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Thread: Intro

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    Junior Member Darkreaper1991's Avatar
    Ma numesc ionuț, sunt din Târgoviște am un ps4 cu probleme.

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    Junior Member escada's Avatar
    Hi, sper sa descopar aici o comunitate frumoasa si bine inchegata. Pasionat de orice inseamna console, inclusiv handheld.

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    Junior Member Crbl2001's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by daisythomas View Post
    hello everyone,
    I am daisy thomas. I like to play games, read a new book.
    "Read a new book"?! Lol

    ---------- Post added 28-08-2019 at 22:22 ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Hagerty View Post
    Hi guys
    You're welcome

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    Junior Member Crbl2001's Avatar

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    Junior Member sergiubn's Avatar
    Salut si bine v-am gasit. ma numesc Sergiu , sunt interesat in particular de sectiunea "bazar"

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    Junior Member pityku96's Avatar
    Salut ! Alex este numele si as avea niste jocuri de vanzare !

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    Junior Member trollgoblin's Avatar
    Sunt un impatimit dupa jocuri pe PS4 si caut sa cumpar editii de colectie.

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    Junior Member lordrevan2's Avatar
    Salut, sunt Alex

    M-am inscris pentru a putea cumpara sau vinde jocuri pentru console

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    Junior Member warfare's Avatar
    M-am inscris pentru a primi sfaturi in invatarea programarii.
    Intentionez sa ma implic in dezvoltarea jocurilor viitoare pe PlayStation.

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    Junior Member luckyone01's Avatar
    Hi, I'm James Smith from California. I'm a writer love to write about men sexual health.

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