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The Anno ® History Collection is available now! Receive four beloved city-building classics and their expansions, fully updated for modern operating systems with resolutions all the way up to 4K. Enjoy a variety of improvements in each game while continuing your existing games, thanks to full save compatibility. Includes:

1602 A.D. and its expansion New Islands, New Adventure
1503 A.D.: The New World and its expansion Treasures, Monsters & Pirates
1701 A.D. and its expansion The Sunken Dragon
Dawn of Discovery® and its expansion Venice
Bonus Content: Anno® 1503 History Edition soundtrack and wallpaper plus company logos and an ornament for Anno 1800™

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Play the beloved city-building classics and their expansions, which are fully updated for modern operating systems. Thanks to resolutions of up to 4K, the Anno® History Collection makes cities look better than ever.

 Anno® 1602 History Edition
Relive the beginnings of the Anno series with the updated and optimized Anno 1602 History Edition. The New Islands, New Adventure expansion features additional challenging campaigns and more.

 Anno® 1503 History Edition
Dive into classic gameplay and long-lost multiplayer mode with Anno 1503 History Edition. The Treasures, Monsters & Pirates expansion features 12 exciting additional single-player scenarios in varying degrees of difficulty, three additional continuous play games, and extra content.

 Anno® 1701 History Edition
Rediscover the classic gameplay of the first 3D Anno game with Anno 1701 History Edition. The Sunken Dragon expansion has an additional thrilling 11-mission campaign, a world editor, four additional characters and more content to extend your experience.

 Anno® 1404 History Edition
Relive the captivating gameplay of a true city-building classic with Anno 1404 History Edition. The Venice expansion features up to 60 additional items and 300 additional quests, while also introducing additional features such as trading race and ship boarding.

Have you played the original games and still have a save of the game? With full save compatibility, enjoy all improvements like borderless window mode and improved scrolling while continuing your existing games!

Enjoy the updated and expanded multiplayer functionality, including, for the first time ever, Anno 1503 History Edition.

This edition also offers bonus content including soundtracks, wallpapers, company logos and an ornament for Anno 1800™.

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1602, 1503, 1701, 1404 – no, these aren’t stolen ATM passwords. They’re Anno 1602 History Edition, Anno 1503 History Edition, Anno 1701 History Edition, and Anno 1404 History Edition – the four games included in the Anno History Collection, out now on PC. These individual editions include 1602 AD and its New Islands, New Adventure expansion; 1503 AD and its Treasures, Monsters & Pirates expansion; 1701 AD and The Sunken Dragon expansion; and finally, Dawn of Discovery and its Venice expansion.

The games included in this collection all benefit from new graphics features (with resolutions up to 4K), as well as updated and expanded multiplayer options and matchmaking; multi-screen support; and save compatibility that lets players start from their original game saves. There’s also a host of bonus content, including soundtracks, wallpapers, and an ornament for Anno 1800. But longtime Anno fans will be especially pleased to hear that after 18 years, Anno 1503 now has a long-awaited, official online multiplayer mode. For more information on these and other Anno games, check out our previous coverage, or head over to the Anno Union for more on the latest game in the series, Anno 1800.
Anno History Collection Now Available