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Thread: Tekken 7

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    Tekken 7

    IT'S HERE!

    Voi pune, azi mai tarziu, si ce a zis Harada inainte sa arate trailerul (vad ca nu este pe net).
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    Dupa cum am promis: anuntul oficial

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    We have reason to believe that Tekken 7 is coming to PC. We’re basing this on a recent rumor, but some info from Katsuhiro Harada himself.

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    Harada just tweeted that he recently heard Akitaka Tohyama's sample music to be used for Tekken 7 confirming that he'll be returning for the composing the musical arrangements of Tekken 7. If you enjoyed Tekken Tag Tournament 2's music as much as I did this is some great news.

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    Katsuhiro Harada just tweeted that the upcoming Namco Sugamo Cup event this weekend will feature an appearance by Harada himself and also that he will be bringing a new announcement regarding Tekken 7 with him to the event! The Namco Sugamo Cup for those who don't know, is a 3 day event that the Namco Sugamo arcade in Japan is running that features a True Tekken God, Nobi VS Take 'concept match', followed by a 3on3 tournament then lastly a beginner tournament over the span of 3 days. The Namco Sugamo Cup is occurring this weekend starting from the Saturday up until the Monday in Japan at the Namco Sugamo game center with the Tekken 7 announcement being made and streamed on niconico during the 3on3 Tournament event. Since it's on niconico, I'll be sure to put up the archives on YouTube eventually.

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    During tonight’s Namco Sugamo Cup in Tokyo, Japan, Bandai Namco Games’ Katsuhiro Harada made a special appearance in order to discuss some new details about the company’s next installment in the popular Tekken franchise.
    While the title was only recently announced, it appears as if the developers are ready to send it out into the wild. Harada announced that location tests will be held October 3-5 at Namco Sugamo and Osaka Nipponbashi. The showings at these arcades will likely provide some of the first public Tekken 7 footage as well as allow fans to provide feedback to Bandai Namco.
    Attendees will also be able to score exclusive banapass cards (pictured below) featuring Mishima family members Kazuya and Heihachi as they appear in the upcoming title.
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    Eventhubs just posted an interview they had with Harada where he revealed that Tekken 7 will in fact not be bringing back the Invincibles seen in Tekken Revolution. You can see the full interview below.

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    No bound. In finaaaaaal.

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    Sa inceapa nebunia!

    ---------- Post added 04-10-2014 at 12:37 ----------

    Aici tot playlist-ul:

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    Dorm eu sau chiar e realitate ce vad mai sus ...Pai in cazul asta MK10 e sters de pe lista.

    OFF: Un footage mai clar nu este?

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    Eu zic sa nu stergi inca MK10 de pe lista

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    Pana acum nu prea mi-a placut ce am vazut la MK10 ,dar ai dreptate ...poate veni cu o surpriza la lansare.

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