The Disney Afternoon Collection
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    Senior Member JeNeI's Avatar
    Reduceri de la Altex <3
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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    Aproape gata colectia de Fire Emblem si cea de Zelda.
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    Senior Member ilie11's Avatar
    Ca tot nu se mai fabrica...

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    Member eastbason's Avatar
    Collection update!
    Consola ouya factory sealed!! Cutia este in perfecta stare! Chiar nu ma asteptam sa mai gasesc asa ceva.

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    Mad Collector rodarkone's Avatar
    Ce obscen ilie asta

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    Senior Member ilie11's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rodarkone View Post
    Ce obscen ilie asta

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    Mai vine unul azi ca sa fie treaba treaba. Si uite asa imi iau eu un Switch gratis😉

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    Member miculas10's Avatar
    olx 120 transport inclus
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    Senior Member JeNeI's Avatar
    Sa fie completa colectia Soulsborne

    De la AlVio
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    Member ragnarlodbrok23's Avatar
    eMag 100 lei.
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    Member parazitu86's Avatar
    Achizitii facute luna aceasta:
    * NFS MW + Underground & Grid Autosport pachet 100 lei de lacolegul nostru divayo
    * wolfenstein the old blood 22 lei ps store
    * ghost recon wildlands deluxe edition 217 lei Media Galaxy Cadau de la iepurasul de paste
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    Member Dragos2005's Avatar
    Inca o pereche de casti
    Media Galaxy, 85 de lei.
    Stie cineva daca se pot conecta la One fara fir?
    Prin bluetooth?
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