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Thread: VR - Meta - Oculus Rift, Go, Rift S, Quest 3, Pro

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    Lightbulb VR - Meta - Oculus Rift, Go, Rift S, Quest 3, Pro

    Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Games | Oculus VR

    The Oculus Rift is an upcoming high field of view (FOV), low-latency, consumer-priced virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). It is being developed by Oculus VR, who have raised $2.4 million from a Kickstarter campaign. The company was founded by Palmer Luckey and the co-founders of Scaleform. The Oculus Rift has been endorsed by John Carmack, Gabe Newell, Cliff Bleszinski, Michael Abrash, Tim Sweeney, Chris Roberts, David Helgason, and others.

    Developer kits are in the process of being shipped out.

    Eu am vazut ca din August incep livrarile, cu un pret de 300$. E cineva tentat?
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    Lista cu jocurile compatibile, urmează bineînţeles si alte jocuri, acum vreo trei zile a fost anunţat si Half Life

    LE Ma tentează, dar as vrea sa il testez vreo două ore ( probabil in alta ţară ), am înţeles ca te cam ia durerea de cap, ameţeala...

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    Dev-kit la preorder acum. Pe când user kit ?

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    Eu nu cred ca o sa avem unde sa-l incercam. Nu cred ca au produs destule incat sa se vanda prin magazine. Cred ca o sa vanda doar la ei de pe site. In cazul asta o sa fie aproape imposibil sa incerci produsul inainte de a-l cumpara. Nu am gasit informatii referitoare la comercializarea produsului. Vom vedea.

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    Pai in acest caz vad ca se adaugă tva plus vama, cam scump...

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    Nu-mi vine sa cred ca au strans 2.4 mil$ pentru chestia asta. A uitat lumea de Virtual Boy...pfffft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tudyniuz View Post
    Eu am vazut ca din August incep livrarile, cu un pret de 300$. E cineva tentat?
    Da, eu sunt foarte tentat. Imi place la nebunie ideea ca acum nu mai vezi un "ecran"...
    Dar sincer, voi mai astepta... nu ma arunc la preorder. Vreau sa vad mai multe titluri disponibile... eventual chiar si suport pentru filme (de ce nu?).

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    Totusi pretul de 300 dolari sau euro mi se pare destul de accesibil. Chiar mi-ar placea sa incerc. As fi dispus sa iau jucaria si pentru o mana de jocuri. Seria Half Life, Skyrim cica ar veni si el, si imi ajunge. Plus ca se anunta multe altele.

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    Din pacate ma tem ca 300 USD va fi doar varianta pentru development... iar cea finala sa sara pe la 4-500 USD. Care la noi ajung in EUR, mai punem si un TVA... si nu iese deloc un pret prea atractiv. Dar, ramane de vazut.

    P.S. Sunt foarte curios daca vom avea ceva de genul asta (poate chiar Oculus Rift) pe next-gen consoles?

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    Ochelarii de la sony parca sunt vreo 800$ sau ma înşel? Nu mai ştiu cum se numesc

    LE poate vedem un bundle cu ps4

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    Chiar mai mult. Erau pe amazon 1000£ la un moment dat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkY View Post
    P.S. Sunt foarte curios daca vom avea ceva de genul asta (poate chiar Oculus Rift) pe next-gen consoles?
    E , vezi, asta-i intrebarea chieie.
    300$ ? Mega ieftin. Cat costa un TV pt acelas efect de imersie ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by cryyo View Post
    300$ ? Mega ieftin. Cat costa un TV pt acelas efect de imersie ???
    Nu exista asa ceva (cel putin nu comercial)... ar trebui sa fie un TV in forma de "sfera" care sa acopere toata raza vizuala... Din punctul asta de vedere Oculus Rift are mari sanse sa prinda la public.

    Sper insa ca sa poata face in asa fel incat sa poti opri senzorii de pe casca... si sa controlezi totul din PC/controller/gamepad. Altfel, o sa dam din cap ca nebunii incercand sa vedem in toate directiile.

