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Thread: Sackboy A Big Adventure

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    Sackboy A Big Adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by PlayStation
    Iconic PlayStation hero, Sackboy returns in an all-new 3D adventure with a deeply immersive and expressive control scheme. Players can go on this epic platforming journey solo-style, or they can team up with friends for collaborative, chaotic multiplayer fun. Sackboy A Big Adventure is coming to PlayStation 5.
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    Slabut. Parea un joc de PS4, ceva user created in LBP3, in niciun caz ceva next gen

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    Cam dezamagit de asta, pare ca astia nu au primit devkit

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    Amazon Australia listing;
    Go solo in an epic race against time stuffed with danger and peril – or create teams of two to four adventurers for fun-packed party play as you work together to overcome nefarious tasks however you can imagine.
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    Sumo introduces Sackboy:

    €69,99 Standard Edition.
    €89,99 Digital Deluxe Edition.
    €? PS4 Special Edition.
    Quote Originally Posted by PlayStation.Blog
    Embark on an epic 3D platform journey in Sackboy: A Big Adventure, coming to PS5
    A new look at gameplay and details on deluxe and special editions.

    It’s almost time! Sackboy will make his long-awaited return to PlayStation alongside the launch of the PS5 this November. I’ll be honest… the prospect of the game finally being released is a little bit scary…but also incredibly exciting!

    We have been making this game for a looooong time and even now just a few weeks from launch we’re STILL tinkering, making the final tweaks and applying the finishing touches.

    I’ve been so lucky to be part of this incredibly talented team who have a genuine passion for Sackboy. Each one of us has put so much into making this game and we are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. We hope that shines through when you play the game at home!

    When we kicked off this project our goal was simple: to give players an amazing, 3D, co-op adventure. The video above gives some insight into how we went about that, starting with Sackboy’s controls, crafting the worlds he explores, designing gameplay with loads of variety and layering on top anarchic, slapstick co-op multiplayer*.

    We wanted every level in the game to feel unique and to continually surprise you with what comes next. In one stage you’ll be careening through a mountain pass on a runaway train, the next exploring a forgotten temple or facing off against a hostile baddie. We’ve mixed up the gameplay with a bunch of new power ups – including one which at one point quite literally turns the world on its head! And the game has an UN-BEL-IEV-ABLE soundtrack – there are moments where the music is sure to bring a smile to your face.

    As you’ll know if you have played a Sackboy game before he is a BIG fan of fancy dress. There are more than 60 costumes to discover and you can easily mix and match pieces from different costumes to create your very own custom Sackboy. But we haven’t stopped there, we have also created a full emote system so you and your friends can hug, chest bump, dance and play air guitar together.

    On the subject of co-op, this game is undoubtedly great in single player, but….. throw some friends into the mix and it’s an absolute blast with so many laugh-out-loud moments and plenty of fun griefing opportunities!

    Right, that’s enough of me waxing lyrical about the game.

    Now I’d like to give you a sneak peek at our Digital Deluxe Edition, available on both PS4 and PS5, and the limited Special Edition only on PS4, both of which include some frankly delightful content to accompany the game.

    Firstly, if you pre-order any edition, at a supporting retailer or through PlayStation Store you’ll get a copy of the digital comic, The Gathering Storm, in which you will discover the mysterious past of Scarlet, Sackboy’s mentor and Craftworld’s last remaining Knitted Knight.

    If all-digital is your thing, then check out the Digital Deluxe Edition. If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as the digital comic, you’ll also receive:

    - A digital art book showcasing the beautiful, crafted worlds of Sackboy and the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit them.
    - A digital soundtrack featuring an eclectic selection of tracks from the game.
    - 4 x Sackboy costumes of PlayStation icons which you can use to customise your Sackboy:
    -- Jin from Ghost of Tsushima
    -- Sam Porter Bridges form Death Stranding
    -- Connor from Detroit Become Human
    -- Deacon St. John from Days Gone
    - 4 x Sackboy emotes based on each PlayStation icon mentioned above to show off to your friends.
    - 20 x Sackboy avatars wearing different costumes from the game.

    Finally, there’s the Special Edition which features all of the great stuff in the Digital Deluxe Edition plus a physical copy of the Art Book and this…

    Look at him. Just look at him! Have you ever seen anything so adorable? When this gets to the studio there’s guaranteed to be some stuffing spilled in the ensuing kerfuffle!

    So, there you have it. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is going to be out in just a few weeks, and we’ll be sharing more information as we head towards launch.

    In the meantime, you can view the original launch trailer here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

    We have poured our hearts and souls into this game and we really hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we have loved making it.

    *Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer. PS Plus is a paid-for ongoing subscription with a recurring fee charged automatically at the frequency chosen by the consumer at purchase until cancelled. Full terms apply, see
    Embark on an epic 3D platform journey in Sackboy: A Big Adventure, coming to PS5 – PlayStation.Blog
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    Story trailer:

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    PS4 vs PS5, guess which? si un comentariu interesant

    There is something that happens every generation where we don't notice much difference...until we go back and see the old gen again. This is a good example of that behaviour.
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    Am facut si eu precomanda, seria LBP nu m-a incantat (fiind o experienta mai mult sociala/creare de content decat bazata pe gameplay) dar acesta imi pare mai degraba in stilul Tearaway Unfolded care a folosit controllerul in moduri interesante prea putin exploatate de alte jocuri. Sper sa fie la fel si cu acesta, 3-4 ore in Astro's Playroom nu va fi suficient.

