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Thread: Ghid: Fable II - The Collector Guide

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    For this achievement you need to get every item in the Box of Secrets shop in Knothole Island, you need to finish the weather quest before doing this otherwise not all the items will be available. Here is the list of those items, to get them you need to trade certain items for them, in this list you can also find the places we’re these can be found and their economy rate.

    Need: Regal Purple Dye
    Where to get: Traveling Dye Trader
    Economy Rating: 5*
    Reward: Brodican Mace

    Need: Crucible Peanuts(x2)
    Where to get: Crucible Food Trader
    Economy Rating: 4*
    Reward: Chasm Outfit

    Need: Crunchy Chick(x3)
    Where to get: Food/Fish Trader
    Economy Rating:
    Reward: Wretcher’s Blade

    Need: Lute(x2)
    Where to get: General Store
    Economy Rating: 1*
    Reward: Axe of Disharmony

    Need: Monk Robe(x1)
    Where to get: Oakfield Cloth Shop
    Economy Rating: 3*
    Reward: Judge’s Steel

    Need: Murgo’s Big Book of Trading(x2)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Bookstore
    Economy Rating: 5*
    Reward: Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit

    Need: Pure Experience Extract(x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market
    Economy Rating: 5*
    Reward: Hal’s Rifle

    Need: Diamond(x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market Jeweler
    Economy Rating: 5*
    Reward: Staff of Wrath

    Need: Eternal Love Ring(x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Jeweler Market
    Economy Rating: 5*
    Reward: Greaser Wig

    Need: Marriage and How To Survive It(x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market Bookstore
    Economy Rating: 1*
    Reward: Knothole Skirt

    Need: Pretty Necklace(x1)
    Where to get: Jeweler/ Gift Trader
    Economy Rating: 3*
    Reward: Black Wheel Gang Outfit

    Need: Puny Carrot(x2)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Old Town
    Economy Rating: 2*
    Reward: Assassin Outfit

    Need: Table Wine(x2)
    Where to get: Bar
    Economy Rating: 3*
    Reward: Cascading Hair

    *Note: The economy rating of the items is very important in your quest to find the rarest items. The items the seller sells are equal or one star lower than the region economy, so you have to be aware of that. Simply go to the “Regions” section where you fast travel and the region economy is shown there.
    Credits: illimunythai@x360a
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