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    Interesant, mai ales ca versiunea pt consumatori se spune ca va avea un preţ sub 300$

    What is known is that the field of view is more than 90 degrees horizontal (110 degrees diagonal). That is more than double the FOV of most competing devices, and is the primary feature of the device. It is intended to almost fill the wearer's entire field of view, and the real world is completely blocked out, to create a strong sense of immersion. The resolution is 1280×800 (16:10 aspect ratio) which is split between both eyes, rendering the effective resolution at 640×800 in stereoscopic 3D. The view is taller than it is wide (4:5 aspect ratio). However, because the Rift is not 100% overlap, the combined resolution is effectively wider than 640. The resolution is lower than some other HMDs and is one of the Rift's weaknesses. Oculus is aiming for at least 1920×1080 (960×1080 per eye) for the consumer version. The lenses in the Oculus Rift warp the image so that pixels are closer together in the center and stretched further apart at the edges, so it would look pin-cushioned, except that the software corrects for that using a*pixel shader
    . The developer version Oculus Rift has DVI and HDMI input on the control box, and comes with one DVI and two HDMI cables, and a DVI to HDMI adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkY View Post
    Nu exista asa ceva (cel putin nu comercial)... ar trebui sa fie un TV in forma de "sfera" care sa acopere toata raza vizuala... Din punctul asta de vedere Oculus Rift are mari sanse sa prinda la public.
    Pai asta vreau sa zic, ca nu exista asa ceva.
    Mie 'casca' asta mi se pare foarte interesanta. Chiar ar fi ceva tot se vorbeste p'aici de revolutii.

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    A bespectacled look at the Oculus Rift

    For the most part, being near- or farsighted today isn't that big of a deal. The only cultural zeitgeist folks like me have missed out on recently has been in the resurgence of glasses-required 3D technology in consumer media. And let's be honest, it isn't a tremendous loss.

    In fact, the Oculus Rift is the only thing on the horizon that is as potentially game-changing as it is unfriendly to glasses. That thing straps directly onto your whole face, there's no way a pair of fashionable specs could fit under there.

    Well, as it turns out, the Oculus Rift really was accommodating to my Converse frames and their too-old lenses, so much so that for the first time ever I'm legitimately excited about the once-lofty possibility of a virtual reality future.

    The development kit I tested was the same model unit that recently shipped out to those that backed the company's Kickstarter, and subsequently nothing about the device's build quality screamed "early model" or "prototype." There are some internal differences, however, between this version and what Oculus plans to eventually ship to consumers.

    Oculus wants to make the Rift even lighter than it is already, which is impressive considering how featherweight the thing is – the head strap is more noticeable than the minimal amount of weight it currently supports. The company also wants to increase the resolution of the device's dual screens, which currently sit at a combined 1280 x 800, or 640 x 800 per eyeball.

    The most important upgrade to the development kit, a least for my purposes, was the addition of interchangeable glass cups that act to refocus the displays' depth of field for people with impaired vision. This was a placeholder solution and is not how the final device will function, Rift inventor Palmer Luckey told me.

    "Different eye cups are not the plan for the consumer version," Luckey said. "[The] consumer version will use lenses with a much narrower depth of field, so that you can just use a minimal physical adjustment via a knob or a dial or something to tune in the focus."

    The soft foam surrounding the Rift's eyeball port was more "sleep mask" than "Virtual Boy," and it gently moulded around the arms of my glasses, rather than pushing them into my temple. I have a big, goofy head, so folks with regular-sized noggins will likely have an even better experience than I did. Even so, thoughts about how comfortable the device was quickly faded as the blank screens flickered to life and a custom build of Hawken came into view.

    Now, this is when my enthusiasm for the device was momentarily quelled: Hawken, refracted once through the Rift's focal cups and once again through my lenses, was less than crystal clear. It wasn't out of focus, per se, but it wasn't nearly as crisp as one would expect, considering that the displays were mere inches away from my optic nerves.

    Additionally, my glasses prevented the Rift from fitting perfectly snug against the front of my face, creating a binocular-esque circular black border around the edge of the display that glassesless folk have told me they did not experience. This made adjusting the Rift until its displays were at the correct viewing angle more difficult than it seemed like it should have been, or at least more difficult than I would have preferred.

    Finagling eventually triumphed over contemporary fashion, however, and I soon found myself seated in the cockpit of a giant mech. Though the mech itself was controlled by a USB Xbox 360 controller, I was free to look around the interior at my leisure – the entire cabin fully rendered from stem to stern. It was, for lack of a better word, surreal.

    Looking down, I could see dials, switches and gauges adorning intricate instrumentation panels. To my left and right were the mech's arm-mounted weapons, and behind me was the welded, reinforced hull of the craft. My eyes were telling my brain that it had left the demo station and been taken to a dystopian battlefield, and the vast majority of my brain believed it. I had completely forgotten about how slightly smudged things had appeared moments before. The only thing that broke the illusion was my inability to reach out and touch something inside of that marvelous machine.

