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New 03:39
Games for Impact award: Life is Strange: True Colors
New 03:37
Live: The Game Awards 2021:
New 18:03
La multi ani!
New 21:38
Ideea e sa fie toate la un loc si sa fie inchis. Analizele separate si last-gen se posteaza normal.
New 22:49
Threadul acela are un scop. Fara exceptii.
New 23:42
Au dat drumul la Halo Infinite multiplayer:
New 22:23
"Yes, we're aware of the Digital Foundry YouTube channel vanishing - likely some kind of automated response to the earlier hijacking. We're investigating and will get this resolved."
New 22:21
"our YouTube channel was temporarily hijacked"
New 00:08
Nu e "tvq-pb-101"?
New 17:01
New 20:28
Amy Hennig lucreaza la un joc AAA Marvel:
New 17:25
Renunta la Oculus branding si Facebook login, Oculus Quest devine Meta Quest:
New 22:44
New 22:16
New stock ticker: MVRS.
New 22:08
New 21:47
In Meta vor fi toate proiectele, reteaua Facebook, Messenger etc.:
New 21:45
Compania Facebook devine Meta.
New 21:40
New 00:09
Live: PlayStation State of Play:
New 20:43
World's best gaming processor - Intel Core i9-12900K -
New 20:43
Legat de Xbox, pentru cei fara cont Google, semnati asta:
New 13:49
New 13:21
New 23:38
Nu e disponibil pe RO.
New 23:37
Pe ce tara ai contul?
New 23:33
Intra in cont si iti zice daca beneficiezi de ceva oferta.
New 23:33
New 16:56
New 18:58
New 20:07
Live: Google Pixel Event:
New 23:37
New 20:02
New 22:20
Team Spirit a castigat The International 2021:
New 23:45
New 23:07
New 14:07
Ieri a inceput The International:
New 14:06
Bine, dar certati-va frumos!
New 13:03
New 12:56
Cod pentru ce? Nu conteaza unde dai redeem.
New 12:35
Nu se poate pentru ca e pe disc.
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