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Thread: If console games would be pr0n...

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    Red face If console games would be pr0n...

    ... then they would look like this!
    Sorry, dar nu m-am putut abtine sa nu postez. Btw, nerecomandat minorilor decat cu acordul parintilor!
    Attached Images Attached Images games-parody-002.jpg games-parody-001.jpg games-parody-003.jpg games-parody-004.jpg games-parody-005.jpg games-parody-006.jpg games-parody-007.jpg games-parody-008.jpg games-parody-009.jpg games-parody-010.jpg games-parody-012.jpg games-parody-013.jpg games-parody-014.jpg games-parody-015.jpg games-parody-016.jpg

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    The Chip Master Donely's Avatar
    Hahahahhaha..bestiale !!

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    Senior Member kragod's Avatar
    haha,am ras tare la condemned cumshot, se uita biroul la mine.

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    Senior Member boga's Avatar
    Actually.. God of War is pr0n

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    Senior Member axton's Avatar
    Lol , asta numesc eu un epic post MonkY. Am ras la Analo de nu mai puteam , in principal din cauza descrierii "Discover its secrets ... an inch at a time" .

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    Senior Member Mariush's Avatar
    Foarte tare Oricum bayoneta nu-i prea departe as it is

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    Senior Member psypc2's Avatar
    Absolut genial!

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    Senior Member Clopotarul's Avatar
    Attached Images Attached Images castlevania.jpg

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    Member darkr3surrecter's Avatar
    Devil may cum.

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    Pacat ca nu e si Call of Booty

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    Senior Member Danny's Avatar
    Attached Images Attached Images 3811106281_3866c3c35a.jpg

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    Senior Member psypc2's Avatar
    @MonkY: Da, trebuie neaparat puse cover-urile la Modern Whorefare si Black Cocks.

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    Senior Member Ma_Plictisesti's Avatar
    Iti dai seama la Bed Company ^_^ , Uncuffed, Slutstar, Duke fukem forever, C.ock Rising 2, Alice- madass returns, Vansqueze, Little big p.enis, Cumshoot Paradise, F*ck-man party ...

    p0rn prin definitie : Happy Party with Hello Kitty, Dragon ball(s), Sonic And The Secret Rings, Dirt, Final Fantasy...

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    Attached Images Attached Images tumblr_l8wf8mkajh1qzpwi0o1_500.jpg

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