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    Încep sa cred ca jocul merita atenția mea inca de la lansare... arata senzational!

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    Oricine a jucat Super Mario 3D World stie ce distractiv este in multiplayer si jocul asta pare sa fie la fel.
    Eu cred ca va fi "party game-ul" PS5-ului de la lansare.

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    Foarte dragut jocul.
    La 14:30 arata si ceva customisation.

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    Full in limba romana:
    Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Turkish

    Screen Languages:
    Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, French (Canada), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Turkish

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    Asta chiar e ceva, Astro si Sackboy in romana, fii-mea va fi incantata!

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    Nu ma asteptam sa zic asta dar voice actingul in romana este decent, pe alocuri mai bun decat cel in engleza desi traducerile nu au acelasi impact ca textul in engleza. Momentan il joc subtitrari in engleza si voice-acting in romana.

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    Varianta pentru ps4 este semnificativ mai ieftina ca si varianta pt ps5 si include update gratuit la ps5. Nu vad de ce ar cumpara cineva varianta ps5 sau sunt alte beneficii in plus si nu stiu eu? am tot cautat pe net dar n-am gasit nimic

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    Daca are update gratuit, nu e nicio problema. S-a mai discutat ca Sony vrea sa obisnuiasca oamenii ca jocurile de PS5 vor fi mai scumpe si probabil din acest motiv au pus mai scumpa varianta de PS5.
    Singura buba momentan e ca iti instaleaza automat pe PS5 si versiunea de PS4, deci aproximativ dublu spatiu ocupat.
    Mie asa mi s-a intamplat la MK11 si unui prieten la Valhalla. Chiar daca stergi versiunea de PS4, cand repornesti consola, o va instala iar.
    Sa speram ca rezolva Sony asta cu urmatorul update.

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    PS4 - PS4 Pro - PS5 tech review:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayStation.Blog
    Sackboy: A Big Adventure update adds online multiplayer today
    Stitch together plans with friends, because today’s the day for online play.

    Online play comes to Sackboy: A Big Adventure today as part of a new title update.* And with it a new opportunity to experience the chaotic, slapstick multiplayer fun of Sackboy’s latest escapade.

    Our goal from day one of this project was to give players an excellent single-player platforming experience. But… we wanted that experience to be even better when you shared it with your mates.

    I thought this would be a great opportunity to let you know about the features and content you can look forward to enjoying on your co-op adventure.

    Teamwork levels
    You can play through Sackboy’s whole adventure from start to finish with up to three companions. And we have included a set of ten dedicated Teamwork Levels where you and your friends will have to work together if you want to succeed. There are two Teamwork Levels in each of the five main game worlds. In these exclusive multiplayer stages, you and your team will need to collaborate, coordinate and communicate to reach your goal. And you should expect that at some point it will go completely pear-shaped, often with hilarious consequences.

    Guide, goad and grief your friends
    There are a bunch of multiplayer moves with which to both assist and annoy your chums. Experiment with slapping, grabbing, and rolling into other players. Then dodge out of the way before they do the same to you. Also, a word of warning: take care when wielding the Swingamajig with other Sackfolk around. You don’t want to do anyone a disservice… do you?

    As well as these fun ways to aggravate aid your companions there are also co-op emotes so you and your friends can show your appreciation for each other with hugs, high-fives and chest-bumps. You can unlock co-op emotes with collectabells or discover them in prize bubbles. Equip co-op emotes in the wardrobe at Zom Zom’s and use them by pressing the D-Pad and having your buddy stand next to you and press the D-Pad too.

    Everyone’s a winner!
    Levels include rewards for bronze, silver and gold high scores. In multiplayer you earn (and lose) score as a team. To score big make sure you use your x2 multipliers wisely, take out as many enemies as you can and pick up those high-value collectables. If you work together you can rack up loads of points! It’s worth it because when you hit the scoreboard everyone gets prizes.

    Keep your progress
    What if you spend a bunch of time playing online helping someone else on their adventure? What happens to all of those valuable, hard-earned Dreamer Orbs you’ve discovered? Fear not! When you return to your adventure your progress will be carried over to your local game, so you keep all of those hard-won orbs.

    PS4/PS5 Cross-Play
    This game is awesome fun in multiplayer and we wanted to make sure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to enjoy it with their friends. So we have included support for PS4/PS5 Cross-Play.*

    PS4 to PS5 save transfer
    This new update isn’t just about online multiplayer, we have also included an option to transfer your PS4 adventure progress over to PS5. To do this, simply load Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS4, select Extras in the pause menu and follow the instructions.

    I hope this post has given you a good idea of the multiplayer shenanigans you can look forward to when you take Sackboy online. We’re going to continue to support the game with future updates making tweaks and improvements to give you the best possible gameplay experience.

    Finally, as you may know, music plays a massive part in the Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The soundtrack really does need to be heard to be believed. And to coincide with the launch of online play we’ve put together an all-new trailer celebrating Sackboy’s love of music, dancing and dressing up. I hope you like it and I look forward to seeing you online.

    *Online multiplayer requires internet connection and PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:
    Sackboy: A Big Adventure update adds online multiplayer today – PlayStation.Blog
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