    After a few minutes, free looking during combat felt like second nature. Once my mind stopped associating field of view with target acquisition, as is typically the language of an FPS, the game transformed into an immersive experience like no other. Rockets would zip past the mech from the side, and instinctively my neck would crane to look out the window and find where the shot had come from. Tilting the cockpit of the mech down with the controller, my body leaned as far forward in its seat as it could, so that I could peer over the roof of a building and find my prey. The resulting vertigo was as affecting as any I've ever experienced in the real world.

    When a film is engrossing enough, your mind forgets that you're in a movie theater or living room and instead wraps itself around the entirety of the audio-visual experience. The same thing is true with the Rift: The screen smudge and glasses frame-induced tunnel vision just disappeared after a while, as far as my brain's interpretation was concerned.

    It wasn't until I put the device back on a second time – equipped with a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia-replica steering wheel – that I again noticed the black border and had to wrestle with the display angle. Still, those minor annoyances quickly faded as the demo started and I found myself behind the wheel of a blocky, red polygonal race car that wouldn't have been completely out of place in Daytona USA. Apparently, an Oculus employee had whipped this demo up in Unity a couple weeks prior to my test, and I was advised to expect less-than realistic physics.

    In some ways, the rudimentary racing prototype felt even more natural than Hawken had, thanks mostly to the fact that I've spent more real-world hours behind the wheel of a car than the controls of a mech. Despite the janky physics, it was a thrill to turn my head and look out the side window of the car as it drifted through a banked corner and into an echoing tunnel. The first crash induced a legitimate wince, and while backing away from the wall I turned to look behind myself and instinctively tried to put my arm over the passenger seat.

    But then, halfway through the second lap, I encountered something that hasn't been a problem since I was a small boy: I got car sick. This was no slow, creeping nausea either – this was a sudden, full-force twist of the gut that was barely stomached until the end of the lap. I'd heard tales of Rift sickness from colleagues, but having survived Hawken's action-packed firefights I'd figured I was in the clear; not so. The sickness left as quickly as it came once the Rift was removed, but let's just say the race ended with more than one photo finish.

    If I were able to wear contacts, or was comfortable with the idea of having my eyeballs cut open and lasers shot into them while I was awake, the small issues I encountered with the Oculus Rift may not have existed at all. Even so, none of the problems I did face were major enough to detract from the overall experience. Despite the fact that I almost tossed my lunch over what had to have been several thousand dollars worth of proprietary hardware, the rest of the day was filled with one recurring thought: "What if that had been Forza Horizon?"
    Attached Images Attached Images 130522102543-fut10-620xa.jpg andy-millns-virtual-vertigo-experience.gif andy-millns-virtual-vertigo-experience-initions-shoreditch-studios-.gif oculus2-2.jpg oculus2-3.jpg oculus833.jpg oculus-rift-kickstarter.png xhawken1.png xoculusrift1.png xoculusrift2.png xoculusrifteyecups.jpg

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    Oculus Rift cu steroizi:

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    A team of "seasoned video game industry veterans" is crafting Wicked Paradise, an erotic adventure game for the Oculus Rift VR headset.
    Due for release in 2014, work on Wicked Paradise is currently being lead by mobile developer and entrepreneur Jeroen Van den Bosch, who moved from his native Belgium to Irvine, California - the home of Rift maker Oculus VR - to work on the project.

    "I was always fascinated by the fact that we have hundreds of beautifully crafted shooter games but not a single well designed erotic video game," den Bosch told Road to VR. "Sure there have been some attempts in the past, but they all have been ridiculously bad.
    "There is nothing sexy about unrealistic models that move like rusty robots with faulty servos. If you want to genuinely create an erotic atmosphere in a videogame you need to convincingly cross the uncanny valley."
    The eight-strong Wicked Paradise team boasts staff members from projects such as Rage, Call of Duty, Lost Planet, Madden and PlanetSide 2, according to the game's official site.
    But it's to another series - BioWare's Mass Effect - that den Bosch is drawing inspiration.
    "The non-explicit sex scenes in Mass Effect are much more erotic than current available explicit adult video games. This is because you care about the characters in Mass Effect. A player will never feel very attracted to a virtual character if he or she doesn't care. I believe that virtual reality is the perfect medium for an erotic video game because you can make the player feel really connected to your computer characters."
    The game is currently in pre-production and is being designed in Unreal Engine, with full body motion capture used for adult scenes.
    Wicked Paradise will be released in episodic form, with early releases focusing on heterosexual content for men. Later launches will add in heterosexual content for women and LGBT-themed sections.

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